Lego Jurassic World Worker In Peril Guide


Many of the Lego games now have characters in peril that you must rescue. The same is true for this game, and finding a worker in peril will usually allow you to purchase the character so you can play as them. This guide lists all 20 workers in peril, showing which map point to find them in, and how to rescue them.

Raptor Territory
Down by the shipping containers a worker is being attacked by a Raptor. Use the photo spot next to them to get rid of the Raptor.
Raptor Territory
Use a crowbar on the door to the tower of the Raptor enclosure.
Visitor Centre
Round the back of the building there is a worker trapped by a roll down door. Use the stun rod to charge the nearby panel and open the door.
Visitor Centre
Around the side of the building there is a set of scaffolding. Use the Raptor bar on the side of it to get up onto the scaffold, then climb the wall to reach the roof. From here move to the left where you will see a crane. Cut the rope to release the worker being dangled by her feet below.
Tour Route Exit
Half way between the Tour Route Exit and the Carnivore Territory there is a guy stook on his over-turned vehicle, surrounded by Compies. Use the T.rex urine to clear them away.
Herbivore Territory
Inside the enclosure there is a worker hung upside down. Use the Raptor claw or Owen’s knife to cut through the rope on the tree and release the worker.
Tyrannosaurus Enclosure
Outside the T.rex enclosure there is a public toilet. Use the crowbar to open the door and free Donald.
East Dock Route
At the bottom of the waterfall Dennis is still stuck in his jeep. Use a crowbar on the door to free him.
Tyrannosaurus Territory
You can find Jaunito stuck in a large pile of amber. Use the dinosaur summoning pad to bring in the T.rex, or a dinosaur that can roar, then use the roar to break the amber and free him.
Hunting Plains
In a little corner there is a worker stood on his car, surrounded by Compies. Use the T.rex urine to scare the Compies away and rescue the guy.
Hunter Camp
Between the hunting plains and the hunter camp there are some vines that you can cut away. Behind them a worker is surrounded by Compies. Get Eric to scare them away with the T.rex urine.
Long Grass
You can see a worker trapped under an over-turned vehicle. Just pull him free.
Crash Site
Cut through some vines to uncover a rope. Cut the rope and the worker will drop down.
Spinosaurus Territory
Use the dinosaur summoning pad to call in a large dinosaur, such as a T.rex. Get rex to pull the large dinosaur handle to free the worker.
Ankylosaurus Territory
You can find this worker stuck by a fallen tree. Pull him out to save him.
Main Street
You will find a worker stuck under the shutter for the cupcake shop, which sits between the theatre and arcade. Get a Raptor to pull the switch in the shop next door, then release it to raise the shutter.
Indominus Territory
Just before entering the territory you can see a guy hanging form a tree. Cut him down to help out a worker in peril.
Indominus Territory
Between the Indominus Territory and the Aviary there is a worker stuck in a shipping container. Use bolt cutters to get the door open.
Isla Nublar Aviary
Get a Pteranodon to fly down to the helicopter crash site and pull the lever. Release the lever again to free Mr Masrani.
Safari Plains
Use the dinosaur summoning pad to bring in the T.rex (or similar) and roar at the amber rock beside the worker trapped in his car. This will scare of the Gallimimus so the guy can get out.

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