Dragon Age 2 Companion Guide


Dragon Age 2 has several companions for you to recruit and interact with. The companions can be you friends, rivals, or even a romantic interest. Your relationships with each of your companions will be affected by the things you do throughout the Dragon Age world. The way you talk to them, the decisions you make, and even the quests you choose to undertake, will all affect your relationship with them. Your actions can even affect more than just your relationship, it can cause them to leave your party for good.

This guide is written to provide you with everything you need to know about your companions. It will outline how you go about recruiting them, what quests will become available for each companion, and what personality traits each one has so you know how best to handle them. This guide will also highlight key points throughout the game that, if you don’t deal with them carefully, will result in the loss of one of your companions. It is worth noting here that this guide will contain spoilers.

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Dragon Age 2: BethanyBethany Hawke

Character Analysis

Bethany is the sibling of the main character Hawke. She will be with you from the very beginning and recruitment is automatic, although you can lose her very early on, depending on what class you have chosen for your main character. Bethany is an Apostate mage so looks to Hawke for protection. Being a mage, siding with mages will help with your relationship and consulting here where possible during dialogue options will boost your friendship.

Key Points

  • If you choose the class of mage for your main character, Bethany will die during the prologue.
  • If Bethany survives the prologue, she will leave the party for good at the end of Act I.
  • The choice of whether or not to take Bethany into the Deep Roads with you, will have consequences. If you do not take Bethany with you into the Deep Roads, she will be forced to join the Circle. If you do take her with you, but you leave Anders behind, Bethany will die in the Deep Roads. If you take both Bethany and Anders, then you will be given the choice of sending her off to join the Grey Wardens.
  • If Bethany survives past Act I then she will appear again during later quests, but she will no longer be available as a playable party member.
  • Will conflict with Fenris if both are in your party.
  • Can be found at Gamlen’s House in Lowtown.



ActivationGo to Gamlen’s house and speak to your mother, then speak to Bethany.
Execution – Go to Darktown and enter the Amell Estate Cellar. Work your way through until you get to the vault. Loot the vault for your grandfather’s will.
Completion – Return to Gamlen’s house and confront him with the will. Speak to Bethany to finish the quest.

Portrait of You Mother Gift

Find the “Portrait of Your Mother” in the same chest as your grandfather’s will, in the Amell Estate Cellar. Take the portrait back to Gamlen’s house and give it to Bethany.

Dragon Age 2: CarverCarver Hawke

Character Analysis

Carver is the other sibling of Hawke so will also be recruited automatically. The class you chose for your main character will affect how long Carver is a member of your party for. Your brother is a warrior and will respond well if you support any decision to control the mages. Carver will start the game with a slight rivalry for your character. The early rivalry and the limited time you have access to Carver will make him a very difficult character to achieve 100% friendship with. Carver’s rivalry stems from a feeling of being overshadowed by his elder sibling, you! If you want to gain a positive relationship with your brother, you will need to consult him whenever you can. If a dialogue option comes up for you to consult Carver, take it.

Key Points

  • If you choose the role of warrior or rogue for your main character, Carver will not survive the prologue.
  • If Carver survives the prologue, he will leave the party for good at the end of Act 1.
  • Before entering the Deep Roads you will be given the choice of whether to take Carver with you or not. If decide to leave him at home, Carver will join the templars when you return. If you do take Carver with you, but you leave Anders behind, Carver will die. If you take both Anders and Carver, you can choose to send Carver to join the Grey Wardens.
  • If Carver survives past Act I, although he will not be playable as a party member, he will appear in later quests.
  • Will clash with Anders and Merrill when they are in your party with Carver.
  • Can be found at Gamlen’s House in Lowtown.



ActivationGo to Gamlen’s house and speak to your mother, then speak to Carver.
Execution – Go to Darktown and enter the Amell Estate Cellar. Work your way through until you get to the vault. Loot the vault for your grandfather’s will.
Completion – Return to Gamlen’s house and confront him with the will. Speak to Carver to finish the quest.

Tobrius’s Documents Gift

Find “Tobrius’s Documents” in the same chest as your grandfather’s will, in the Amell Estate Cellar. Take the portrait back to Gamlen’s house and give it to Carver.

Dragon Age 2: AvelineAveline Vallen

Character Analysis

Aveline is a knight that you encounter during the prologue. You come across her and her husband, Wesley, fighting the darkspawn. Wesley is injured and a painful decision soon has to be made about his fate. Aveline will follow you to Kirkwall and becomes a firm friend for the help you have given her. Upon arrival in Kirkwall, Aveline gets a job in the guard. This makes her an honest character who will frown upon any questionable behaviour. If you have Aveline in your party, you should stay on the right side of the law unless you want her as a rival.

Key Points

  • If you want Aveline as a friend, make sure you are a law abiding citizen when she is in your party. Be the nice guy and friendship with Aveline is an easy achievement.
  • Will sometimes clash with Merrill if both of them are in your party.
  • If you complete “The Long Road” quest, when fighting Meredith, Donnic will show up and help you in the fight.
  • It is possible, although difficult, to lose Aveline form your party during “The Last Straw”.
  • Can be found in the Guard’s Barracks in Viscount’s Keep.
  • You cannot romance with Aveline.


The Way it Should Be

Activation – Speak to Aveline at Viscount’s Keep.
Execution – Make sure Aveline is in your party and visit the Sundermount Ambush Site. Take down any enemies you meet in this location, then return to the Viscount’s Keep and check the duty roster. From here you need to go to Lowtown and find Donnic who is under attack.
Completion – Return to Viscount’s Keep after killing the men attacking Donnic.

The Long Road

Activation – Complete “Black Powder Courtesy” and go to the Vicount’s Keep to speak to Aveline.
Execution – To start the quest you must make a delivery to Guardsman Donnic, look and the duty roster, then talk to Donnic and arrange to meet him at the Hanged Man. After talking to Donnic at the Hanged man, and another conversation with Aveline, you will have to travel to the Wounded Coast. Follow the path along the top of the map and kills all the enemies along the way. Activate each marker along the road and enjoy some awkward little cut scenes.
Completion – When you are done at the Wounded Coast, return to the Viscount’s Keep and talk to Aveline to tie things up.

Favour and Fault

Activation – You must have completed Aveline’s Act I quest, “The Way it Should Be”. When you have complete “On the Loose”, check the writing desk at your estate to accept the quest.
Execution – Speak with Aveline at the Keep, then add her to your party and travel to the Docks during the night. Once again, Donnic is being attacked and it is your job to help him out. With that taken care of, travel to the Gallows and speak to Cullen. Now travel to Lowtown at night and find Guardsman Brennan. From here you must go to Darktown to confront Jeven. If you complete “The Long Road” none of the guards will stand with Jeven, meaning you only need to fight your garden variety enemy. If you let Aveline take the lead in the conversation with Jeven then you will increase your freidnship. If you are dominant in the conversation then you will increase your rivalry.
Completion – When you have dealt with Jeven, return to the Keep to talk to Aveline.

Shield of the Knight Herself Gift

You can find the shield near the exit in Varnell’s Refuge during “Offered and Lost”. Take the gift to Aveline at the Viscount’s Keep and give it to her.

Dragon Age 2: VarricVarric Tethras

Companion Analysis

Varric is the brother of Bertrand, the dwarf running the Deep Roads Expedition. He encourages you to find the money to invest in the Expedition and joins your party to help you do so. Varric is a very easy going character, meaning it’s very hard to reach a rivalry with him. His easy nature also means you cannot lose him from your party. Varric will be there with you until the bitter end.

Key Points

  • Varric becomes a steadfast friend who, unless you are completely evil throughout your game-play, will be very hard to annoy.
  • Unlike other companions, there is no chance of losing Varric from your party.
  • Varric enjoys a joke, so throw some humour into your conversations with him and you are sure to have a high friendship rating in no time.
  • Can be found in his room in the Hanged Man.
  • You cannot romance with Varric.


Family Matter

Activation – After returning form the Deep Roads, (and completing “An Update”), go to the Hanged Man and speak to Varric. He will inform you that he has heard a rumour about Bartrand that he wants to look into.
Execution – You must head to Bartrand’s Estate in Hightown. When you enter Varric will be spinning a yarn about the epic battle he fought alone. When he is done you can get on with exploring the house.
Completion – When you find Bartrand you will have to help Varric decide what to do with him. If you call on Anders to help you when the dialogue option appears, you can bring Bertrand back to his sense for a short amount of time. Either way, Varric must choose whether to spare Bartrand or not. When you leave the house you will talk briefly with Varric and end the quest.


Activation – Complete “A Small Problem” then speak to Varric at the Hanged Man.
Execution – Ensure Varric is in your party and go back to Bartrand’s Estate in Hightown. Roam around the ground floor until you find a room that initiates a cut scene. This will allow you access to the rest of the house, so snoop around to find a bedroom. Once you do, you will find yourself in fight. Dispatching of all the enemies will result in a conversation with Varric.
Completion – You must advise him on the fate of the shard. If you tell Varric to keep the shard he will gain three rune slots on his weapon. Another option is to take the shard yourself, back to your Estate, and have Sandal turn it into a Primeval Lyrium Rune. This rune can be attached to any weapon with a rune slot and will increase attach speed. Finally, you can tell Varric to destroy the shard. This will increase your friendship with him, and Sebastian, if he is in your party.

Signet Ring Gift

You can buy the ring from Lirene’s Ferelden Imports in Lowtown. When you have bought the ring you can go the Hanged Man and give it to Varric for a friendship boost.

Dragon Age 2: AndersAnders

Character Analysis

Anyone who played Dragon Age: Awakening will recognise Anders as the Apostate mage who aided the Grey Warden. During Awakening, the Grey Warden picked up another companion known as Justice. The Warden found Justice in the fade. Unlike other residents, Justice is a good guy, unlike Desire demons and the like, he stands for…..well, Justice. Somewhere between the end of Awakening and the beginning of DA2, Justice and Anders merged and became one. Now Anders uses Justice’s powers to help other but finds it hard to control him at times.

Key Points

  • Being a mage it is easy to annoy Anders if you side with the templars. Siding with mages will obviously give you rise in friendship.
  • Although Anders is recruited as part of the story line, you will need to complete a quest before he will join you.
  • There are two possible points where Anders will leave the party. If you do not handle things well during “Dissent”, Anders will leave your party for good. He will appear again later but not as a playable character. Near the end of the game you can choose to kill Anders if you wish. This obviously removes him from the game completely. If you do not kill him, but send him away instead then one of two situations will play out. If you side with the mages then you can recruit him again near the final battle. If you side with the templars then you will have ti fight Anders before the end.
  • Anders will clash with Fenris, who is strong against mages and is an advocate for their control. He can also clash with Sebastian and Carver.
  • Anders can be found in his clinic in Darktown.
  • It is possible to romance with Anders. Complete his companion quests and flirt whenever possible. Be sure to be kind to him and side with the mages whenever he is in your party. After completing his “Questioning Beliefs” visit, go back to your estate at night for a romantic evening with him. After this you can ask him to move in and complete him remaining companion quests to achieve the full romance with him.



Activation – This quest is not strictly a companion quest but it is necessary to complete it to recruit Anders. Being a story line quest it is compulsory to complete it. To start the quest off you need to talk to Varric at the Hanged Man. He will express the need for maps of the Deep Roads.
Execution – You will need to find where Anders is hiding and your lead is Lirene, who holds a store in Lowtown. Head to her import store and ask about a grey warden. With some cajoling you will be able to find out form her that Anders is in Darktown. Head to his clinic and speak with him. Anders asks you to help him rescue a friend of his from the Chantry and offers to meet you there. When you arrive at the Chantry you can head inside and up the stairs to find his friend, Karl. After a brief cutscene you will find a fight ensues. Clear out the enemies and you will be able to talk to Karl properly. In this conversation you must advise Anders on how best to help his friend. If you are kind to him and sympathetic to his “Justice” situation, it can help you get off to a good start for friendship. The opposite is true for rivalry if you are mean to him.
Completion – After leaving the Chantry, go back to Anders clinic and talk to him about the event of this quest. No matter how you handled the situation, Anders will join you and give you the maps you were after.


Activation – Complete “Blackpowder Courtesy”, then go to Anders’ clinic and speak to him to start the quest.
Execution – Put Anders in your party and head off to the Gallows Dungeon. Make your way through the tunnels until you come across Ser Alrik. After a short conversation, Anders will lose control of Justice and go a little crazy. When the battle is over you will have to deal with the following conversation carefully. The choices you make can affect your relationship with Anders greatly. You can calm him down using the green leaf dialogue option and he will run back to his clinic. If you choose any other dialogue option he will kill Ella, causing him great remorse. If you refuse to help Anders, the quest ends here and will increase your rivalry with him by a fair amount.
Completion – Return to Anders’ clinic to talk to him for the conclusion to this quest. Again, you must be careful with your conversation because your choices can have consequences. Anders may offer to leave your party and you can choose to let him. If you do he will no longer be a playable character, only returning for the final quest of the game. If you are trying for a friendship or romance with Anders then you need to be consoling and considerate when you talk to him. Be less so, and you can increase your rivalry with him.


Activation – Complete the “Check on Anders” quest and speak with him in his clinic.
Execution – You can end this quest before it has even begun. If you refuse to help Anders the quest ends immediately. This will not affect your relationship with Anders. Choosing to help Anders can lead to a rivalry increase with Fenris. Also, if you are trying to have a friendship or romance with Sebastian, it is advisable to leave him at home for this quest. You will need to enter the Chantry for some wrongdoing and Sebastian will not like this one bit. The first stage of the quest requires you to help Anders gather ingredients. You need to start by searching the sewers of Darktown for the disgusting Sela Petrae deposits. When you have gathered those you need to go to the Bone Pit and collect some Drakestone deposits. when you have all that you need you can return to Anders’ clinic where he will ask you to accompany him to the Chantry. He will ask you to keep the grand cleric busy, but refuses to tell you why. You can choose not to help him, in which case the quest will end here. If you do agree to help, do as he asks and talk to the grand cleric. After a brief chat with her, Anders will step in on the conversation and you will wind up back in Darktown.
Completion – Speak with Anders back in his clinic to finish the quest.

Tevinter Chantry Amulet Gift

You can find this gift in the Abandoned Slaver Den during “A Bitter Pill”.When you reach the room with the surviving female elf, you can find this gift in a chest in the same room. Go and visit Anders in his clinic to give it to him.

Dragon Age 2: MerrillMerrill

Character Analysis

You will first encounter Merrill during the “Long Way Home” quest as she is a member of the Dalish Elf clan that you need to take the amulet to that Flemeth gave to you. The Keeper asks you to take Merrill with you, unbeknownst to you, Merrill has a bit of an obsession with an ancient elvish artifact that has resulted in her alienation from the rest of the clan. Merrill is a gentle, albeit naive, character. As with all other mages, who you chose to side with in the mage/templar related quests will affect your relationship with her.

Key Points

  • Merrill has sensitive nature and has been rejected by her clan. Treat her with kindness and be supportive to ensure a friendship.
  • Recruiting Merrill is compulsory because you must complete the “Long Way Home” quest as part of the story.
  • Being a mage, Merrill can clash with both Fenris and Carver.
  • It is possible to lose Merrill from your party during the final quest of the game. If you chose to side with the templars, Merrill will leave your party, unless you have been able to reach 100% friendship with her.
  • Once Merrill becomes an active party member, you will  be able to find her at her home in the Elven Alienage in Lowtown.
  • Romance is possible with Merrill. You need to complete her companion quests and be supportive throughout them. Speak to her kindly and give her the Halla gift to boost your relationship. After a nocturnal visit from Merrill at your estate you can ask her to move in with you.You must complete her final companion quest to achieve a complete romance with Merrill.


Long Way Home

Activation – This quest is part of the story line and will become active before you finish the prologue.
Execution – when you have become a resident of Kirkwall you will be able to leave the city to access new areas. One of these is Sundermount. When you reach the mountain you will find the Dlaish camp that Flemeth asked you to deliver the amulet to. Speak to Keeper Marethari who will speak to you about Merrill. Start working your way up the mountain until you find her. With Merrill accompanying you, you can now gain access to the caverns leading you to your destination further up the mountain. However, when Merrill removes the barrier you will find out that she is a blood mage. If you have Fenris or even Anders in your party, supporting Merrill’s blood magic can offend them both. Continue on until you reach the altar at the top of the mountain.
Completion -When all scenes have played out on top of the mountain, return to the Dalish camp and speak to Marethari to complete the quest.

Mirror Image

Activation – You must complete “Blackpowder Courtesy”, then speak to Merrill at her home in Lowtown.
Execution – Go to Sundermount and speak to Keeper Marethari to begin the “Honouring the Fallen” quest which is linked to Merrill’s companion quest. From here you need to go to the Varterral Hunting Ground shown on the map. Walk through the caverns finding the bodies of three of the hunters that Marethari told you about. You will also encounter one of the hunters still alive, Pol. After chatting with Pol, you must go on to fight the Varterral.
Completion – Defeat the Varterral and return to Keeper Marethari to get the item Merrill wanted at the start of this quest.

A New Path

Activation – Complete “A Talking To” and “On the Loose”, then talk to Merrill at her home in Lowtown.
Execution – Go to Sundermount and locate the Pride’s End cave. Inside the cave you will find a statue which you must interact with to activate a cut scene. Now you will battle the Pride Demon. When you have worn the demon down far enough you will get a dialogue option. Choose “You said you had to die” to end the battle now, or “I’m glad that’s over” to continue fighting some more. When the battle is over return to the Dalish camp for a final confrontation.
Completion – When you reach the Dalish camp you can make a dialogue choice to influence the outcome of this quest. If you take full responsibility for Merrill then the clan will allow you to leave. However, if you return with Merrill to the camp at any point, the clan will attack, forcing you to kill them all. Any other dialogue option will also force the clan to attack you.

Wooden Halla Carving Gift

You can purchase this gift from Ilen’s Craft shop in the Dalish camp on Sundermount during Act II. Take this back to Merrill’s home to give it to her.

Sylvanwood Ring Gift

If you manage to unlock the “Murder of Crows” quest in Act III, you will be able to loot this item form the Thief Leader’s body. You can then return to Merrill’s home to give her her second gift for a friendship boost.

Dragon Age 2: FenrisFenris

Character Analysis

Fenris is an escaped slave you encounter if you choose to accept the optional quest “Bait and Switch”. He is a strong character with strong views. Fenris is a warrior and is very anti-mage. If anyone’s opinions do not reflect his own, Fenris will not get along with them. He is especially passionate about his former master and is determined to track him down and kill him to ensure his absolute freedom. Fenris has some unique looking tattoos, His tattoos are made from Lyrium and give him some unique abilities, including the ability to punch his fist through a person’s body, which you will see for yourself the first time you see him. Fenris’ enslavement has made him a bitter man, meaning you should tread carefully when you talk to him if you are trying to attain a friendship.

Key Points

  • If you do not complete Bait and Switch you will not be able to recruit Fenris. It is an optional quest so make sure you have it done before finishing Act I if you want Fenris to join you.
  • If you do not help Fenris with his companion quests, or drag your feet about completing them once they are active, Fenris will leave your party.
  • During his “Alone” companion quest you can allow Danarius to take Fenris which will result in losing him as a companion.
  • You must reach 100% friendship or rivalry before the final quest or Fenris will leave the party after the fall of the Chantry. If you have a high friendship you can get him back a little later in the quest if your friendship was high enough before he left. If you are a rival, you will have to fight him if you side with the mages.
  • Fenris can be found in Danarius’ Mansion in Hightown, which he claims as his own after recruiting him in Act I.
  • To romance with Fenris you must complete all his companion quests and give him both gifts. Flirt with him when you can and get his friendship high enough to trigger an overnight visit from him at your estate. If all goes well, you can ask him to move in before he leaves. Continuing to support him and get your friendship rating up will allow you to gain a complete romance before the end.


Bait and Switch

Activation – Complete “A Business Discussion” then go to Gamlen’s house to find a letter at the writing desk.
Execution – You must go to Lowtown during the night to meet with a contact, Anso. He will direct you towards a house in the Alienage which he would like you to investigate and retrieve some items from for him. Whne you get to the house you will be attacked. Kill your assailants and search the chest shown on your map. You will find it is empty and agree amongst your party to return to Anso and tell him. Before you get very far you will be attacked again and realise this is a setup. You will now watch a cut scene that introduces Fanris. Here you must agree to help him if you want to recruit him. Meet him in Hightown outside Danarius’ Mansion and go inside. Search the house and you will encounter many shades. Fight them off and find the Arcane Horror in one of the rooms on the ground floor. kill it to get a key to unlock the chambers on the top floor. Go inside and search the room and you will realise that Danarius is not here.
Completion – When you leave the mansion you will find Fenris outside. When you speak to him he will agree to join you from here on out.

A Bitter Pill

Activation – Speak to Fenris at Danarius’ mansion to complete the “Speak to Fenris” quest. With Fenris in your party, travel to any destination outside of the city. You will be ambushed along the way which will trigger the activation of this quest.
Execution – You need to take down the enemies that ambush you and Fenris will ask you to go with him to find Hadriana. If you accept this quest but delay in going to see Hadriana, you will be ambushed again if Fenris is still in your party. If Fenris is not in your party and you take too long to get around to this quest, eventually pop up and confront you, resulting in him leaving the party. Taking too long to find Hadriana will also result in an increased rivalry with Fenris. When moving through the Holding Caves you will encounter an elf slave. She will tell you that she is completely lost as to what to do now she is a free elf. Here you can gain yourself an elf. You can tell her to go to your house in Hightown and she will work for you. Fenris will object to this but if you agree to pay her, he will be appeased. Make your way through the caves until you find Hadriana. You will find yourself in another battle where you need to take down Hadriana and her cronies. When she is dead you can watch the cut scene and Fenris will leave.
Completion – Initially you may think that you have lost him for good because you cannot put him in your party. This is not the case, return to your estate and Fenris will meet you there. After a brief conversation with him , he will leave  and will become an active party member again.


Activation – If you complete “A Bitter Pill” in Act II, you can speak to Fenris at his mansion to activate this quest.
Execution – For this quest you will finally confront Danarius. When you do, you will be given the option of letting Danarius take Fenris. If you do this you will lose Fenris for good. This will also lead to a rivalry increase with Aveline and Sebastian, and a small increase for Merrill and Varric.  If you do not want to lose Fenris then you will have to fight. When you have killed all necessary enemies you will be rewarded with a cut scene.
Completion – Here you can make a choice, you can let Fenris kill his sister or you can talk him into sparing her. This won’t make much difference and is really a choice of your preference.

The Book Of Shartan Gift

You can find this book in the Alienage in Lowtown at night only. The item will appear under the name of A Slave’s Life. Take it to Fenris at Danrius’s mansion to give it to him.

Blade of Mercy Gift

You will find this item during the “Best Served Cold” quest in the Secret Meeting Place. Take this to Fenris for a friendship boost.

Dragon Age 2: IsabelaIsabela

Character Analysis

Those who played Dragon Age Origins may remember Isabela from her cameo appearance in a bar in Denerim. She is a pirate of sorts and has looser morals than most of your other characters. She is all about profit and will agree with any choices you make that will net you some money. Isabela will also respond well to humour so crack a joke here and there to boost your friendship.

Key Points

  • Recruiting Isabela is optional. You will need to complete the “Fools Rush In” quest for her to become an active party member. If you do not complete this quest you will not be able to recruit her, even then she is important for parts of the story.
  • Isabela can leave your party at several points throughout the game. You need to have 50% friendship or rivalry, and complete her “Questioning Beliefs” social quest, before you start “Following the Qun” or you will lose her for good.
  • After you have completed the “Following the Qun” quest, Isabela will visit you at your Estate. She will ask for your help and refusal can also lead to her leaving permanently.
  • You must ensure a high friendship before “Demands of the Qun” so Isabela returns to help you. If you do not, she will run and never come back.
  • If Isabela does leave your game, you will not be able to get the Ambrosia ingredient.
  • You can find Isabela in the Hanged Man when she is not in your party.
  • You can romance with Isabela, even though she seems rather against more than just a physical relationship. Although you can sleep with her no matter whether she is is a friend or a rival, she will only enter into a relationship with you if you have a high friendship. As with all other companions, you must flirt with her, give her her gifts, and flirt with her where possible. to complete the romance with Isabela you need to make sure she returns after her brief disappearance.


Fools Rush In

Activation – The quest will become available when you have completed the “Tranquility” quest. Go to the Hanged Man and you will find Isabela for the first time. Talk to her to begin the quest.
Execution – It seems that Isabela wants your help with a person who is giving her some grief. Go to Hightown to meet her and you will be ambushed. When you have killed all the enemies loot Hayder’s body to find a letter. This will lead you to the Chantry and another battle.
Completion – When you have killed everyone you will talk to Isabela and she will join your party.

To Catch a Thief

Activation – Although this is not a companion quest, it is still relevant to Isabela. You need to complete “Following the Qun”. Go back to your Estate and Isabela will turn up to ask for your help.
Execution – You will need to go to Lowtown at night to start helping Isabela. Here you will encounter some enemies and need to fight your way to a foundry in the Foundry District. Inside the Foundry Isabela will run off leaving you a member short in your party. From here on Isabela will not be available to you for at least the duration of Act II. If your friendship is high enough she will return in the closing quest for this Act. If not she is gone for good.  You will also find more enemies inside and have to fight your way through them.
Completion – The quest ends when you have killed the last enemy inside the foundry.

No Rest For the Wicked

Activation – You can only access this quest if Isabela returned before the end of Act II. When you have completed “On the Loose” you can speak to Isabela at the Hanged Man for this quest.
Execution – Head to the Blooming Rose and head to the marker on your map. Here you will need to pretend there has been a betrayal. When this scenario has played out you will be one member short. You need to leave the Blooming Rose, but make sure you change your party before leaving to make up for the loss of a member. As you go through Hightown you need to follow Isabela’s trail. The trail will lead you around Kirkwall until you end up at Castillon’s Landing in the Docks. Head through the area until you get into a fight with Velasco. When he is dead you can loot his body for a key. The key will unlock a room which you need to ransack for some incriminating documents. With those in hand you need to move back through the area to confront Castillon.
Completion – As the conversation plays out you will be given the choice of whether to fight Castillon or not. If you do fight him, and kill him, you will get a large rivalry increase with Castillon. The end of this encounter will be the end of the quest.

Ship in a Bottle Gift

You can find this gift in Smuggler’s Cut, in a chest, during the “Blackpowder Courtesy” quest. Take this gift to the Hanged Man and give it to Isabela.

Rivaini Talisman Gift

To find this gift you must go to the Docks at night so you can access the Disused Passage, he talisman is found down there. Return to Isabela when you have found it to give her the gift.

Dragon Age 2: SebastianSebastian

Character Analysis

Sebastian is only available if you have the Exiled Prince DLC. His family are nobility from Starkhaven, making him a prince. As a young man he misbehaved and disgraced the family man so they forced him to join the Chantry. This has caused him to be a righteous man who does not agree with any wrongdoing. You can first encounter Sebastian in Act I by approaching the Chantry board. Unlike the other characters that you recruit, completing his first companion quest does not unlock him as a party member. You must complete his second companion quest before you can add him into your party.

Key Points

  • Sebastian is another optional character that you can recruit. You must complete his first quest “Duty”, to begin the recruitment process.
  • Unlike other companions, if you miss his first companion quest during Act I, you can still do it in Act II.
  • There is only one point that Sebastian might leave your party. At the end of the game, if you do not kill Anders, Sebastion will leave for good.
  • When you have recruited him, you will find Sebastian in the Chantry when he is not in your party.
  • It is possible to romance with Sebastian but he has some strict rules. Although other characters don’t mind what gender you are, Sebastian does. He will only enter into a relationship with a female character.
  • If you are trying to romance with him, you must never flirt with any other companion. If you do you will have blown your chances before you have begun.



Activation – Approach the Chantry board in Hightown and watch a brief cut scene, then look at the board for details about the quest.
Execution – You must find and eradicate groups of Flint Company Mercenaries. You can find these at the Docks at night, on Sundermount, and at the Wounded Coast.
Completion – When you have killed all three groups you can return to the Chantry and tell Sebastian what you have done.


Activation – From the start of Act II, if you completed “Duty”, you will be able to go and talk to Sebastian for this quest.
Execution – Sebastian wants you to help him investigate his family’s death. Go to the Harimman’s Estate and find your way through the house, encountering some of the family members as you go. When you have gone far enough you will find the mother in a hidden passage beyond the house. Here you will have to fight Lady Harimman and some demons.
Completion – When you have killed all the enemies, you can work your way back through the house and go to the Chantry to talk to Sebastian to complete the quest.


Activation – Travel to the Chantry and talk to Sebastian. He will ask for your help, agree to start the quest.
Execution – You need to go to the Viscount’s Keep via Hightown, at night. Go to the throne room and kill the enemies you encounter there. When that is done, talk to Leliana.
Completion – Speak to the grand cleric to complete the quest.

Starkhaven Longbow Gift

When playing through Sebastian’s “Repentance” quest, you will be able to find his grandfather’s bow. You will find it in the Harimman estate by looting the body of a Flint Company Mercenary in the basement. Return to the Chantry to give this to Sebastian for a relationship boost.