Lego Lord of the Rings Treasure Items Guide


Each level of the game has three treasure items to find. If you want to complete all the fetch quests, which in turn will give you Mithril Bricks, then you will need to find them all. Unlike most collectibles in Lego games, there is not a red bricks that will give you a detector to help you find these items. This guide lists all three items for every one of the 18 levels in the game, and they are listed in the order with which you will find them. It will also tell you how to get each item. The only thing not included in this guide is the location of each items fetch quests. That is because the quests are clearly marked on the in game map for you, so they are very easy to find.


Elven SwordWhile fighting Sauron, you will see a large pile of Mithril rocks in the top, left-hand corner of the screen. Blow the rocks up, the you can then pick up the sword to add it to your treasure trove.
Shimmering ArmourAfter defeating Sauron, you will find yourself fon the slopes of Mount Doom. Near where you start, there is a cracked wall which can be broken by Gimli. Enter the cave that you have now revealed, and walk to the right side of the screen where you will find an orange handle. Have a strong character pull it open and you can collect the armour form underneath it.
Magma ArmourAfter defeating Sauron, you will start in a new area and beside you there is a rock on the ground. Destroy the rock and dig up the earth underneath it to reveal the armour.

The Black Rider

Ferryman’s CapWhen you reach the first river, walk towards the screen and you will find a path leading to the left. along the path there are some Morgul bricks that can be broken. Build them into a Ringwraith Scarecrow and a mole to the left of it will drop the cap.
Soup PotOn the other side of this same river, there is a dark cave that can be lit up to find the pot. The entrance to the cave has some bushes in front of it that you must clear first. If you are having trouble finding the cave, it is just to the right of the Mithril rocks that you can blow up for a chest.
Mushroom CrownAfter defeating Sarumon, continue along the path until you come to the river (before the bee hive). Head up the river until you find two rope hooks. Pull the one up high and you will get a tracking item. Switch to Aragorn and pick up the item, then follow the trail until it leads you to another tracking item. Pick this one up and follow it again, and it will lead you to the crown.


Rubber DuckWhen trying to get second breakfast on the go, you will see a target just above the water where you fish. Hav an archer hit the target and the duck will bob up into the water. Now just walk forward and pick it up.
QuillIn the second stage of the level, right before you head through the door to the top of Weathertop, you will grow a large, purple flower to cross a gap. When you are over, look for a cracked wall on the right that Gimli can break open. Head through the gap and use Anduril or Narsil to destroy the Morgul bricks. Now have Aragon pick up the tracking item to lead you to the quill.
Sun HatWhen you are trying to light the fires to deal with Nazgul, there is a statue on the right that is wearing a pruple hat. Have Gimli break through the rubble that is blocking the statue, then break the bottom of the statue itself. The statue will topple over and you can collect the hat.

The Pass of Caradhras

Bills Riding CropWhen you are near the water, after traipsing through the snow, you will start near some Morgul bricks. Use Anduril or Narsil to break through them, then destroy the rock inside to find the crop.
Ice LollyOn the left side of the water, there is a high jump spot. Jump up and place an arrow in the wall so you can jump to another ledge. switch to a character that can light up the cave in front of you, then go inside to reach a new area. Inside, climb up the Gollum wall, then walk to the front of the screen and destroy the rocks here. Underneath those there is a dig spot that contains the Ice Lolly.
Luminous StoneAlso on the left side of the water, there is a Mithril rock caught in some roots. Blow it up then pick up the pick-axe and have Aragorn use it to track this piece of treasure.

The Mines of Moria

House KeyWhen you hear the Balrog for the first time, you will be in a large, open room. At the back of that room there are Mithril bricks that you can blow up. Behind that there is a box with an orange handle on it. Have a strong character pull the handle and something will come flying out. Go back into the main room and you will find it lying on the floor for you to collect.
Moria Orcs HelmetWhen you are on the stairs, at the very top, you will see a target high on the wall. Have an archer hit it and the skeleton below will drop to the ground, wearing the helmet. All you need to do is walk forward and pick it up.
Artists HatWhen you have crossed the bridge of Kazad-dum, and you have defeated the Balrog, you will see a wooden wheel next to what remains of the bridge. On the side of the wheel there is a grab rail. Have an elf jump up and hang off this rail which will raise a large bucket full of random objects, including the hat.

Amon Hen

Stop WandWhile controlling Frodo, keep moving through the level until you have knocked some sense into Boromir and he has run off. If you look at the arch you knocked down onto his head, you will see that there is a rope hook in the middle of it. Because you cannot change characters here you will need to equip Frodo with the Mithril Rope so he can use the hook to climb up and stand on the arch. Up here there is also a cracked brick. Again, you cannot change character so equip Frodo with the Golden Axe and you can jump up, then press X to come down on the brick and break it completely. You will land on the ground with the wand at your feet.
Arrow HelmetOn the right side of the beach, there is a dig spot which will give you an egg to place in Sams frying pan. To the left of the path leading away from the beach, there is a rope hook which will allow you to climb up and get a tomato, which also goes in your pan. Behind the orange handle on the right side of the beach, there is a dig spot next to the ghost. Here you can dig up a fish to add to your breakfast. When you have all three items, go back and cook the breakfast on the fire. The ghost will jump off the chest and come to steal your meal. When he jumps off the chest, an arrow helmet falls out for you to collect.
Uruk Hai SwordWhen you start the final stage of the level and are fighting the Uruk Hai, some will come bursting through some tree trunks to allow you to move on from your starting point. move into the next open space and you will see an Uruk on a ledge that is being supported by Mithril columns. Blow them up and you will be able to climb up and get the sword.

Taming Gollum

Snowman HoodAt the start of the level, just before you enter the tower at the top of the hill, look over the edge of the slope, on the left hand side. There is a very small grab rail. Beside it is another, longer one, and you can use them both to get to the ledge below. Have a strong character pull the orange handle to reveal a snowman. Destroy it and you can pick up its head to use as a hood.
Rock HatWhile wandering round in a circle at Emyn Muil, you will come to a point where you must light a fire. Walk towards the screen and you can see a cracked rock that Gimli can break through. Demolish the rocks and the hat is underneath.
Fishing RodWhen you are trying to tame Gollum, while he is throwing fish at you the whole time, you will need to find three items and combine them into a fishing rod. You will find the first piece in the dark cave underneath where Gollum is sat on the wall. Use Frodos phial to go in there and find it. The second piece is up on the wall on the left. There is a rock you can jump onto, and from there you can use Sams rope to reach a higher ledge. On this ledge there is a large plant which you can destroy to get the rod piece. The final part can be found by pulling on the rock on the left hand wall by using the rope hook.

The Dead Marshes

BucketAt the start of the level, you will need to wade across the marsh to a second island. Here you will see a mound that Sam can dig with his trowel. This will uncover the bucket for you to collect.
Fancy UmbreallaAs you flee from island to island, trying to hide from the Nazgul, you will come to one island that has a dead tree, with a target swinging from it. hit the target and the umbrella will drop out for you to collect.
Toy SnakeAs you near the end of the marshes, you will need to use a rope hook to break a branch off a tree. Walk towards the screen at this point and you will see some Mithril barrels. Blow them up and you will be able to pick up the toy snake.

Track Hobbits

Uruk ShieldRight at the start of the level, walk towards the screen and you will ifnd a dig spot. Use the trowel or Sam to dig this item up.
Wooden ArmourWhen you come to the point where you must build the rest of Treebeard, look to the right and you will see what looks like a practice dummy for fighting. Hit it and it will fall over, allowing you to take the armour.
Ent DraughtWhile you have control of Treebeard, keep following the path untily ou come to the river. You will need to take control of the character who is not sat on Treebeard, and dig up the draught from the left hand riverbank.

Warg Attack

Giant Ancient CrownTo the right of where Theoden is sat, there is a Mithril statue. Blow it up and you will be able to collect the crown.
Decorative HorseshoesWhile fighting the Wargs, there is a small Morgul brick on the left side of this area. Destroy them with Narsil or Anduril, then have Aragorn use the item to track the horseshoes down. You will have to track through a few items before you get to, but you will get the shoes eventually.
Warg ToothWhile fighting the Wargs, go towards the edge of the cliff and walk along it until you come to a large plant with teeth. To the right of this plant, there is a small ledge that you can climb down to get underneath the plant. Light up the cave and jump onto the rope in front of you. This will open the plants “mouth” so you can go up and collect the tooth.

Helm’s Deep

Feathered CapWhen you start the level, there is a Mithril drain in front of you that the Uruk Hai use to gain entrance to Helms Deep. If you blow it up now and walk through the drain, you will find yourself in an Uruk Hai funfair. On the right hand side there is a ducking stool game, and to the left of that there is a rope hook. Pull on this hook, then destroy the object it came off of, to find the hat.
LadleWhile still in the funfair, head all the way to the left and, in the very corner, you will find a large cooking pot. Hit it a couple of times and the ladle will fall out.
BandagesAfter the wall has been broken, just to the right of the new opening in it, there is a dig spot. You can dig the bandages up from here.


GogglesAt the start of the level, take control of the character that is where Faramir was when you where in story mode. Head up the stairs on the right and destroy the Mirthril bricks on the left. Build those up and use them to climb onto another ledge on the left and collect the goggles.
Bubble PipeWhile in control of the same character, continue through the level until you need to help the other character climb the bell tower. When you have done that, drop down to the floor below and head to the left so you are stood directly underneath where you just were. In front of you there should be a Morgul door. Destroy it with the right blade and drop down into the hole. Here you will find a the pipe and some rails for you to build to get out. Getting out can be a pain if you don’t jump at just the right time. make sure you press the button to jump before the character himself jumps off the rail or you might not be able to get out.
Statue HatWhen you first encounter the Nazgul and have moved him on, you will find a cracked floor just past where the Nazgul was. Have Gimli break it open so you can drop down into a space below. Break all the crates except the three that have purple bottoms. When you have cleared some room you will see three symbols ont he back wall. Have a wizard place the right box of fruit in front of the matching symbol on the wall. When all three are in the right place, the guy on the left will give you his statue hat.

The Secret Stairs

Surefooted GreavesTo the left of the statues at the entrance to the bridge, there is a target up high. Shoot it down and you will get an item that Aragorn can use to track the greaves.
Muddy ArmourWhile climbing the stairs you will come to a point where there is a Gollum wall in front of you and a cracked brick to the right. Break it open and build the bricks into a winch. Turn the winch and it will fetch the armour for you.
Spider FangWhen you reach Shelobs lair, walk through the tunnel and into a small cavern. From here, carry on into a second tunnel and you will see an orange handle on the left. Pull this to get the spider fang.

Cirith Ungol

Chefs HatAt the bottom of the stairs in Cirith Ungol, destroy the small Mithril crate to find an egg. You can then destroy two of the tables to find two more Mirthil crates. Destroying these will give you a tomato and a fish. Put all these items into Sams frying pan. Have Gimli break the crack on the floor and you will be able to build a place for a fire. Now all you need are three pieces of firewood. And it just so happens there are three lamps hanging from the ceiling around the room. Hit each one with an arrow and you will get all the wood you need. Now you just need to put it on the fire and get breakfast underway. When you have done all this, an orc will drop down wearing a chefs hat. Get rid of him and claim his hat for yourself.
Rotten DrumstickWhen you are outside in Cirith Ungol, head to the right and you will see two crates with Mithril padlocks on them. Blow them up, then destroy the crates themselves to get the bricks necessary to build a fishing pier. Use a rod (or Gollum) to fish in the little tub underneath and you will get the rotten drumstick.
Beard CombWhen you have poured slime on the orc to get his armour, he will jump in the shower. The one next to his has an orange handle on it, which you can pull to opent he shower and get the comb.

The Paths of the Dead

Calcium ArmourWhen you come to the high jump for Legolas, and the small character hatch that you build for Gimli, instead of heading up that way, walk down the passage on the right. Near the end you will see some Mithril bricks up on your right. Blow them up and the armour will drop out.
Skeleton KeyStill in this same room, head back to where an elf must jump up to the ledge. A short way in front of that jump spot, there is a dig spot hidden in the mist. You will find is at the base of a slope covered in bones. All you need to do is dig it up.
Golden AxeMoving on from the last item, keep heading down the passage until you find an orange handle on the right. Have a strong character pull it open to reveal the axe.

The Battle of Pelennor Fields

Glowing ShieldWhen you are fighting the Witch King, you will find two targets on the left side. Use a bow from the treasure trove to hit them both and the shield will fall down. If it gets picked up by an orc, kill them so you can pick it up.
Golden CarrotWhile you are fighting the Mumakil, you will have a wide battlefeild to explore. Near the middle there are some Mithril rocks. Lying between them is a dig spot. Here you can dig up the carrot.
Flower HatOn the right side of the same area, there is a fire with a soldier in the middle. The Mithril rock on the left has a pool of water underneath it. Blow it up and fill your bucket to put the fire out. When you have done this, the flower hat will be lying on the ground.

The Black Gate

Handprint BreastplateGo through the level until you come to a point where there is a rope hook on a pile of rocks. Pull the rocks out of the way and you will be able to light a fire behind them which will drop a locked chest. Walk back a short distance from that and there is a dig spot which holds the key. Unlock the chest to get the armour inside.
Elven LuteThe second troll you need to tackle is wearing Morgul armour. When you have removed his armour, he will run off to the right. Follow him and you will find a pile of Mithril rocks. Blow these up then enter the cave that was behind them. At the far end of this cave there is an orange handle. Have a strong character pull it to open the box and reveal the lute.
Flaming HatFrom the last treasure, head back outside and round to the left. You will be able to find a dig spot which contains this treasure.

Mount Doom

Trophy ShieldFrom the start of the level, make your way up the hill until you come to the first lava river. To the left of the river, near where it runs of the cliff, there are some rocks. Break these up and build the leftover bricks into a fishing pier. You can then use your rod to pull this out of the lava.
Palantir HatAs you progress through the level, you will come to a point where there are some brightly coloured bricks that you can knock down and build into stairs. When you do that, continue walking along this higher level until you find an orange handle. (You need to jump over some little gaps to reach it) Pull the handle to uncover a dig spot. If you fall down as you pulled the handle, you will also find some bits of Lego you can build into grab rails to get back up to where you were. Whichever way it happens, dig up the hat from the dig spot you uncovered.
Magma RockRight near the end of the level, you will be fighting Gollum. He will knock you off the main ledge a couple of times and you will need to ork your way back up. The second time he knocks you off, you will see an orange handle. Even in free play you cannot change from Sam. However, if you have crafted the Mithril Boxing Gloves, you can put these on and pull the handle to get this treasure item.


  1. What would make this guide really very helpful is if it also told you where you needed to deliver some of these items, for example the mushroom crown, found on The Black Rider level, needs to be delivered to someone living in a cave just north of Bree.

    • On the map the green question mark turns into a red exclamation mark once you get an item, so it is quite easy to find where to deliver the item to.

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