Lego Jurassic World Race Guide


The races in this game can be completed using dinosaurs, cars, or by riding on animals. There are 20 of them throughout the 4 HUB worlds and they are all easy to beat with the right approach.

This guide lists where in the HUBs to find the races, and offers any tips you might need to complete them. Finishing all races with net you an achievement.

Isla Nublar Helipad
Between the helipad and the monorail there is a small dock that you can reach by jumping on some poles. Use a crowbar on the crate and build the Lego bricks into a control panel for a small boat. You can then use the boat to complete a race.
Raptor Territory
Among the shipping containers there is a race that you will need a Velociraptor to complete. There are two hoops that you will need to jump up onto grab rails to reach but other than these it is a straight forward race.
Jurassic Park Gate
Just after passing through the gate you will see the start of the race. Use the nearby vehicle summoning pad to get a vehicle and start the race. It’s an easy race but it will take you the full length of the tour track to complete it.
Triceratops Territory
Get Hammond to use the code panel near the river to raise a bridge. You can then find a race on the other side, which must be run by a dinosaur. You can run this race with a Raptor, but a Gallimimus would be faster.
Carnivore Territory
Inside the enclosure is a dinosaur race that you need to complete. I would advise using a Pachycephalosaurus for this race and holding down X while you run to use their charge. This will get you round quicker and you can complete the race before time runs out.
Gallimimus Territory
Inside the paddock there is a dinosaur race for you to complete. I used a Gallimimus for this race but just about any one should do it as you have enough time to complete it.
Mobile Lab Site
At the top of the hill there is a race that you can complete using either a dinosaur or a vehicle. Because it is all downhill I used the Gyrosphere to complete the race, which ends at the bottom of the hill.
Hunting Plains
Down in the plains there is a race in the open for you to complete. I used the Gyrosphere because its easy to get round the tight corners in this race.
Communications Centre
On the roof of the communications Centre there is a grap bar for a Velociraptor. When the Raptor is on the roof you can start the race. The only tricky part to his race is using the trampoline to get onto the other roof. Get past this and you’re golden.
Ankylosaurus Territory
Heading from the Ankylosaurus Territory to the Aviary there is a race. I used a Pachycephalosaurus and held X to charge through the whole thing.
Isla Sorna Aviary
Head down into the Aviary and summon a Pterosaur. Just above the dinosaur summoning pad there is the starting point for a race. Land on the platform and go through the ring to start it off.
East Boardwalk
This race starts in the Petting Zoo and is quite long, but you have plenty of time to complete it in.
West Boardwalk
This race starts in the West Boardwalk and ends in Gyrosphere Valley. It’s not short but it’s pretty simple. There is a dinosaur summoning pad and a vehicle summoning pad near the Innovation Centre that you can use for this race, but I would advise using the Gyrosphere or a dinosaur for this as you will need to jump up some stairs at the end of the race.
West Boardwalk
There is a race inside the T.rex paddock for you to complete. To get down there use the access panel to activate a lift. When you get down into the paddock, hit the electrical target to bring T.rex into the paddock, then switch control to the dinosaur and clear the amber bricks from the dinosaur summoning pad. You can then summon a dinosaur for the race. (Or you can use the character selection screen to change to a dinosaur that you have unlocked.
Mosasaurus Arena
Use the lift to get down to the viewing platform for the Mosasaurus, then use the dinosaur summoning pad to take control of the Mosasaur. (You will need to unlock it by finding the Amber brick). You can then find the race and start it off by swimming through the first ring.
Gyrosphere Valley
Summon a vehicle before entering the valley (a gyrosphere works well), and complete a lap of the valley to get the brick.
Shady Grove
This race is probably the longest in the game and will take you all the way back to the boardwalk. I used the gyrosphere and had no trouble completing it with this vehicle.
Indominus Territory
There is a race inside the Indominus paddock that you must complete. I freed the cow near the dinosaur summoning pad and rode this round the course. Amusing and effective.
Isla Nublar Aviary
Head into the Aviary and use the dinosaur summoning pad to bring in a flying dinosaur, such as the Pteranodon. You can then fly through the first hoop to start the race.
Safari Plains
Start the race on the plains and jump the fallen trees when needed. I used a Pachycephalosaurus so I could charge when I had the space to.

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