L.A. Noire Complete Case Guide – Homicide

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L.A. Noire is a great game and getting 5 stars on all cases can be a real challenge. To aid you in this challenge, here is a complete guide to all the cases on the homicide desk. There are also 13 newspapers that can be found throughout the game, all of them within locations accessed through the cases. For this reason, they are included in the guide.

This guide is designed to be follow step-by-step. Following steps out of sequence could result in you being unable to 5 star a case. For example, finding a specific clue can trigger a cut scene which will take you away form a crime scene, meaning you can’t find any of the other clues there. Try to follow the guide as closely as you can so you don’t have to repeat cases later.

The Red Lipstick Murder

Crime Scene

Blunt Force Trauma: Examine the body and tilt the head to the right.
Missing Jewelry: Examine the body’s left hand (on your right), and move the hand to see that she is missing a ring.
Writing on Body: Examine the victim’s abdomen to see the writing on it.
Size Eight Shoe Prints: Examine the shoe prints leading away form the body, next to the ‘B’ evidence sign.
Lipstick: Near the head of the body there is a handbag/purse. Examine it and you will find a lipstick inside. Examine that to get the clue.
Bamba Club Lighter: Near the bench in the corner there is an evidence sign, letter ‘C’. Examine the globe and solve the puzzle by rotating each slide to complete the globe.

The Bamba Club

When you walk into the bar, you will enter into a conversation with the barman. He will point you in the direction of McColl. Go and speak to him.
Suspect seen with Victim: Truth.
License Plate: You will get this from talking to McColl and believing him when asked about a suspect seen with the victim.
Ring stolen from victim: Doubt.
Knowledge of Husband: Doubt.
Husband’s Alibi: Ask McColl about his knowledge of the husband and doubt him.
Before you leave, use the phone to run a check on the license plate.

Henry Residence

You and your partner will find a way into the house when you notice something suspicious.
Newspaper: In the living room, as you first enter the house, on the floor.
Female Shoe: Near the window, on the floor, in the dining room. Look at the size on the bottom of the shoe.
Forced Entry: From the dining room, go into the kitchen and examine the broken window.
Note on Fridge: Self explanatory really, (This will not seem like a required clue because a message will not pop up on the screen like all the others, but it is needed)
Missing Jewelry (updated): Go into the bedroom and examine the jewelry box on the dresser. Open it to see the missing jewelry.
Picture on Dresser: Next to the empty ring box on the dresser. (Again, this one is not listed as a clue, but is required.)
When you have found all the clues, you will need to go outside and talk to a neighbour to complete the objective and gain a P.O.I.
Marital Problems: You will get this after you speak to Jennifer Horgan, who can be found in the back garden of the house to the left.

Jacob Henry’s Apartment

Death Threat Note: On the partition between the kitchen and the hall, next to the phone, there is a notepad. Shade it with the pencil to reveal the note.
Size Eleven Shoes: Go into the bedroom near the front door and check inside the open suitcase on the bed. Turn the shoe over to see what size it is.
Jacob Henry
Movements of victim: Lie/Husband’s alibi.
Last contact with victim: Truth.
Motive for murder: Lie/Death threat note.
After you arrest Henry, use the phone to get someone to collect him. Now go to the station and interview Henry.

Central Police Station

Head to interview room 2 to speak to Henry.
Jacob Henry
Access to murder weapon: Lie/Husband’s alibi.
Lipstick markings: Truth.
Deterioration of the marriage: Lie/Marital problems.
Missing jewelry: Truth.

Mendez’s Apartment

Check the mailbox to find that Mendez is in apartment number 16. head inside and look at the sign to the left of the stairs to find out where his apartment is.
Size Eight Shoes: Go down the hall and into the bedroom on the left. You will see a shoe on the floor by the bed. Flip it over to check out what size it is. IMPORTANT Make sure you get the shoe before you get the other two clues or you won’t be able to get it.
Used Lipstick: In the corner of the bedroom there is a box with blood all over it. Check out the lipstick.
Socket Wrench: In the box with the lipstick.
After you inspect the box, Mendez will show up and make a run for it. Chase him down from the roof, then pursue him in the car. When you stop him, make your arrest.

The Golden Butterfly

Crime Scene

Small Men’s Footprints: You will see these leading up to the body, as you approach.
P.O.I. Deidre Moller: Check the handbag/purse near the body and find the name badge. Make sure you get this because, although it doesn’t appear on the clue list in your notepad, it counts as one of the clues for the case.
Rope Pattern: Examine the body and move the head to the left to study the rope pattern around her neck.
Missing Jewelry: Check both hands of the victims to identify that there is some missing jewelry.
Talk to the coroner for some more information.

Moller Residence

When you enter the premises, go looking for clues.
Size eight work boots: Go into the parents room and look at the shoes near the window. Flip one over to check what size it is.
Missing watch and ring (updated): Examine and open the brown and blue boxes on the dresser next to the shoes.
Michelle Moller
Last contact with victim: Doubt.
Husband’s Alibi: Doubt her when you ask about the last contact with the victim.
Missing watch and rings: Truth.
State of parent’s marriage: Doubt.
Butterfly Brooch: Doubt her when asked about the state of her parent’s marriage.
Hugo Moller
Footprints at crime scene: Lie/Work boots.
Alibi for Hugo Moller: Lie/Husband’s alibi.
Missing person’s report: Doubt.
History of violence: Lie/Butterfly brooch.
As you leave the house, look for a neighbour in the background.
Speak to the neighbour and she will tell you about Mr Moller burning things. You will see Mr Moller across the road and need to run over there and chase after Mr Moller. Follow him and take him down with a tackle. When you have him, you will return to his incinerator.
Bloody Shoes: Check inside the incinerator.
After arresting Mr Moller, go back into the house and use the phone to get the address for Belmont High. When you get back to the car you will get a message on the radio telling you to go to the morgue. Do that before you go to Belmont High.

Central Morgue

Head inside and talk to the coroner. He will ask you to look at some rope samples. You need to pick one up (the bottom one) and hold it over the photo to try and make a match.
Size Eight Shoe Prints (updated): Examine the molds of the shoe prints on the side next to the rope samples, before you leave.
Finally, use the phone in the office to check your messages.

Belmont High School

When you arrive at the school you will have a chat with the janitor. He will talk about a molester who has been seen around the school, then he will actually see him, and the molester will run. You need to chase after him. Chase the guy until your partner heads him off with the car.
Butterfly Brooch (updated): Eli will give you this when you ask him to turn out his pockets.
Rope: Open the trunk/boot of the car and look at the rope.
Bloody tire iron: Also found in the trunk/boot of the car.
Overalls: Also in the trunk/boot of the car.
Head back towards your car and use the payphone there to call the station. Now go to the police station.

Central Police Station

Go and talk to Hugo Moller first, in Interview room 2.
Hugo Moller
Disposal of Evidence: Truth.
Access to braided rope: Doubt.
Access to tire iron: Lie/Bloody tire iron.
Victim’s Vehicle Recovered: Lie/Overalls.
Although the evidence is overwhelming, do not charge Moller with the crime. Go and speak to Eli Rooney.
Eli Rooney
Footprints at the crime scene: Doub.
Place of Employment: Doubt.
Access to braided rope: Truth.
Motive for Moller murder: Doubt.
It might seem like all the evidence points to the husband, but you need to charge Eli Rooney with her murder.

Silk Stocking Murder

Crime Scene

Inspect the body and look closely at the right hand to notice that another ring has gone from a victim. Check out the victims head and tilt it to one side until Phelps comments on the lacerations. Look at the abdomen of the victim to notice the now familiar writing on the victims. Finally, check in the left hand to find half a library card. This is not listed as a clue but you do need to find it to five star the case.
Bloodied Stocking: Near the head of the victim you can find this clue.
Blood Trail: To the left of the body there is a trail of blood. It is near evidence sign ‘C’.
Ladies Hat: Follow the trail of blood over to the building to find a hat. Examine it to find the name inside.
Personal Effects: Follow the blood a little more until you reach a bin/garbage can. Pick up the woman’s shoe inside it and examine it.
Key: Follow the trail of blood right down the alley until you reach a pipe. Examine it to find a key and look closely at the key to get the clue.
Dot Pattern Note: The trail of blood will go on a short distance more. Follow it to find the note.
After the note, follow the trail further still until you feel the pad vibrate. Press A and you will be shown a fire escape. Go up it onto the roof and follow the blood into a bird’s cage.
Personal Effects (updated): Inside the bird cage is an envelope for you to examine.
Makeup: Although it doesn’t show in the list, this is a clue that needs to be found. Follow the trail a little further and you will see the small gold box on the floor.
Ring: Also not listed but is still a clue. Follow the trail up onto another roof and you can find the ring tied to a vent.
Blood trail (updated): Follow the trail up onto another roof and examine the paint brush.
Library Card: Near the paint brush is a red bag/purse, on the corner of the roof Look inside for the other half of the library card.

Anotonia’s Residence

After chatting with Mrs Lapenti, go up to Antonia’s room to look around.
Charm Bracelet Photo: On the left side of the room are some open drawers. The photo is in the top one.
Attorney’s Letter: On the bed inside the open suitcase.
Broken Window: It is the only window in the room so can’t be missed.
Iron Picket: Go through the broken window to find this on the balcony.
Barbara Lapenti
Possible suspects: Truth.
Movements of victim: Doubt.
Evidence of break-in: Lie/Broken window upstairs.
Breakdown of marriage: Lie/Charm bracelet photo.
Religious Necklace: You will get this when asking about the breakdown of the marriage.

El Dorado Bar

After talking to the barman you will get a letter that she left in the bar.
Divorce Papers: You will get this from the barman.
Now question the barman further.
Diego Aguilar
Missing jewelry: Doubt.
Movements of victim: Truth.
Before leaving the bar, check out the pay phone to corroborate the barman’s story about it not working. Now go to the Maldonado residence.

Maldonado Residence

Check the mailboxes on the right and you will know which apartment number you are looking for. Go up to the top floor and you will end up in a fight.
Fruit crate: Although this will not show up in your list of clues, it is needed to five star the case. The crate is on the floor in the kitchen.
Bloodied shirt: Hanging up in the kitchen, near the fridge.
Now go down the hall and knock on door 301. The neighbour here is not much help, so try number 302, further down the hall.
Husband’s Alibi: Speak to resident of 302.
Go back to the car and you will get a message calling you back to the station.

Central Police Station

When you arrive follow your partner downstairs to talk to the captain. Read both the letters and watch a cut scene.
Angel Maldonado
Last contact with the victim: Lie/Husband’s alibi.
Brown Ford Coupe: Lie/Last contact with the victim.
Divorce proceedings: Lie/Divorce papers.
Jewelry taken from body: Truth.
Bloodstained shirt found: Doubt.

Just Picked Fruit Market

Go to the back of the market and speak to Clem Feeney, behind the counter.
Clem Feeney
Distinctive necklace: Doubt.
Contact with victim: Doubt.
Movements of victim: Truth.
After questioning him, you ask if you can look around. When you get control back you will be facing some doors to the left of the counter. Go in there to look for clues.
Scalpel: On the desk next to the door.
Clem will make a run for it and you have to chase him. If you chase him for long enough, he will hit a road block. If you can, your partner will shoot out his tires before he gets to it.

The White Shoe Slaying

Crime Scene

Time of death: You will get this automatically when you arrive on the scene.
Laundry label: When examining the body, turn the head to the right, then to the left and you will see the label.
Boot prints: The boot prints are leading from the body to the tire tracks.
Tire tracks: These are plainly seen near the body.
Walk away from the scene as if you are about to leave it and a car will show up with a potential witness on board.
Catherine Barton
Suspicious persons: Truth.
Before leaving the area, use the pay phone to get and address for the laundry place.

Superior Laundry Services

Speak to the guy at the counter and he will let you look at the register for more informations.
Laundry Ledger: Find the entry that matches up with the number on the laundry ticket you found. (F1363)

43 Emerald Street

Knock on the door and the husband will answer. After having a little chat you will be able to look around for clues.
Matchbook: Go into the bedroom by the front door and you will find it on the dresser.
If you pick up the picture beside the matchbook, Phelps will wonder why it was turned over.
Victims Handbag: Go through the kitchen and into the laundry room and you will see it by the sink.
Lipstick: Inside the handbag. (This is not listed as a clue but is necessary to find)
Identification: Also in the bag. (Again, not listed but important)
Muddy Boots: Near the back door in the laundry room. Check what size it is.
Wet Jacket: Hanging by the back door in the laundry room.
Bow Rope: Go out into the garden and check the rope at the front of the boat.
Lars Taraldson
Possible suspects: Lie/Bow rope to prove it.
Alibi for Lars Taraldson: Doubt.
Victim’s state of mind: Doubt.
Last contact with vitcim: Lie/uddy boots or wet jacket.
Use the phone before you leave to get Bobby Ross’ address.

Baron’s Bar

Head inside and talk to Benny Cluff the bartender.
Benny Cluff
Last contact with victim: Truth.
Yellow Cab 3591: You will get this by talking to Benny.
Vagrant male suspect: Doubt.
Yellow cab 3591: Truth.
When you are done talking, the barman will point out Mr Bates and he will run off. You will have to chase him, first on foot, then in a car.
Richard Bates
Contact with victim: Doubt.
Account of movements: Doubt.
After Bates has been taken away, head round the corner to use the payphone shown on the map. This will put out an APB on the cab. You will also get a message from the captain asking you to return to the station. Be sure to drive yourself there because you will get a call along the way, telling you the cab has been found. If you let your partner drive then you will miss this clue.

Yellow Cab Trace

Victims Movements: You will get this automatically when talking to the cab driver.
Now drive to the station to question the sailor.

Central Police Station

The guy behind the desk will tell you that the sailor is in interview room 2. Go and have a chat with him.
James Jessop
Contact with victim: Doubt.
Incident with Bates: Doubt.
Movements prior to murder: Doubt.
All American 249: You will get this from asking the above question.
Cab ride with victim: Doubt.

Bus Depot

When you enter the depot, you will end up talking to a woman. She will give you a name for the driver, then she will give you a route map.
Bus Route Map: Given to you automatically.
After looking at the route map, it’s rout will be marked on your map in red. You will need to drive around it to catch up to the bus. Make sure you drive, rather than making your partner do it.

All American 249 Bus

When you catch up to him, watch the cut scene between Phelps and the driver.
Victim Last Seen: You will get this while talking to the bus driver.
Now you have this information, you can go to the hobo camp.

Hobo Camp

After a brief cut scene and a fight, you will find your new suspect. When you have Mr Ackerman in custody, you can go and search his hut.
Newspaper: It is right in front of you, on a crate, as soon as you enter his hut.
Bloodstained Rope Piece: Beside the bed.
Purse: On the side, between the bed and the door.
Crystal Ballroom Ticket: Inside the purse.
Check to photo beside the purse to find out that the suspect was in the army. When you have done all this, return to the station to question the new suspect.

Central Police Station

You can find Ackerman in Interview room 1.
Stuart Ackerman
Motive for murder: Lie/Bloody rope piece.
Contact with victim: Doubt.
Alibi for Stuart Ackerman: Lie/Purse.

The Studio Secretary Murder

Pawned Rings: You will get this automatically.


Speak to the guy behind the counter. He will show you the rings, which you must inspect carefully, both of them. You will find a marking on each to provide more information. When you have done that, go to the railyard.


Vagrancy: Examine the victims head.
Missing Ring: Examine the victim’s right hand.
Time of Death: You will be told this while examining the body.
Handbag: Can be found on a yellow cloth beside the train.
Upper half of Torn Letter: Inside the handbag.
Movie Lot Job: Also in the handbag.
Pick up the matchbook beside the handbag to get a new location, and the piece of paper to gain a new objective. When you have done with the evidence, talk to Nelson Gaines. You don’t have any real line of questioning for him so you can move on to talk to Jameson when you are done.
John Jamison
Lipstick: When talking to Jamison, you will get this clue.
Interference with evidence: Truth.
Discovery of victim’s body: Doubt.
Before leaving the crime scene, use the phone to get an address for the liquor store. Before going to the liquor store, go to Mensch’s Bar.

Mensch’s Bar

Speak to the bartender and he will tell you to talk to the regulars. Start with the guy reading a book.
Grosvenor McCaffrey
Last contact with victim: Doubt.
Criminal history: Doubt.
Now head over to Levine’s Liquor Store

Levine’s Liquor Store

Upon arrival you will speak to the owner, Mr Robbins. He will lead you to some items that belong to the victim.
Book: You can find this on the floor beside her bed. Open it for more information.
To find out some more information about your victim, you can look at two photographs here, and an award and a nameplate. Robbins will comment on a few, to give you a clearer picture about the victim.
Contact with victim: Truth.
Liquor Purchase: You will get this automatically.
Relationship with victim: Truth.
Knowledge of McCaffrey: Doubt.
Now you need to head back to Mensch’s Bar, but be sure you are the one who drives. If you don’t you will not get a message form that station that is important to five star the case. However, do not return to the station yet. Go to the bar first.

Mensch’s Bar

Speak to McCaffrey again.
Grosvenor McCaffrey
Relationship with victim: Lie/Book.
Victim Last Seen: You will get this when talking to McCaffrey.
Now you can go back to the station.

Central Police Station

The guy at the desk will tell you that the captain is waiting downstairs for you so head there now. After a little chat, you are now free to go to the bowling alley. Before leaving the station use the phone to get an address for McCaffrey.

Rawling’s Bowling Alley

All you have to do here is watch a brief cut scene, then locate Tiernan. He will run of course, and you will need to chase him. Drive along side his car so your partner can shoot out his tires and arrest him.

McCaffrey’s Apartment

As always, check the mailboxes to find out which apartment you need, then head up one floor to reach his apartment.
Lower half of torn letter: When you enter the apartment, turn left and you will see it on a desk.
Torn letter (updated): Finding both pieces of the letter gives you this clue.
Tire iron: On the floor near the lower half of the letter.
A woman will come in and tell you where to find McCaffrey. When you reach him, he will also run. They always do.

Central Police Station

Start by heading to interview room 1 to speak to Tiernan.
James Tiernan
Relationship with victim: Lie/‘Victim Last Seen’.
Victim’s book found: Doubt.
Alibi for James Tiernan: Lie/Liquor purchase.
Access to murder weapon: Doubt.
Tiernan’s Accusation: You will get this when you ask Tiernan about access to the murder weapon.
Leave the interrogation for now, without charging him, and head over to talk to McCaffrey in interview room 2.
Grosvenor McCaffrey
Alibi for McCaffrey: Lie/Torn letter.
Access to tire iron: Lie/Teirnan’s Accusation.
McCaffrey’s Accusation: You will get this when you confront McCaffrey with Tiernan’s accusation.
Before questioning anyone else, use the phone to check McCaffrey’s history.
McCaffrey’s Criminal Record: Use the phone to find out that McCaffrey was dishonorably discharged from the army.
James Tiernan (returned)
Events prior to murder: Lie/McCaffrey’s.
Do not charge him. Go back to talk to McCaffrey one more time.
Grosvenor McCaffrey
Military service: Lie/Criminal record.
Finally, charge McCaffrey with the crime and it’s case closed.

The Quarter Moon Murders

Central Police Station

Black Dahlia Letter: This is given to you by the captain.
Shelley Excerpt: Also given to you by the captain.

Pershing Square

Second Excerpt: Climb up onto the fountain and you will see it at the foot of the statue.
Social Security Card: Also on top of the fountain.
The clue is pointing towards the Hall of Records. Mark it on the map and go there.

Hall of Records

Talk to the guy on the desk and he will show you how to get onto the chandelier. Follow your partner up and you will find your way there no trouble.
Deidre Moller’s Watch: Found on the chandelier.
Third Excerpt: Next to the watch.
When you have found the clues, the ropes holding the chandelier in place will break. Swing back and forth and Phelps will jump off when you have swung it far enough. Solving the clue will lead you to the Public Library.

LA Public Library

Work your way to the top of the tower by climbing up ladders and pipes and using the scaffolding. when you reach the top you will find more clues.
Antonia’s medallion: On the roof of the library.
Fourth Excerpt: Next to the medallion.
This one will point you to Westlake Tar Pits.

Westlake Tar Pits

Walk across the platforms to reach the island in the middle of the lake.
Theresa Tareldson’s shoe: On the island in the middle of the lake.
Fifth Excerpt: Next to the shoe.
This excerpt will lead you to the LA County Art Museum.

LA County Art Museum

You will need to run forward a little until you find a maze of hedges. Find your way to the centre to find the clues.
Celine Henry’s Ring: In the centre of the maze
Sixth Excerpt: Next to the ring
The text is pointing you toward the Intolerance Set.

Intolerance Set

Make your way up the stairs and work around the set until you can go down a ladder to the throne.
Evelyn Summer’s Ring: On the throne.
Seventh Excerpt: Next to the ring.
When you put the second clue down, the set will start to fall. Run across the set and get to the bottom before it falls completely. You will need to mark Christ Crown of Thorns on your map.

Abandoned Church and Presbytery

When you arrive, go inside the church to come face to face with the real killer, who will of course run. Chase after him. You will need to find another way into the catacombs. Go outside and force entry into the little house there. Go into the room on the left and you will find a ladder leading into the catacombs. This room is also his place of operation. You will find various blood stained items lying around the room, but none of them are needed to five star the case. head down the ladder to chase after the killer.
You will need to chase him through the catacombs. When you approach corners, be careful because he will sometimes wait to take a shot at you from around another corner. Check before running round them by taking cover. When you see him stick his nose out, take your shot. If you don’t take him down before he gets out of the catacombs, you will find yourself in a shoot out in a graveyard.



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