Lego Lord of the Rings Blacksmith Design Guide


While playing through this game, you can find and unlock 30 designs that can be crafted at the blacksmith in Bree. You can find one design in each of the 18 levels in the game, and 12 are scattered throughout Middle-earth. The locations for the designs in Middle-earth only show which area you can find them in because the in-game map will show you where it is and selecting it will provide you with a trail of ghost studs that will lead you right to it. The list will tell you how to get the design, and how to find it if it is a bit trickier. The designs are listed in the order with which they appear on the shelf in the blacksmiths. That way, you can easily figure out which one you are missing and where to find it.

When you are ready to craft an item you will need to travel to Bree and locate the blacksmith. head inside the store and walk to the left where you will see a bookshelf with all your designs on there. Stand in the gold circle and press B and so you can view all the designs that you have unlocked. Choose the item that you want to craft by pressing A. You must now head to the right side of the furnace and jump up and down on the bellows until the blacksmith is happy to bring the Mithril out of the fire and begin to shape your item.

Level Design Locations

Mithril Trowel
Level: Bree
Cost: 2 Bricks

You will find this design in the Blacksmiths shop. You will need to unlock it as part of the story, then craft it for the man waiting at the entrance to the Prancing Pony Inn.

Mithril Whistle Sword
Level: Bree
Cost: 4 Bricks

Break open the Morgul padlock on the door beside the entrance to the Prancing Pony, in Bree.

Mithril Rope
Level: Amon Hen
Cost: 3 Bricks

When you are fighting Lurtz at the end of the level, you will be able to see the design being held by a statue that is next to him. You will need to send a small character through the hatch that is on the back wall, and try to collect it as fast as possible, before Lurtz throws you back down again.

Mithril Top Hat
Level: The Battle of Pelennor Fields
Cost: 3 Bricks

While you are fighting the Mumakil, there is a large open area for you to explore. Near the middle there are two Mithril rocks that you can blow up. The one on the right contains the design.

Mithril Stud Mallet
Level: The Dead Marshes
Cost: 8 Bricks

As you near the end of the marshes, Sam will need to grow a large pink flower so you can jump up to a higher piece of land where Gollum waits for you. To the left of this flower, on the lower level, there is a padlock which you must find the key for. Walk towards the screen to find a fishing pier on the right side. Fish the key out, then unlock the padlock to get the design.

Mithril Fishing Rod
Level: Track Hobbits
Cost: 3 Bricks

When you reach the forest, go down the path a short distance, until you find an orange handle. Have a strong character pull it and go through the space behind it, into a cave. Inside the cave, walk towards the screen and you will find a small, brown chest on the right. Hit it a couple of times and the design will pop out.

Mithril Music Boots
Level: Weathertop
Cost: 3 Bricks

After you have completed breakfast, you will go off to a new area of the level. To the left of the save point, there is a dark doorway. Light it up and head inside to find the design.

Mithril Climbing Boots
Level: Mount Doom
Cost: 8 Bricks

As you progress up the hill, you will be able to build some brightly coloured bricks into stairs, by hitting the target to knock them down. When you have done that, climb the stair to reach a slightly higher part of the level and follow it round to the right. Continue past the orange handle on the crate and follow the wall to the right until you find the opening into the mountain. To the left of the gate there is an arrow hole which you can use to jump up and get the design that is floating next to it.

Mithril Carrot Bow
Level: Taming Gollum
Cost: 3 Bricks

At the start of the level, you will work your way up a slope to a tower. When you reach the base of the tower, you will be able to see two arrow holes on the right side of it. Put arrows into the holes then use it to make your way up to a dark recess. Light it up and you will find the design.

Mithril Music Horn
Level: The Black Rider
Cost: 3 Bricks

After defeating Saruman, continue along the path until you come to the river (before the bee hive). Head up the river until you find two rope hooks. Pull the one on the left to get the design.

Mithril Shield
Level: The Paths of the Dead
Cost: 3 Bricks

Through the level you will work your way along a tunnel with many rooms. To enter one of these rooms you will need to smash a wall down by getting Gimli to hit a cracked brick in the wall. Standing in the entrance to this room you will be able to see the design floating up on the left. This one can be a pain to get. You can walk up the wall on the left and get close to the design, but you cannot reach it, nor jump to it from this wall. However, while walking on the wall you will walk behind a bit of rock that sticks up slightly higher than the bit you are already stood on. Jump onto that and you will then be able to jump to the design.

Mithril Tinderbox
Level: The Black Gate
Cost: 8 Bricks

When you face the second troll, you will be on the right side of the gate. Right at the back, tucked away by the gate itself, there is a rope hook on a pile of bricks. Pull the rocks out of the way and beyond them is a spot to light a fire. Ignore that for now and walk behind the rock on the left to find the design.

Mithril Headdress
Level: The Mines of Moria
Cost: 3 Bricks

When you have gotten Pippin out of the well, you will need to start barricading the door. At this point, walk to the right and you may see a glow coming form the wall. There is a small space there that you can walk into to find the design.

Mithril Gloves
Level: Warg Attack
Cost: 4 Bricks

When fighting the Wargs, walk to the edge of the cliff and, somewhere near the middle, you will find a spot for Sam to plant a seed. When he has grown the plant, a vine will hang down over the edge of the cliff. Slide down it and, while hanging onto the vine, shoot the three targets on the cliff wall. You can then jump over and grab the rail, and work your way over to the right to collect the design.

Mithril Shockwave Axe
Level: Prologue
Cost: 4 Bricks

After defeating Sauron, you will find yourself on the slopes of Mount Doom. From the start of this area, you will see a cracked wall that will reveal a cave when broken open by Gimli. Inside the cave, go to the right and you will see that part of the wall is made of Lego bricks. Break them open and walk into the niche you uncovered, to find the design.


HUB Design Locations

Mithril Fire Bow
Location: Helm’s Deep
Cost: 8 Bricks

After the Deeping Wall has been broken, you will need to make your escape by going up onto the left side of the wall. when you are past the rocks blocking your path, you will see a Mithril crate. Blow it up and the design is inside.

Mithril Boxing Gloves
Location: Osgiliath
Cost: 4 Bricks

Continue through the level until you have climbed your first Gollum wall. From there head down the stairs on the right and look to find the dark area underneath them. Have a character light this up and you can go in to get the design.

Mithril Squeak Sword
Location: The Secret Stairs
Cost: 4 Bricks

When you reach Shelobs lair, walk forward into a small cavern. On the left of this cavern there is a short tunnel running up on the left side. Go into the tunnel and destroy the web that is blocking your path. Continue along the passage destroying as you go, until you reach the end and find the design.

Mithril Ice Bow
Location: Cirith Ungol
Cost: 8 Bricks

While you are trying to rustle up some orc armour for your disguise, you will need to push a wooden platform along, past three boarded up niches. In the first niche you will find the design.

Mithril Cluster Bow
Location: The Pass of Caradhras
Cost: 4 Bricks

While you can hear Sarumans voice, you will need to send Gimli through a small character hatch, followed by Sam. Gimli will break a broken rock on the floor, then Sam must dig up some pieces of Lego. Build these into a long plank for you to walk over a gap. When you are across the gap, walk towards the screen and you will find a ledge jutting out towards the screen. At the end of this ledge you will find the design.

Mithril Disco Phial
Minas Tirith
Cost: 16 Bricks

At the top of the White City there are seven targets scattered around. Hit each one with an arrow and the design will appear at the top of the citadel. You can then use a high jumper to get up to the grab rails and jump up to reach the design.

Mithril Bottomless Bucket
Location: Edoras
Cost: 16 Bricks

Blow up the Mithril rocks that are blocking up the door to one of the houses near the Golden Hall. You can then walk into the house to get the design.

Mithril Camouflage Tome
Location: Amon Hen
Cost: 16 Bricks

To the east of the save point there is a large amount of water. On the other side of that water there are some beams that you can use to reach a small island with a campfire on it. Next to the campfire there is an orc holding the design. Beat him up and claim it for yourself.

Mithril Spring Boots
Location: Rivendell
Cost: 16 Bricks

There is a place where Gandalf can stack bricks so you can reach a higher area. When you are up here, look over the edge as you walk along it and you will see some grab rails leading down into a hidden alcove. Drop down into there to find the design.

Mithril Skeleton Sword
Location: Weathertop
Cost: 16 Bricks

Break through the opening to a cave in the side of Weathertop, to find the design inside.

Mithril Hairbrush
Location: Bree
Cost: 16 Bricks

Break open the door that is locked by the Morgul padlock and you will find the design behind the door.

Mithril Paintbrush
Location: Hobbiton
Cost: 16 Bricks

Find the fishing pier in Hobbiton and use Merry (or a character with the Mithril Fishing Rod) to fish this out of the pond.

Mithril Ice Sword
Location: Isengard
Cost: 16 Bricks

In Isengard there are some rocky hills to the north of its walls. Have a high jumper head up them, above the guy with the fetch quest. You will find a tomb half way up that you can break open to get the deisgn.

Mithril Fireworks
Location: Mordor
Cost: 16 Bricks

Go to Barad-dur and look at the arch above the bridge leading into the fortress. You will see three grab rails. Have a high jumper use them to scale the arch and jump onto the beam at the top that leads towards the tower. Walk along the beam, to the end to collect the design.

Mithril Skeleton Bow
Location: Lothlorien
Cost: 16 Bricks

In Lothlorien there is an elf with a fetch quest, but he is hidden behind a gate. You will need to have a strong character to pull the orange handle, to get into him. When you have gained entrance into this small room, hit the crate behind the elf and the design is inside.



  1. There’s an easier way to get the Mithril Shield design in Paths of the Dead. Just under the ledge where the design is, there is a catapult with a mithril part to be blown up. Once you blow that up, the catapult shoots and the arm stands straight up. Using an elf character, you can jump onto the catapult, then up onto the basket part, and finally up to the design. Much easier than trying to find the specific spot on the wall to stand where you don’t slide.

  2. I can’ get the gloves at the warg attack. I can shoot the first two from the vine & lock on to the last one but when I shoot, it hits the clif instead. Help.

    • Try jumping of with a horse and rotating 180 then shoot… I know it sounds weird but once you figure it out its easy.

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