Lego Jurassic World Sick Dinosaur Guide


In the four HUBs there are ten sick dinosaurs that you can help to heal. Healing dinosaurs will unlock a gold brick, and healing all of them will get you an achievement. Before you can heal some dinosaurs you may need to search a pile of droppings first. When you have done this you will see three items circling the dinosaurs head. You must find all three items and feed them to the dinosaur to heal them.

There are two glitched dinosaurs that I know of, one of which made it impossible for me to complete the game 100%. The first dinosaur that glitched for me was supposed to be on the Hunting Plains in the Jurassic Park II HUB. You are supposed to heal this dinosaur so you can progress through the story mode. I didn’t heal this dinosaur while playing through the story, thinking I would come back to it later when free play was unlocked, but this didn’t happen. When I went to heal the dinosaur it wasn’t there and nothing I did would make it appear. I had to start again and make sure I healed it during story mode.

The second dinosaur that went missing was a sick Gallimimus in the Safari Plains of the Jurassic World HUB. Initially this dinosaur wouldn’t appear for me either and nothing I tried seemed to work. I travelled away and came back during the day and night, and even closed the game completely and reloaded, but nothing worked. Eventually I started collecting gold bricks and had to destroy a few Compsognathus in the area that the sick dinosaur was supposed to appear. When I had collected the gold brick for getting rid of five Compsognathus, I travelled out of the area and then back again, and the sick dinosaur appeared.

The list below shows where to find each of the sick dinosaurs and how to find all three items needed to heal them.

Dilophosaurus Territory
As you enter the enclosure you will see the Dilophosaurus beside the dinosaur summoning pad.

Beside the Dilophosaurus there is a small pile of bones. Hit these to break one free for you to pick up.
By the enclosure fence there is a barbecue that you can destroy to get the sausage.
Nearby there is a crate with an orange crack in it. To the left of this crate there is a tracking item that will lead you to the drumstick.

Triceratops Territory
Right at the back of the enclosure there is a sick Triceratops.

Remove the vines to the left of the Triceratops to find an apple.
To the right of the hut with a Triceratops in there are more vines concealing a leaf.
Find more vines to the left of the dinosaur summoning pad which hide a cherry.

Gallimimus Territory
Next to the dinosaur summoning pad their is a sick Gallimimus for you to help.

Search the large pile of droppings next to the Gallimimus to get a tracking item that will lead you to the carrot.
Near to the sick dinosaur there is a pad that you can use to give one of the characters a boost to the ledge above, where you will find a banana.
You can find the apple by getting a Dilophosaurus to remove the black bricks blocking the end of one of the fallen trees.

Hunting Plains
You must complete this sick dinosaur during story mode. If you wait until you have unlocked free play, the chances are it wont be there.

Search the nearby pile of droppings to get a tracking iten that will lead you to the banana.
Use the crowbar on a large rock in the cliff face, then walk into the cave with a character that can light it up. You will find an ice cream at the back of the cave.
Destroy a large object nearby and build a catapult that you can use to boost a character onto the ledge above. Destroy a patch of mushrooms to get one for the Triceratops.

Long Grass
Behind the dinosaur summoning pad there is a sick Velociraptor. Locate three different meats to heal them.

Use a dig spot to get a tracking item, which will lead you to a chicken leg.
Water a plant nearby to find the sausage.
Destroy the orange barrier and rebuild it into a crate, which will give you a steak.

Ankylosaurus Territory
You will find this little guy in the back of the territory.

Use the grappling hook on the tree to the right of the Ankylosaurus to reveal a mushroom.
Knock over a tree near the Ankylosaurus to get up onto another ledge. Here you can use the Raptor scent trail to find a banana.
Use a small character hatch at the base of a tree. At the top, move the camera angle until you can see another ledge like the one you are stood on. You can then use the parachute to glide over and collect the leaf.

East Boardwalk
One fo the Triceratops needs there lunch and the keeper has a bad back.

Solve the complex equation on the left side of the paddock for a croissant.
Use a berry tracking item to lead you to a plant that will give you an apple when watered.
Repair the blue watering can thing at the back for the carrot.

Gyrosphere Valley
There is a Gallimimus on the dinosaur summoning pad that you will need to heal if you want to summon a dinosaur.

Use the gyrosphere launch pad nearby to get the banana.
Search the nearby pile of droppings for the carrot.
Shoot the target on the tree to get the apple.

Shady Grove
Shortly before reaching the Indominus Territory there is a sick Pachycephalosaurus for you to treat.

Search the small pile of droppings nearby for the leaf.
Get a Dilophosaurus to break open the black rock for the mushroom.
Look up and shoot a target to get the banana.

Safari Plains
Across the bridge, at the back of the plains there is a Gallimimus that needs your help. ** This dinosaur did not appear for me straight away. I had to destroy the black rock nearby to allow some COmpies to enter the area. I then destroyed enough of them to get the gold brick and travelled out of the area. When I came back the dinosaur was ready for me to heal.

Shoot the three electrical targets to get an ice cream.
Use the grappling hook on the pile of rocks to get a cherry.
Water a plant nearby to get a leaf.


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