Lego The Hobbit Blacksmith Design Guide


Throughout the game you can collect 32 designs for new items that you can create at the Blacksmith in Bree. There 16 designs scattered throughout the large HUB world and one in each level of the game.

This guide will show you how to find each of these designs, and explain how to collect them. If you need to know where to find a design click on its name below to see more details. Once you have a new design you can head to the Blacksmith and, if you have enough Mithril bricks, you will be able to craft the item.

Mithril Stud Spade
Location: Hobbiton

Beside the river there is a small shed. You will need to infd a crank to open the door. Cross the river using the lily pads, then fish the crank out of the water using the pier. You can then return to the shed and lower the door, so you can collect the design from inside.

Mithril Megapult
Location: Bywater

Look for a large door with three slingshot targets around it. You could go and sit on the seeing chair on top of Amon Hen to find three owls that will reveal the colour that you need to set the targets to, but I can tell you that it is green, blue, then red, from left to right. When the door is open, head inside and break open a stone chest to get the design from inside.

Mithril Mushroom Crown
Location: Bree

Just outside the town there is a cave with lots of Lego hatches. Go through the hatch surrounded by flowers, so you can walk across a plank and collect a key. Drop back down and find a hatch behind some rocks, at the bottom of the ramp. Go through this hatch and you will come out by a chest. use the key to open the chest and collect the design.

Mithril Shadow Blade
Location: Weathertop

Near the ruins of Weathertop there is a cave that is blocked by a padlocked door. Hit the hint stone beside the door and you will get a riddle and an arrow pop up. Follow the arrows if they are yellow and go in the opposite direction if they are purple. Eventually you will end up back near the door, in front of a dig spot. Dig up the key and head into the cave. There are three targets in the water that you must shoot with an arrow. This will place rocks in the water so you can reach the other side. Here you will find three large statues, each wanting 20 gems. If you don’t have enough, there are some rocks that you can mine in this area and there is a trader who will exchange wood and stone for 40 emeralds and 40 sapphires. When you have enough, give each statue its tribute and you will be able to collect the design.

Mithril Skull Cap
Location: Trollshaws

Near the river there is a door with a padlock on it. Get a wizard to destroy the blue rock, which will activate some sliding platforms. Use these to reach a crank that when turned, will destroy the padlock and open the door. When the door is open, head inside as a wizard or by using the glow stick treasure item to light the way. When you reach the bottom, get a wizard to light up the blue ball. Each time you light a ball, another will appear. Keep lighting them until you can collect the design.

Mithril Beanstalk
Location: The Pass Of Caradhras

Downhill from the eagle statue there are some mithril boulders beside a snowman. Get Saruman to destroy the boulders so you can collect the design from behind them.

Mithril Slippers
Location: Elven Forest

Beside the river there is a pier that you can use to fish a crank out of the water. Use this to raise a rock up out of the water. Have Sauron or Dwalin hit the block beside the river, to knock it into the water. An elf can then use this to get close to the mithril chest. Have Saruman destroy the chest to collect the design from inside.

Mithril Rhythm Stick
Location: Rivendell

Down by the river there is a dock with a boat that you can use. You will need to to reach an island with a mithril chest on top. Use Saruman to break open the chest so you can collect the design.

Mithril Dance Boots
Location: Rivendell

Inside another cave in Rivendell, there are many ropes that you can use to reach two levers. Pull both of these, then use the poles on the right to pull another. When all three levers have been pulled, you will be able to collect the design.

Mithril Horse Shoes
Location: Rivendell

Inside a cave there is a hint stone that will give you a riddle. The markings on the floor are the hours of the clock. Hit 12 o clock (XII) and you will be asked to hit four (IV), then six (VI). Next you will need to hit the hint stone behind the tree on the left. On the right there is a rock with four hint stones on it. Hit the one on the top. To the right of the rock there is some long grass. HIt the hint stone hiding in it. Finally, hit the green hint stone (second from the left), to get the design.

Mithril Catchphrase Mallet
Location: The High Pass

Near the campsite there is a chest with a mithril padlock. Get Saruman to destroy this, then hit the chest to open it and get the design from inside.

Mithril Candle Staff
Location:Dol Guldur

Get Bilbo to destroy the wraith bricks blocking the entrance to the cave. Inside the cave you will need to find three keys to get the deisgn. You can destroy the roughly made camp on the left side of the cave, dig one up form the dig spots on the right, and destroy the small chest on the left side of the padlocks. When all three keys have been use, you will be able to collect the design.

Mithril Construction Hat
Location: Mirkwood

When trying to get this design, I kept following the stud trail and ending up at Beorn’s house confronted by a wall I couldn’t remove. To get around this I went to Radagast’s house and went in the opposite direction of the stud trail. Eventually it caught up with me and I was able to follow it to a goblin wall. Climb this and plant the seed at the top. This will grow a flower that you can use to jump onto a trail of mushrooms. Jump from mushroom to mushroom until you reach the top. Follow the studs again and you will enter a cave. Inside the cave, get Saruman to remove some mithril bricks so Sauron or Dwalin can slide the large rock along, until it reaches the end. You can now jump up and light a fire to melt some ice. When it has melted, hit the box to get the design from inside.

Mithril Bandit Gloves
Location: Lake-town

Inside one of the houses you will need to pull the gold hook on the right, then turn the crank on the left, then stand on a switch on the right. This will raise a flap revealing a target that you must shoot with an arrow, which in turn will reveal a target for a slingshot. Two more targets will be available to you. Hit the one on the left until it is red and the one on the right until it is blue. Finally a chest will drop down that you can get a key from, to open the chest with the design in.

Mithril Falcon
Location: Dale

Just before you enter Dale there is a building on the right with a Dwarf stack spot. Use this to reach a ledge above, then jump to the left to pull a lever. Climb back up the stack and use the new ledges your just pulled out. You can then use gold hooks to reach the other side of the building, then climb up onto its roof. Finally, destroy the box in the middle of the roof to reveal the design.

Mithril Snowapult
Location: Dale

On the rooftops there are eight red flags. You need to destroy all eight before time runs out. After destroying each flag, the timer will reset to fifteen seconds. An archer can help to make this a little easier, but you will still need to move along the rooftops to reach the flags. You must also hit each flag three times to destroy it. Start with the flag at the top of the goblin wal, then work your way along the roofs, ropes, and planks to take out the others.

Mithril Mirror Armour
Location: Greatest Kingdom In Middle Earth

In the mines, on the back wall, there are some arrow holes. Shoot arrows into them, then use these to reach the ledge above and the blacksmith design.

Mithril Tornado Axe
Location: An Unexpected Party

In the corridor of Bag End, destroy the mithril padlock so you can go out into Bilbo’s garden. Here you will find a well on the left hand side. Near the well there is a red panel that Bombur can lie on. Feed him the food he requires so you can jump on him to reach a grab bar above. This will pull down the blacksmith design so you can collect it.

Mithril Warhammer
Location: Azog The Defiler

When fighting Azog at the end of the level, go to the very back and there is a small cave. Head inside to pick up the design.

Mithril Fishing Pole
Location: Roast Mutton

Near the start of the level, when the owl has landed near the target, look to the left to see a dark crate. Have an evil character destroy it to reveal the design.

Mithril Skeleton Crank
Location: The Troll Hoard

At the entrance to the dark part of the cave there is a dig spot. Use this to dig up a chest that will give you the design.

Mithril Flail
Location: Over Hill And Under Hill

Right at the start of the level, put an arrow in the hole in the wall, then use this to reach the design.

Mithril Claws
Location: Goblin Town

As soon as you enter the tunnels, head to the left to find a target for Ori. Have him hit it three times and the design will fall out.

Mithril Music Kit
Location: Out Of The Frying Pan

When you first start the Climb The Trees! section of this level, look for a dig spot near the base of an old tree on the left. You can use this to dig up a key. Along the back wall, on the right, there is a cracked wall. Use this to reveal a place for you to use the key and collect the design.

Mithril Multi Bow
Location: Queer Lodgings

Between the trees on the left hand side of Beorn’s house there is a sick squirrel. Have Radagast heal the squirrel and it will throw the design down from a tree.

Mithril Bomb Blade
Location: Flies And Spiders

When you kill the spider that is guarding Bombur, destroy the cracked wall behind him to find the design behind it.

Mithril Pickaxe
Location: Barrels Out Of Bond

Right at the start of the level break the planks on the large barrel on the left. Behind these is a mithril brick. Break this and the design will fall out.

Mithril Booty Blade
Location: A Warm Welcome

When you reach the upper level of the armoury there is a rope on the right that only an elf can reach. Use this to climb up to the rafters. On the front of the rafter there is a grab rail. Use this to move to the middle of the rafter, then jump up onto it. From here you can jump forward to collect the design.

Mithril Giddy-up Staff
Location: Looking For Proof

As soon as you enter the tombs, head down the first set of stairs and climb the goblin wall in front of you. The design is at the top.

Mithril Wraith Armour
Location: The Necromancer

As soon as you start the level, head along the bridge in the opposite direction to the gate you would normally pass through. At the other end of the bridge you will see a tree with three arrow holes in it. Use these to reach the blacksmith design.

Mithril Hammer Hands
Location: On The Doorstep

Right above the tree you are trying to clear there are some arrow holes. Use these to reach the design.

Mithril Firework Bow
Location: Inside Information

Right in front of you as you start the Revenge! section of this level you will see a small table with design envelopes on it. Destroy the table, then put on Bilbo’s ring to collect the wraith design.


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