Dragon Age 2: The Exiled Prince Achievement Guide


Those of you who have bought it will know that Dragon Age II was released with a DLC, The Exiled Prince. This guide outlines the 5 achievements for this DLC and how to get them. The Exiled Prince gives you access to a new companion, known as Sebastian. He is a noble from the state of Starkhaven, and is recruitable to your party. You can find Sebastian at the Chantry because he was forced to join it by his family as a young man for being reckless and bringing disrespect to the family name. For the most part, the achievements are quite easy and should provide no problems. The only achievement that may even pose a challenge is to achieve 100% friendship or rivalry with him. Read on though and all the achievements will be explained.

Retribution Achievement IconRetribution – 25G

Dealt with the mercenaries that killed the Vael family.
For this achievement you only need to complete Sebastian’s first companion quest, “Duty”. For more information about Sebastian’s quests, check here.

Avenged Achievement IconAvenged – 25G

Confront the culprit behind the Vael family’s murder.
Much like “Retribution”, you only need to complete Sebastian’s companion quest for Act II, “Repentance”.  “See “Retribution” for more details.

Cloak and Dagger Achievement IconCloak and Dagger – 25G

Meet secretly with the agent of the Divine
This achievement will unlock when you complete Sebastian’s final companion quest, “Faith”. See “Retribution” for more details.

Memento Achievement IconMomento – 25G

Give Sebastian a family heirloom.
As with all other companions in the game, you can find an item that you can give to Sebastian as a gift. For Sebastian you must find his grandfathers bow, the Starkhaven Longbow. You can only find this when playing through his second quest, “Repentance”. You must loot it from the body of a Flint Company Mercenary in the basement of the Harimman Estate. When you have it, go to the Chantry and speak to Sebastian to give it to him.

Loyalty of The Prince Achievement IconLoyalty of the Prince – 30G

Earn either a friendship or rivalry with Sebastian.
This will probably be the hardest one to get, especially if you are trying to get 100% friendship, rather than rivalry. Sebastian is a righteous man and you need to walk a righteous path to please him. His days with the Chantry have made him very law abiding and he will frown upon any behaviour from you that is otherwise. Do not take him with you on quests that you might need to make decisions he won’t like, or you are doing something wrong.
There is a bug that you can exploit to get this achievement more easily, but you will need to aim for rivalry rather than friendship. When you play through his quest “Repentance”, at the end of the quest you have to return to the Chantry. Instead of talking to Sebastian to end the quest, talk to High Cleric Elthina and choose the dialogue option “You’re useless”. This will give you a +5 rivalry with Sebastian. You can keep repeating that phrase over and over until the achievement pops.


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