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L.A. Noire is a great game and getting 5 stars on all cases can be a real challenge. To aid you in this challenge, here is a complete guide to all the cases on the traffic desk. There are also 13 newspapers that can be found throughout the game, all of them within locations accessed through the cases. For this reason, they are included in the guide. This guide is designed to be follow step-by-step. Following steps out of sequence could result in you being unable to 5 star a case. For example, finding a specific clue can trigger a cut scene which will take you away form a crime scene, meaning you can’t find any of the other clues there. Try to follow the guide as closely as you can so you don’t have to repeat cases later.

The Driver’s Seat

Wilshire Police Station

Abandoned Vehicle: You will get this automatically when given the case.P.E. Freight Depot
Blood Splashes:
As you approach the scene you will talk to an officer. You will get this clue automatically as you talk to him.
Receipt for live hog: Open the trunk of the car and check out the piece of paper inside.
Wallet: In front of the car you will see a little evidence sign with the letter B on it. Inspect this area and look at the wallet. Open it and examine the driver’s license inside.
Glasses: Beside the wallet is a pair of glasses. Pick them up and move them around to read the writing on the inside of the arm.
Bloody Pipe: Left of the glasses and wallet, there is another evidence sign, marked A. Pick up the pipe next to the sign and turn it around until you can read the writing on one side.
Nate Wilkey
Purpose at scene: Truth
Knowledge of Adrian Black: Truth
Contents of wallet: Doubt
Bloodstained pipe found: Truth

Black Residence

After breaking the bad news to Mrs Black, you will need to look around the house for the new water heater.
Newspaper: In the dining room, on the table.
Cavanagh’s Matchbook: You can find one of these matchbooks in three places throughout the house. They are, on the dining table next to the newspaper, on the kitchen worktop (nearest the door), and on the table beside Adrian’s bed.
Instaheat Flyer: On the kitchen table. Be sure to press A to turn it over and read the other side, or you will not get the clue.
Instaheat Receipt: On the kitchen table.
Glasses Case: On the dresser in Adrian’s room. Open it up to see the brand name and match it to the glasses at the crime scene.
Concealed Message: Examine the picture on the dresser in Adrian’s room. Press A to examine it more closely and you will find the message hidden on the back of the picture.
Train Ticket: In the closet in Adrian’s room.
Water Heater: Outside on the side of the house. Place the pieces of pipe where they belong to solve the puzzle and get the clue.
Bloody Pipe Updated: Complete the water heater pipe puzzle.
Margaret Black
Slaughterhouse Receipt: Truth
Cavanagh’s Bar matchbook: Truth
Location of Adrian Black: Truth
Stenzel glasses case: Truth
Photograph signed ‘Nicole’: Lie/Concealed Message
Alibi for Mrs Black: Truth

Cavanagh’s Bar

Speak to the barman to find out where Frank is.
Frank Morgan
Link to abandoned vehicle: Lie/Receipt for the Live Hog
Location of Adrian Black: Doubt
Press the A button when stood next to Frank to arrest him. Drive yourself to Frank’s apartment. Along the way you will get a message on the radio telling you that the blood found in the car was not human.
Swine Blood: You will get this clue from the message you receive over the radio.Morgan’s ApartmentAs you enter, press A when stood in front of the mail boxes. You will find out that Morgan’s apartment is #2.
Chase Black until your partner stops him.

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Hit-and-run vehicle: You will get this when you are given the case.

Ray’s Cafe

Insurance letter: Search the left pocket of the jacket on the body.
Wallet: Search the right pocket of the jacket on the body and examine the contents.
Coroner’s Report: After searching the body, you will automatically enter into a conversation with the corner. When you have finished, you will get the clue.
Bloody Knife: Down the side of Ray’s cafe, there are some dustbins. search one to find a bloody knife. Move it around until you zoom in for a better look, to unlock the clue.
Shannon Perry
Eyewitness report: Truth
Arguement Overheard: Ask Ms Perry for an eyewitness account.
Suspect vehicle description: Truth
Red Lincoln Continental: You get this by asking Ms Perry for a suspect vehicle description.
Argument overheard: Doubt
Use the phone to call in the suspect vehicle license plate.
Newspaper: On the bar near Dudley
Dudley Lynch
Hit-and-run accident: Doubt
Association with victim: Truth
Argument overheard: Doubt
Lynch’s statement: Ask the three questions above when talking to Dudley and you will get this clue.
Joint business venture: Doubt
Use the phone in the cafe to get some more information about the suspect vehicle.

Pattison Residence

Knock the door and enter the premises. Sit on the sofa and speak to Mrs Pattison.
Lorna Pattison
Hit-and-run vehicle: Doubt
Nature of the argument: Doubt
Partnership with Leroy Sabo: Lie/Insurance Letter
Use the phone to collect your messages from the station before you leave the house.

Central Morgue

Talk to the coroner upon arrival.
Pattison stabbed: You will gain this by talking to the coroner.
Head to the Shelton Residence

Shelton Residence

Speak to Mr Shelton when you arrive. You will need to chase him in your car. If you are trying to get a 5 star rating and don’t want to hit anything, you can drive cautiously but don’t lose him. If you pursue him far enough he will get out at a train station and you can chase him down on foot. Now go back to the Pattison residence and arrest Mrs Pattison.

Pattison Residence (returned)

Knock on the door and speak to Mrs Pattison. Watch the cut scene and she will try to blame Leroy for everything. Sabo will then shoot Lorna and run. When Sabo runs, you will need to chase him down. You will get a couple of opportunities to fire a warning shot at him. If you don’t get one in, he will run into an alley and take a woman hostage. Here you must shoot him before he kills her.

The Fallen Idol

Chevy Styleline: You will get this clue as soon as you get the case.
Victims Drugged: You will get this one too, when you get the case.

Crash Site

Underwear: On the boot/trunk of the car.
Letter from mother: Inside the purse/handbag on the boot/trunk of the car.
Prop Shrunken Head: Talk to the coroner and move the head around to examine it.
June Ballard
Doping Allegation: Doubt
Injured female passenger: Lie/Underwear
Fake shrunken head: Doubt
Suspect “Mark Bishop”: Doubt

Central Receiving Hospital

Evidence of Abuse: Speak to the doctor outside Ms Hamilton’s room.
Evidence of Abuse (update): Examine the chart at the end of Ms Hamilton’s bed.
Jessica Hamilton
Crash Incident Report: Lie/Underwear
Evidence of criminal abuse: Prove Ms Hamilton is lying in the first question.
Contact with parents: Lie/Letter from her mother
Association with Bishop: Doubt
Evidence of criminal abuse: Truth
Mermaid: After asking Ms Hamilton about the evidence of criminal abuse, you will unlock this clue.
When you leave Ms Hamilton’s room, you will see Mrs Ballard and feel the need to follow her. Follow her in your car but do not get too close to her vehicle. Try to stay a couple of car lengths behind. Don’t panic if you lose the line of sight because the minimap can help to tell you which way she has gone. When she gets out of the car, she will go into a cafe. You must slip inside while she is not looking. Wait till she is on the phone, then head down the left side of the cafe and find the booth with a newspaper in it. Press A when you get there and you will slide onto the seat and hide behind the paper.

Bishop’s Apartment

Saddle: You can find this near the front door.
$20,000 check: Go into the bedroom near the front door and you can find the check in front of the cupboard.
Movie set photograph: Go into the room next door to the bedroom you found the check in. The photo is on the side in there.
Movie set replica: Just to the right of the photograph you just found.
Prop store photograph: On the side next to Mrs Bishop
Gloria Bishop
Domestic disturbance: Doubt.
Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth.
Check for $20,000: Lie/Check
Blackmail: Doubt her or prove she is lying when asked about the check.
Abuse of Jessica Hamilton: Doubt.
When you have finished questioning Mrs Bishop, use the phone to get the address for the prop store.

Silver Screen Props

Talk to Mr Hopgood at the desk and he will lead you to a back room.
Chloral Hydrate: On a shelf to the right of the stage, there is a bottle of tablets. Pick it up and examine it to get the clue.
Look through the mirror on the left side of the stage.
Newspaper: When you head outside to find your way into the secret room, you will pass some dumpsters on the left. Opposite those is a worktop and the newspaper is on top.
Prop Shrunken Head Molds: While still in the alley, check the worktop next to the one with the newspaper on it, for the molds.
To the left of the molds, you will see what looks like a bare alley. Examine it to find it is actually a picture concealing the entrance into the secret room.

Secret Film Room

Film Reel: On the left side of the room, there is an orange canister for a film reel.
Bishop’s Whereabouts: You will get this by examining the orange film reel canister.
Empty Film Canister: To the right of the orange film canister, there is a silver one. Pick it up and press A to open it and find it is empty.
Marlon Hopgood
Association with Bishop: Lie/Empty film canister.
Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth.
Relationship with Ballard: Lie/Empty film canister.
Evidence of Blackmail: Lie/$20,000 check.
After a cut scene, you will be back in the car and getting chased by the bad guys. You will need to lose them before you can chose your next location.

‘Jungle Drums’ Set

As soon as you arrive at the set, Bishop will make a run for it. Chase after him and you can catch up to him near the top of the set. After a cut scene you will be attacked again. You will need to run down from the top of the set, while bad guys are shooting at you. Take them down as you meet them and get Bishop down to the police cars.


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