Lego Lord of the Rings Map Stone Guide


There are 16 map stones throughout Middle-earth that you can use to fast travel around the world. They are small Lego statues, on a pedestal, with a map in their hand. There is an achievement for activating all of the map stones within the game. But they so have another benefit. When you activate a map stone, it will place icons on the map to show you where the characters, mithril bricks, and fetch quests are. To activate it, stand on the circle of light in fornt of it and press B. To fast travel to a map stone, go into your map and find the map stone you want to fast travel to, then press A.

You will not need to hunt down the map stones to activate them. You can fast travel to a map stone before you have activated it, then activate it when you are there. This fact does make this guide a little redundant, but some people may want to do it the old fashioned way, so we have put it in anyway.

As you leave Bag End, head down the hill and cross the bridge. The Map Stone is on the other side of the bridge.
As soon as you enter Bree, it is near the end of a fence that runs form the gate, on your right.
Follow the path that leads out of Bree and to the Weathertop level and you will find it near the foot of Weathertop.
To the left of the stairs that lead up into the Minikit room.
Mines of Moria
This stone can be found to the left of the entrance to the Mines of Moria.
This one can be found between the boats at the rivers edge, and the stairs leading up into Lothlorien itself.
Amon Hen
Along the path that runs between the hills.
Emyn Muil
As soon as you exit the level “Amon Hen”, you will see the stone directly in front of you, just before you go into the next level, “Taming Gollum”.
Dead Marshes
On an island in the middle of the marshes.
To the left of the stairs leading into the Golden Hall of Meduseld.
Helm's Deep
To the left of the causeway that leads up to the main entrane to the fortress itself.
Cirith Ungol
At the base of the ramp that leads up to the fortress itself.
Next to the door leading into the fortress itself.
Minas Tirith
Near the White Tree on the top of Minas Tirith.
The Black Gate
Directly Oposite the Black Gate, on the right-hand side of it.
Minus Morgul
Found beside the water that lies to the east of Minas Morgul itself.


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