Lego Lord of the Rings Achievement Guide


There are 48 achievements for this new instalment in the Lego game franchise. Most of the achievements will be gained by completing parts of the game, such as completing each level in story mode, finding all the red bricks, buying all the characters, and other such tasks. There are a couple of achievements that you will actively have to work towards, but this guide will tell you how to get these without doing more work than is necessary. The guide for some of these achievements will also point you towards other guides on the site. This is to keep the size of this post down, and help you find the right information for the achievement you are after, without having to sift through more information that you need to. Happy achievement hunting…

The Strength of Men Failed Achievement IconThe Strength of Men Failed. 25G

Complete ‘Prologue’.
There are 18 levels throughout the game. As you play through each one in story mode, you will unlock an achievement when you complete the level. These are all story related and cannot be missed, as long as you complete the story.

It's A Dangerous Business Achievement IconIt’s a dangerous business… 25G

Complete ‘The Black Rider’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

That Is No trinket You Carry Achievement IconThat is no trinket you carry. 25G

Complete ‘Weathertop’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

The Long Way Around Achievement IconThe long way around. 25G

Complete ‘The Pass of Caradhras’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

This Is No Mine...It's A Tomb Achievement IconThis is no mine… it’s a tomb. 25G

Complete ‘The Mines of Moria’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

Let's Hunt Some Orc! Achievement IconLet’s hunt some Orc! 25G

Complete ‘Amon Hen’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

On The Precious... Achievement IconOn the Precious… 25G

Complete ‘Taming Gollum’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

Soft And Quick As Shadows... Achievement IconSoft and quick as shadows… 25G

Complete ‘The Dead Marshes’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

Safe Is Where I'll Keep You Achievement IconSafe is where I’ll keep you. 25G

Complete ‘Track Hobbits’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

Stinking Creatures... Achievement IconStinking creatures… 25G

Complete ‘Warg Attack’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

The Battle Is About To Begin... Achievement IconThe battle is about to begin… 25G

Complete ‘Helm’s Deep’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

A Wizard Should Know Better! Achievement IconA Wizard should know better! 25G

Complete ‘Osgiliath’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

Naughty Little Fly... Achievement IconNaughty little fly… 25G

Complete ‘The Secret Stairs’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

We Did It, Mr Frodo Achievement IconWe did it, Mr. Frodo. 25G

Complete ‘Cirith Ungol’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

They Have Been Summoned Achievement IconThey have been summoned. 25G

Complete ‘The Paths of the Dead’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

You And Whose Army? Achievement IconYou and whose army? 25G

Complete ‘The Battle of Pelennor Fields’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

This Day We Fight! Achievement IconThis day we fight! 25G

Complete ‘The Black Gate’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

It's Gone Achievement IconIt’s gone. 25G

Complete ‘Mount Doom’.
Story related and cannot be missed. See “The Strength of Men Failed”.

My Precious... Achievement IconMy Precious… 50G

Collect all the Mithril Bricks. (Single Player Only)
There are 250 mithril bricks to be found and collected throughout the levels and Middle-earth itself. As you gain bricks, they will initially be placed into a sack. You will then craft them to make mithril items at the Blacksmiths. So, if you want to see how many mithril bricks you have collected, you need to add the number of bricks in your bag, to the number of bricks out of 250 shown on the left side of the pause menu. If you need any help getting the mithril bricks, check out our Mithril Brick Guide.

There's Some Good In This World Achievement IconThere’s some good in this world. 50G

Complete all the Fetch Quests in Middle-earth. (Single Player Only)
Between levels, and when you have finished story mode, you will be able to walk around in Middle-earth. On your journeys you will encounter NCP characters that will ask you to find something and bring it to them. Twenty of these will want mithril items in exchange for a red brick. To complete these you will need to first find the blacksmith design, then you will need enough mithril bricks to craft the item at the blacksmith in Bree. The rest of the fetch quests will ask you for treasure items that can be found in each level of the game. For the mithril items you will find some help in our Blacksmith Design Guide and our Mithril Brick Guide. For help with the other items, try our Treasure Items Guide.

There And Back Again Achievement IconThere and Back Again. 75G

Get 100%. (Single Player Only)
There is a lot to do before you reach 100% completion on the game. A weird quirk with this achievement is that it may pop up before you are actually at 100%. If you do everything in the game except create a custom character, you will actually be at 99.8% complete, but the achievement will still unlock. You will also be missing a character when you have completed the game to 100%, because you can only unlock him by getting full completion. Below I have listed everything that you must do to get this achievement. If you are struggling with any of these tasks, check out our other guides for more help.

  • Complete all levels in story mode
  • Collect all red bricks
  • Collect all mithril bricks
  • Collect all characters (except Lurtz (NewBorn))
  • Craft all mithril items
  • Collect all treasure items in the levels
  • Complete all minikits
  • Find all blacksmith designs
  • Reach true adventurer on all levels
  • All fetch quests complete
  • Activate all map stones
  • Complete the bonus level
  • Create a custom character at Bag End (not always necessary for this achievement)
I Told You He Was Triksy Achievement IconI told you he was tricksy. 30G

Collect all the Red Bricks. (Single Player Only)
There are 20 red bricks to be found while wandering around Middle-earth, and are shown on the map as a green question mark. For each one you will need to craft a mithril object and give it to the person that gave you the quest. When you have done that, the red brick will appear for you to be able to purchase. Each red brick will give you a bonus that you can turn on, to help you throughout your game. To turn on a red brick bonus, you need to press start and choose “Extras” from the pause menu. If you need help finding and gaining these bricks, check out our Red Brick Guide.

Of All The Inquisitive Hobbits Achievement IconOf all the inquisitive Hobbits. 30G

Unlock all the Map Stones in Middle-earth. (Single Player Only)
There are sixteen map stones throughout Middle-earth. To activate one, you only need to stand on the circle of light in front of it, and press B. At first you may think this is more challenging than it actually is. You don’t need to find all the stones first before you activate them. You can click on the stone on the map to fast travel to it, even if you haven’t activated it yet. But, when you do activate a map stone, it will provide more collectible icons on your in-game map, so it is worth activating each one. If you do need some help with the map stones, check out our Map Stones Guide.

Here's A Pretty Thing! Achievement IconHere’s a pretty thing! 30G

Craft every mithril item. (Single Player Only)
There are thirty mithril items that can be crafted in the game. Most of them are actually helpful to have, so it is worth doing this for more than just the achievement. For example, Mithril Fireworks can be used to blow up mithril objects. You will need to find two ingredients before you can craft each mithril item. You will first need to find the blacksmith design. There is one design in each level, and the rest are found around Middle-earth. If you need any help finding these, we have published a Blacksmith Design Guide. When you have the design, you will then need to find enough mithril bricks to be able to craft it. You will need to use all 250 mithril bricks to craft all the mithril items, but we also have a guide  for these if you need it. When you have both of these items, head to the blacksmith in Bree. On the left side of his workshop there is a bookshelf. Stand in front of it and press B to be able to choose which item you would like to craft. You must then jump onto the bellows a couple of times to stoke the fire, before the blacksmith will craft the item for you.

Not With 10,000 Men... Achievement IconNot with 10,000 men… 30G

Unlock all characters. (Single Player Only)
There are 74 characters that you can choose to play as in this game. Almost half of them will be unlocked automatically by completing certain tasks. The rest will need to be found around Middle-earth, and bought. When looking at the in-game map, you can see an icon for each character that can be purchased. If you click on the icon, a trail of ghost studs will appear, which you can follow to find the character. Most of them a easy to find in this way, but there are a couple that need a little more effort. For help with any of these we have written a Character Guide.

Ready For Another Adventure Achievement IconReady for another adventure. 30G

Achieve True Adventurer in every level.(Single Player Only)
As you play through each level, either in story mode or free play, you will collect studs. Collecting enough studs will fill a bar at the top of the screen. When this car is full you will have achieved True Adventurer. Do this for all 18 levels to get this achievement. You can get this on several levels in story mode, others will need access to more areas and therefore cannot be gotten until you are in free play. The odd level may give you a little more trouble, in which case the stud multipliers will help you out. To find out how to get these, read through our Red Brick Guide.

The Lord Of The Ring Achievement IconThe Lord of the Ring. 30G

Complete the Bonus Level.
As with all Lego games, there is a bonus level for you to play through. You will find the bon us level in Rivendell. It is shown on the map as a grey arch with a grey brick in it. Select it on the map and a trail of ghost studs sill lead you straight to it. To complete the level, you will need to collect 1,000,000,000 studs. It sounds like a lot, but you can get it in no time. There are more than a million studs in the level so you should have no problem getting this achievement.

Delved Too Greedily... Achievement IconDelved too greedily… 25G

Collect more than 10,000,000,000 studs. (Single Player Only)
Ten billion studs is a lot! There is only one way you are ever going to get this……stud multipliers. You will get these by completing the fetch quests for the red bricks. When you have them, turn them on by selecting “Extras” in the pause menu. When you have the multipliers on, your studs will add up very quickly. If you need any help finding the multipliers, check our Red Brick Guide.

I'm Glad To Be With You Achievement IconI’m glad to be with you. 10G

Complete a level in co-op.
You will need a buddy to help you get this achievement. Well, I suppose you could do it on your own with two controllers, but where’s the fun in that? Load your game in and have the other person press “Start” to join your game. They do not need to sign into a profile for you to get this, but if they do, they will get the achievement too. You will then need to play through a level in story mode. As soon as you complete the level, the achievement will pop.

Don't Tell The Elf... Achievement IconDon’t tell the Elf… 10G

Throw Gimli 30 times.
Throughout the game you will come across many cracked rocks and bricks. If the crack is on the floor, or even on a wall but within Gimli’s reach, these will not count. You are looking for cracks that are too high for Gimli to reach alone, meaning he must be thrown at them. You cannot throw him with a short character, they must be tall. When you can, walk up to Gimli and press B to pick him up. Face the crack and, if you are lined up right, you will see an X appear above the crack. Press X to throw Gimli at the wall, and he will destroy it. You have to do this 30 times to get the achievement, but it is easily done just by going through story mode and free play, you will not have to work at getting this achievement. I got it at the start of Helms Deep in free play.

Our Only Wish To Catch A Fish! Achievement IconOur only wish to catch a fish! 10G

Fish perfectly 20 times by pressing the icon as it flashes.
From time to time you will need to fish for items that you may need. You can only do this on a fishing pier. When you start to fish you will see an on screen prompt to press the A or X button. There is a hook and lure circling the button, closing in on it as you watch. When the line touches the button, it will flash. This is when you should press the corresponding button. If you have pressed it at the right time, you will hear a bang, if not, you will hear a tinkling. This will happen three times before you manage to pull the item from the water. You must time it right for all three button, and this will count as one perfect fishing attempt. There are plenty of opportunities to do this throughout the game so you should be able to get it, even if you aren’t hitting them perfectly most of the time.

That Is A Rare Gift Achievement IconThat is a rare gift. 10G

Reach the top of Amon Hen without being caught once by Boromir. (Single Player Only)
You will need to play through the first part of the Amon Hen level, without getting caught by Boromir even once. This is not very difficult to do, if you know the level. If you are having problems, or want to get the achievement without playing through the level a couple of times to get it right, check out the level guide here. *** The achievement will pop as soon as you knock some sense into Boromir and he runs off apologising.

... And Away He Goes, Precious! Achievement Icon… And away he goes, Precious! 10G

Defeat Gollum as Gollum.
A very easy achievement for you to get.Press and hold Y on your controller and choose Gollum from the list of characters. Now press Y once to change to the other character that you can control. Press and hold Y again to change this one to Gollum too. Now keep hitting the other character until he breaks. Achievement done!

What About Second Breakfast? Achievement IconWhat about second breakfast? 10G

Complete 2 cooking puzzles.
There are three cooking puzzles within the game, but you can repeat the same puzzle twice and still get the achievement. The first puzzle is completed as part of the story in the level “Weathertop”. The second puzzle is needed to get the Arrow Helmet Treasure Item during “Amon Hen”. The third can be found during “Cirith Ungol” to get the Chefs Hat. Complete any combination of two puzzles and you will get the achievement. If you need any help completing the puzzles, check out our Treasure Items Guide or Level Guide. ***

That One Counts As Mine! Achievement IconThat one counts as mine! 10G

Finish one of Gimli’s opponents as Legolas in ‘Helm’s Deep’.
When playing through the level “Helms Deep” you will need to remove several ladders from the top of the Deeping Wall. Some ladders will require Gimli to break them down with his axe. If an Uruk Hai comes over the wall, take him down with Legolas instead of Gimli and you will get the achievement.

I've Always Been Taller! Achievement IconI’ve always been taller! 10G

Use the Ent Draught on Pippin.
As you play through the levels, there are three treasure items that you can find. You will find the Ent Draught in the “Tracking Hobbits” level, in the following way. When you have control of Treebeard, keep following the path until you come to the river. You will need to take control of the character who is not sat on Treebeard, and dig up the draught from the left hand riverbank.
When you have found the draught, press and hold Y to choose Pippin from the list, (any variation of Pippin is fine). Now press Y to change to the other character. Press and hold B so you can choose the Ent Draught from the list of treasure items you have unlocked. When you have it in your hand, hit Pippin with it for great comedy effect.

We Cannot Linger Achievement IconWe cannot linger. 10G

Complete ‘The Mines of Moria’ in under 15 minutes.
This would be a very hard achievement to get, if there wasn’t a work around for it. In fact, I am starting to think this is how they intended us to get the achievement. Simply start the level, then press “Start” at any point (before you have been playing for 15 minutes). Choose exit level form the menu, and save and exit. Boom, the achievement is yours.

Dance Of The Dead Achievement IconDance of the dead. 10G

Turn an enemy into a skeleton and make them dance.
For this achievement you will need to have unlocked and crafted the mithril Disco Phial and either the mithril Skeleton Sword, or mithril Skeleton Bow. Equip one of the skeleton weapons to one character and hit the other with it. This will turn them into a skeleton. Now equip the non-skeletal character with the Disco Phial and when the skeleton starts to dance, the achievement will pop. For help crafting these items, check out our Blacksmith Design Guide.

Pointy-eared Elvish Princeling Achievement IconPointy-eared Elvish princeling. 10G

Defeat 42 Uruk-hai as Legolas.
Once you have reached Amon Hen in the story mode, you will start to encounter Uruk Hai. You will need to kill 42 of them as Legolas, which isn’t as many as it sounds, believe me. Press Y and choose Legolas from your list of available characters, then go to town and kill them. I got this achievement without even consciously trying for it.

Great! ...Where Are We Going? Achievement IconGreat! …Where are we going? 5G

Form The Fellowship of the Ring.
After completing “Weathertop”, you will work your way across the map to Rivendell. Before you leave Rivendell for the next level, “The Path of Caradhras”, you will need to attend the Council of Elrond. When the cutscene for this part of the game has finished, you will get the achievement. This basically means that you cannot miss this achievement as it is part of the story.

Taking The Hobbits To Isengard Achievement IconTaking the Hobbits to Isengard. 10G

Travel to Isengard as every playable Hobbit.
There are six playable hobbits in the game, and you need to take each one to Isengard. You do not need to do it with all their variations, such as Frodo(Weary). You can also fast travel there to make life easier, so long as you walk through the gates of Isengard as each of the six hobbits the achievement is yours. The six hobbits are Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Bilbo and Rosie.

An Expected Journey Achievement IconAn expected journey. 5G

Travel to Trollshaws as Bilbo.
When you have bought either Bilbo Baggins, or Bilbo Baggins (Old), fast travel to Weathertop. Bring up the map and look south east of the save point for a mithril brick. This brick is in Trollshaws. Walk there from where you are now to get the achievement to unlock.

Return Of The Mushroom King Achievement IconReturn of the Mushroom King. 5G

Equip Aragorn with the Mushroom Crown.
You will find the Mushroom Crown in “The Black Rider” level. After defeating Sarumon, continue along the path until you come to the river (before the bee hive). Head up the river until you find two rope hooks. Pull the one up high and you will get a tracking item. Switch to Aragorn and pick up the item, then follow the trail until it leads you to another tracking item. Pick this one up and follow it again, and it will lead you to the crown.
When you have the crown, press and hold Y to choose Aragorn from the list. Do not choose any variation of this character or it will not work. It must be just plain old Aragorn. When you have the right character, press and hold B and choose the Mushroom Crown from the list. When he puts it on, you will get the achievement.

Worth Greater That The Shire Achievement IconWorth greater than the Shire. 10G

Dress a character completely in treasure items.
There are many treasure items that you can find or craft throughout the game. To get this achievement, you will need to wear something on your head, hands, feet, and body. For any help finding the treasure items, check out our Treasure Item Guide.

One Does Not Simply... Achievement IconOne does not simply… 5G

Walk into Mordor.
This achievement is exactly as it sounds. You will need to walk to Cirith Ungol in Mordor to get the achievement. You will not need to walk all the way, and can fast travel to the closest map stone and walk from there.

That Still Only Counts As One! Achievement IconThat still only counts as one! 10G

Defeat an Oliphaunt as Legolas.
You cannot miss this achievement as there is actually a part of the story that requires Legolas to take down an Oliphaunt. During “The Battle of Pelennor Fields”, you will need to take down several Oliphaunts, some of which will have arrow holes on them. Have Legolas put an arrow in each hole, then use then to swing your way up to the platform on top. Take down the four guys up there, then use the rope to get up to the next level. Kill the guy up there and legolas will jump onto the head of the Oliphaunt. Now you only have to press B and the job is done.

It Won't Be That Easy! Achievement IconIt won’t be that easy! 5G

During ‘Prologue’, jump into the fires of Mount Doom as Isildur.
In the very first level of the game, play though it until you get to the final section. When you are stood up on the platform above the lava pit that Isildur is supposed to throw the ring into, before you reach the end of the walkway, jump off the edge and into the lava as Isildur. As soon as you have, you get your this achievement.

A Link To The Elements Achievement IconA link to the elements. 5G

Craft the Fire and Ice Bows. (Single Player Only)
By now you have probably realised that you can craft Mithril items. To craft these bows you will need to find their blacksmith designs.
The Ice Bow can be found during the level, “Cirith Ungol”. Here’s how: While you are trying to rustle up some orc armour for your disguise, you will need to push a wooden platform along, past three boarded up niches. In the first niche you will find the design.
To get the Fire Bow you will need to find the deisgn during “Helms Deep”. After the Deeping Wall has been broken, you will need to make your escape by going up onto the left side of the wall. when you are past the rocks blocking your path, you will see a Mithril crate. Blow it up and the design is inside.
When you have both designs, and enough mithril bricks, visit the blacksmith in Bree. Use the bookcase on the left to choose each design from the list. Then just jump on the bellows to stoke the fire, and the blacksmith will do the rest.



  1. Great Guide, thanks! Just want to say that the achievement ”We cannot linger” is not working anymore trough this guide way, because they launched a new update.

  2. Do these work on the Wii version? I haven’t done all of them, but I’ve done almost all and not one has popped up on the screen.

    • these are achievements for the xbox 360. the wii has no such achievements. so, no, these dont work on the wii,. if you want to do the achievements, you need an xbox and the xbox version of the games you play.

  3. I’m not able to get the “It won’t be that easy” achievement. I’ve tried without and with extras and in story and free play modes. Help!

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