Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Achievement Guide


The latest installment in the Lego franchise takes us on the journeys of Jack Sparrow and his crew. The game covers all four Pirates of the Caribbean films, bringing us right up to the recent release. There are 40 achievements for this game, none of which are very difficult. All in all, this is an easy 1000G. A lot of these achievements will unlock as you play through the story, whether they are story related, or just the accumulation of tasks over time. Others will need you to perform some specific task for the achievement to unlock.

A Pirates Life For Me Achievement IconA pirate’s life for me – 15G

Test any custom character
This is one of the easiest achievements in the game. While in the port, or in free play, press and hold Y to bring up the character selection. Select one of the greayed out characters from the bottom row and you will change into a custom character. (Select a character from the right hand side if you do this, because some of the characters on the bottom row are not custom characters.) Alternatively, you can go upstairs in Tia Dalma’s hut and play around with customizing your own character, then use it.

A Weather Eye On The HorizonA weather eye on the horizon – 15G

Use a spyglass
You can first use a spyglass during Smuggler’s Den. When you come back out onto the island during the night, walk to the left and you will find a spyglass. Walk up to it and press X to use it.

And Really Bad Eggs Achievement IconAnd really bad eggs – 25G

Play as all the Extra Toggle characters
When you have unlocked the Extra Toggle Characters red hat, you can have access to extra characters in some of the levels. All you need to do is cycle through the characters you have available, while in free play, with this extra turned on, and you will get the achievement. If you are unsure, the list below shows what levels have extra characters on, and which ones they are. These characters cannot be unlocked, which means you cannot play them in any other level. If you can’t find the red hat you need for this achievement, check here.

  • Port Royal : Rifleman, Soldier and Nervous Pirate.
  • Tortuga : Town Pirate, Town Man, Town Girl, Town Lady, Angry Pirate, Worried Pirate, Dangerous Pirate, Giselle and Scarlett.
  • Smuggler’s Den : Officer.
  • Isla De Muerta : Ragetti(Dress) and Pintel(Dress).
  • Pelegostos : Company Soldier and Company Officer.
  • A Touch of Destiny : River Man and River Lady.
  • The Dutchman’s Secret : Dutchman Pirate, Wheelback, Finnegan, Jelly and Broondjongen.
  • Singapore : Singapore Pirate, Singapore Man and Singapore Lady.
  • Davy Jones’ Locker : Imaginary Jack (Spade), Imaginary Jack(Bomb) and Imaginary Jack(Pistol).
  • Queen Ann’s Revenge : Zombie Pirate.
  • White Cap Bay : Mermaid.
  • A Spanish Legacy: Spanish Soldier and Spanish Officer.


At Worlds End Achievement IconAt World’s End – 20G

Complete the Film 3 story
This achievement will unlock when you complete the last level of the third film, “The Maelstrom”.

Aye-Aye Captain Achievement IconAye-Aye, Captain! – 15G

Play a level in co-op
This achievement will require a second controller, and a second player. It can be done alone but you will need to keep switching between the controllers to get each character to do what you want. You must play through any one level, from start to finish, with two players, to get this achievement.

Believing In Ghost Stories Achievement IconBelieving in Ghost Stories – 25G

Unlock all the cursed Black Pearl crew characters (Single Player Only)
You will need to find, and buy, all of the cursed crew members of the Black Pearl. These are:

  • Koehler
  • Twigg
  • Mallot
  • Scratch
  • Bo’sun
  • Clubba
  • Grapple
  • Jacoby
  • Barbossa


For a complete list of characters and how to unlock them, check here.

Dead Mans Chest Achievement IconDead Man’s Chest – 20G

Complete the Film 2 story
This achievement will unlock as you complete “The Kraken”, the fifth and final level for this chapter of the game.

Did Everybody See That? Achievement IconDid everybody see that? – 20G

High dive into the Maelstrom
You must get this achievement while playing the the level, “The Maelstrom”. It can be done in either story mode, or free play. When you are fighting Davy Jones at the end of the level, follow him around the ship and wear him down to one heart. When he has only one heart left, you will have to follow him up into the rigging. When you reach him, you will be stood on a beam. At the far end of the beam you will see some studs, including a purple one. Jump off from this point to unlock the achievement.

Do You Fear Death? Achievement IconDo you fear death? – 25G

Unlock all the Flying Dutchman crew characters (Single Player Only)
There are 11 crew members that you will need to unlock for this achievement. They are:

  • Angler
  • Bootstrap Bill Turner
  • Clanker
  • Crash
  • Davy Jones
  • Hadras
  • Jimmy Legs
  • Koleniko
  • Maccus
  • Penrod
  • Wyvern


For a complete list of all characters, and how to unlock them, check here.

Fight To The Bitter End Achievement IconFight to the bitter end! – 20G

Defeat 100 enemies
This achievement will unlock as you play through the game. It might sound like a lot, but 100 enemies is nothing. You will not need to do anything to work towards this achievement.

Fire! Achievement IconFire! – 15G

Fire 100 cannonballs
This will happen as you play through the levels, whether in free play or story mode. You don’t need to work towards this, although you could just fire the same cannon 100 times if you really wanted to.

Five Lashes Be Owed Achievement IconFive lashes be owed – 15 G

As Jimmy Legs, whip Will Turner 5 times
This can be done at any time, in any level, so long as you have access to both Will Turner and Jimmy Legs. Set both of your characters to each one of these, then take control of Jimmy legs. Now whip Will five times and the achievement will unlock.

Gents, Take A Walk Achievement IconGents, take a walk – 20G

Walk on the sea bed with all possible characters
You can complete this achievement in any place where the water is deep enough for a character to be completely submerged. I would suggest the port where the level boards are. Below is a list of all the characters you will need to control under the water. Switch between each one by pressing Y while below the water.

  • Koehler
  • Twigg
  • Mallot
  • Scratch
  • Bo’sun
  • Clubba
  • Grapple
  • Jacoby
  • Bootstrap Bill Turner
  • Maccus
  • Clanker
  • Jimmy Legs
  • Koleniko
  • Davy Jones
  • Wyvern
  • Angler
  • Hadras
  • Crash
  • Penrod
  • Jack Sparrow (Cursed)
  • Gunner
  • Quartermaster
  • Syrena
Hello Beastie Achievement IconHello, beastie – 25G

Get eaten by the Kraken 10 times
At the end of “The Kraken”, you will find yourself facing the “beastie”. The Kraken will start to spit out objects, then suck them back in. When he sucks the air in, stand in the open so you are sucked in too. Allow the Kraken to eat you 10 time and the achievement is yours.

Hello Poppet Achievement IconHello, poppet! – 15G

Unlock all Elizabeth characters (Single Player Only)
This achievement will unlock as you play through the story levels. You must unlock every playable version of Elizabeth. If you are playing through the levels consecutively then you will unlock it when you finisht “The Brethren Court”. The variations of Elizabeth are:

  • Elizabeth Swann
  • Elizabeth (Undergarments)
  • Elizabeth (Redcoat)
  • Elizabeth (Trader)
  • Elizabeth (Pirate)
  • Captain Elizabeth (Robes)
  • Captain Elizabeth


If you need help unlocking these characters, check here.

Here There Be Monsters Achievement IconHere there be monsters – 15G

Get eaten by a creature in deadly water
This can be gotten on the first level, Port Royal. When you come out onto the beach, swim out into the sea and you will find a ring of seaweed. This marks the point that you should not swim past. If you swim past this seaweed, a shark will pop up form underneath and eat you. Doing this will get you the achievement.

Hoist The Colours Achievement IconHoist the colours! – 50G

Sail all the minikits in the hub
When you complete each minikit, a bottle will appear on the minikit pier in the hub. You can smash those bottles and the minikit ships will appear. Stand next to one and you can press Y to ride it. Do this with all 20 minikit ships and you will get the achievement. For any help finding the minikit pieces, check here.

I Am A Bad Man Achievement IconI am a bad man – 15G

Play a level with all Extras turned on (Single Player Only)
This is also a simple achievement to get, especially if you are going for 100% completion, because you will have collected all the red hats to unlock the extras anyway. To do it, you will have to find all 20 red hats in the hub, purchase them, then play through one level with them all turned on. If you need help finding or unlocking the red hats, check here.

More What You'd Call Guidelines Achievement IconMore what you’d call guidelines – 15G

Complete the Brethren Court
The fourth level of the third chapter of this game, is the Brethren Court. To get this achievement you must complete the level. That’s all! This level is fairly straight forward so you really shouldn’t have any trouble with this one.

Now Bring Me The Horizon Achievement IconNow bring me that horizon – 100G

Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only)
For this achievement, you will need to do everything you can in the game. This includes:

  • Complete all levels in story mode
  • Complete all levels in free play (expect the bonus level)
  • Reach True Pirate on all the levels
  • Collect all the gold bricks
  • Collect all the red hats
  • Find all the ships in a bottle
  • Unlock or buy every character
  • Find all the compass items (except the ones in the hub)

There are other posts on this website that can help you with all the collectables.

On Stranger Tides Achievement IconOn Stranger Tides – 20G

Complete the Film 4 story
This achievement will unlock when you defeat Blackbeard, at the end of “The Fountain of Youth”.

Parley! Achievement IconParley! – 25G

Unlock all characters (Single Player Only)
There are 79 characters for this game. 36 will be unlocked automatically as you complete the story levels. The rest will need to be found in the hub, and bought for a price. A complete list of characters and how to unlock them, can be found here.

Pieces Of Eight Achievement IconPieces of Eight – 88G

Reach 888,888,888 studs
This is only attainable if you unlock some of the treasure multiplier red hats. Trying to get this achievement without those is just crazy and would take forever. If you unlock the treasure multipliers, you will be able to get this achievement in no time. As soon as your treasure exceeds 888,888,888, the achievement will unlock. If you are having trouble finding the multiplier red hats, check here.

Savvy Achievement IconSavvy? – 15G

Unlock all the Jack Sparrow characters (Single Player Only)
This one will not take as much effort as you think. There are only four versions of Jack for you to unlock. These are:

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Jack Sparrow(Waistcoat)
  • Jack Sparrow(Chief)
  • Jack Sparrow(Cursed)

For a complete list of all characters, and how to unlock them, check here.

Sea Turtles, Mate Achievement IconSea turtles, mate – 25G

Ride on all types of animal in the game
There are eight animals in the game that you can ride on. You need to find them all and ride them at least once to get this achievement. The animals are:

  • Donkey – Port Royal (You will ride this as part of the story for level 1)
  • Horse – Tortuga (You will ride this as part of the story for level 2)
  • Pig – Tortuga (You can find a pig next to the horse in Tortuga. Just jump on a ride away)
  • Goat – Davy Jones’ Locker (You will need to use this animal as part of the level)
  • Crab – On the beach in the hub, near the level boards. Follow a crab around the beach until it tires. You will then be able to jump on and ride it.
  • Sea Turtle – Smuggler’s Den (Break through the silver objects on the left side of the cave, then climb the ladders that was behind it. Use Syrena to break the two blocks in the water and you can ride the turtles.)
  • Spider – The Fountain of Youth (When you enter the cave, go all the way to the right and forge the bellows to fix them. Jump up and down on them until all the pieces have fallen off the web. Now build them into the spider and you can ride it.)
  • Snail – The Dutchman’s Secret (When below deck, head down to the bottom deck and use the sword mechanism. Get the other character to go through the seaweed door and use the other mechanism. When you have lowered the spears, build the bricks into a snail. After the snail has done it’s thing, you can press Y when stood next to it, to jump on.)
Take What You Can Achievement Icon Take what you can – 65G

Collect all Gold bricks (Single Player Only)
You will get this achievement when you complete the bonus level and receive the last gold brick. There are 85 to collect in all, and eighty of them are given to you for achieving certain things within the levels. For a full breakdown of how to get all the gold bricks, check here.

The Best Pirate I've Ever Seen Achievement Icon The best pirate I’ve ever seen – 15G

Complete Port Royal in Story without dying
This achievement easy to get, whether you decide to do it with cheats or without. You can use the extras to get through this, invincibility being the one that will help you here. But, you can also do it without if you are careful. being the first level of the game it is not too taxing. Just be sure to kill all enemies as soon as you see them, don’t take any chances when fighting Jack, and don’t swim too far out to see, and the achievement will be yours. You can also gain this achievement in either free play or story mode. If you do need the help of the Extras, check here.

The Brethren Court Achievement Icon The Brethren Court – 25G

Unlock all the Pirate Lord characters (Single Player Only)
For this achievement, you will need to find and buy, all six of the pirate lords that you had to help during the Brethren court level.
These pirate lords are:

  • Ammand the Corsair
  • Capitaine Chevalle
  • Eduardo Villanueva
  • Gentleman Jocard
  • Mistress Ching
  • Sri Sumbhajee Angria


For a complete list of all characters, and how to unlock them, check here.

The Curse Of The Black Pearl Achievement IconThe Curse of the Black Pearl – 20G

Complete the Film 1 story
When you have played through all five of the levels for the first film, in story mode, this achievement will unlock.

The Green Flash Achievement Icon The Green Flash – 15G

Watch a sunset
You will unlock this automatically during Smuggler’s Den.

 The Pirate All Pirates Fear Achievement IconThe pirate all pirates fear – 25G

Unlock all the Queen Anne’s Revenge crew characters (Single Player Only)
You need to find and unlock all of the crew member for the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s crew. These are:

  • Angelica
  • Blackbeard
  • Cook
  • Garheng
  • Gunner
  • Quartermaster
  • Scrum
  • Salaman


For a complete list of characters, and how to unlock them, check here.

The Worst Pirate I've Ever Seen Achievement IconThe worst pirate I’ve ever seen – 15G

Complete Port Royal in Story with zero studs
For this achievement, you will need to play through the first level without any extras turned on. You need them off because you need to lose any studs you collect, and you need to collect as few as possible to make this easier. When you reach the end of the level, to lose the studs you have collected, let the guards kill you over and over, until you have none left. The guards will not respawn so don’t kill them. If you do this by mistake, then get rid of your studs by drowning. You can get this achievement in free play as well as story mode.

There's The Jack I Know Achievement IconThere’s the Jack I know – 25G

Get True Pirate in all levels (Single Player Only)
This one is possible to get after completing each level in story mode, but it is a real challenge. It is much easier to unlock the treasure multipliers and get true pirate on each level as you go through on free play. If you are having trouble finding the treasure multipliers, check here.

Try Wearing A Corset Achievement IconTry wearing a corset – 15G

Do 5 lady backflips in a row
Select any female character you have and do five backflips. Doesn’t sound too hard. It isn’t! Find a stretch of land so you have a clear run and start at one end. Start moving in one direction, then press A to jump when you move the analogue stick in the other direction. This will make you do a back flip. To do five just keep hold the analogue stick in one direction and pump the A button. When you have done five, the achievement will unlock.

Welcome To The Caribbean Achievement IconWelcome to the Caribbean! – 12G

Complete Port Royal
You will unlock this achievement automatically, as soon as you finish the first level of the game.

What Do You Want The Most? Achievement IconWhat do you want most? – 25G

In any level use only the compass to find all it’s secrets in one go, alone.
This can be done is any level of the game, and is even possible to do in story mode, on selected levels. You could even get this achievement by finding all eight objects in the hub, if you chose to. For a complete list of where to use the compass to find all items in the game, check here.

Wind In Your Sail! Achievement IconWind in your sail! – 15G

Hit a flying parrot on Smuggler’s Den
When you first get to Smuggler’s Den, you will be able to cross a short stretch of water to another part of the island. Here you will see a parrot flying around above you, and several coconuts lying on the ground. Pick one up and target the parrot by holding X. When you have a clear shot, release X and you will throw the coconut at the parrot. This may take a couple of attempts to actually hit it, but persevere and you will get it.

You Filthy, Slimy, Mangy Cur Achievement IconYou filthy, slimy, mangy cur! – 15G

Complete all the Guard Dog levels
This achievement is a little misleading. There aren’t any levels specifically for the Guard Dog. There are however, levels in which the Guard Dog must help you to complete. This means that you will unlock this achievement as you are playing through the story levels. If you play through the levels in order, you will unlock this achievement when you complete “The Brethren Court”.

You May Throw My Hat Achievement Icon You may throw my hat – 40G

Collect all the red hats (Single Player Only)
There are 20 red hats to be found around the port that serves as a hub to all other levels. When you have found and bought all 20, the achievement will unlock. A full list of where all the red hats are, and how much they cost, can be found here.

You're Off The Edge Of The Map Achievement IconYou’re off the edge of the map – 15G

Highlight the secret 6th point on all 4 level select maps (Single Player Only)
On each level select board, there is a skull and cross bones tucked away somewhere. You need to hover over each one to get this achievement. You do not need to click on it, or do anything, just hover over all four and you will get the achievement.


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