Lego Jurassic World Photo Guide


Scattered about the four HUB worlds there are 20 photo spots to find. Taking a picture in each spot will give you a gold brick, and taking all 20 photos will give you an achievement. Some photo spots are ready for you to take the picture as soon as you find it, while others will take some action to uncover the photo spot.

Throughout the HUBs there are map points that you can access, which will place icons on the map for all collectibles, such as photos, workers in peril, gold bricks, and so on. The list below shows which map points you can find the photos in, and lists how to uncover the photo spots where necessary.

Isla Nublar Helipad
Destroy a brown rock in front of the helipad to uncover the photo spot.
Brachiosaurus Plains
Beside the road there is a dig spot that you can use to dig up an apple (You will need to destroy some plants to uncover the dig spot). Get a tracker to use the apple to find some bricks for the photo spot.
Visitor Centre
In front of the Visitor Centre there is a small island in a pond which you can reach by using the grappling hook on the tree in the water to pull it over, and then jumping across to the island. Once you’re there you will see a short dock. Destroy the crates on the dock and use the tracking item to find the bricks for the photo spot.
Jurassic Park Gate
Shortly after walking away from the Visitor Centre, towards the gate, there is a bundle of vines on your left. Cut through them to reveal the bricks for the camera tripod.
Tyrannosaurus Enclosure
Near the toilet that the lawyer trapped in it, there is a dig spot (not the one next to the jeep). Use this to dig up the necessary bricks for the photo spot.
East Dock Route
The tripod is already setup for you at the bottom of the waterfall.
Gallimimus Territory
Next to the level marker for the Gallimimus Escape bonus level marker (half way between the Visitor Centre and the Gallimimus territory), there is a rock that a Dilophosaurus can destroy. Build the remaining pieces into a photo spot.
Mobile Lab Site
The marker for this photo is almost inside another territory. Head away from the site and continue inland until you bounce up onto a ledge. Destroy a rock on your left to get the parts for the tripod, then build it and take your photo.
Isla Sorna Aviary
Behind the stairs that lead down into the aviary you can find a tripod ready to go.
Main Street
You can find the tripod ready for you on the corner of one of the rows of shops.
East Boardwalk
The tripod can be found near the goal in the Petting Zoo.
West Boardwalk
There is a tripod at the bottom of the T.rex paddock. To get down there from the viewing platform, use the access panel to activate a lift.
Mosasaurus Arena
There is a ladder to the left of the entrance to the viewing area. Use this to get up onto the roof and hit the electrical target to move the shark into place. You can then go down and take the photo.
Gyrosphere Valley
Before entering the valley, look for the tripod near the Gyrosphere Valley sign.
Gyrosphere Valley
Shortly after entering the valley you will see a group of Compies. Get rid of them with the T.rex urine and you can then use the tripod.
Shady Grove
There is a tripod waiting in the middle of the road, outside the entrance to the old Visitor Centre.
Indominus Territory
Use the banana tracking item outside the paddock to uncover some bricks that you can build into the tripod.
Indominus Territory
There is a tripod ready for you just inside the paddock, but you will need to clear the Compies from it first by using the T.rex urine.
Isla Nublar Aviary
You will find a tripod waiting for you on the viewing platform, beside the dinosaur summoning pad.
Safari Plains
At the edge of the plains there is a scent trail for a Raptor to sniff out the pieces for the tripod.

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