Dragon Age: Inquisition Checklist


Thedas is a large place with many regions for you to explore and each one has many collectibles that you can find. As you play it is easy to lose track of what you have found and what you are still missing. I have created a checklist that can be used to mark things off as you find them, helping you to keep track of what you still have yet to collect. This will help you to identify which items you are still missing if you want to complete a collection or region.

The spreadsheet I have created has many pages covering all locations within the game and each page contains a few tables for you to mark off your progress. As you work your way through the pages your progress is tracked on the Overall Progress page.

How to use…

There are two types of tables on this spreadsheet. The main table has just two columns; one listing the item and another for you to mark showing that the item has been found or completed. To mark it as complete just ad an X in the right hand column.

The second table type shows the main collections and has four columns. Increase the number in the found column each time you find one of these items and the table will change to show you how many you still have yet to find.


I have saved the spreadsheet in different formats so it will work in most spreadsheet programs and have placed a link to the file below:

DA Inquisition Excel – for Microsoft Office (Excel 2007 or higher)

DA Inquisition Open – for Open Office

DA Inquisition Numbers – for Numbers


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