Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Adam West In Peril Guide


Adam West has managed to get himself into trouble and he needs your help. You will find him in peril in each of the levels and in the hub worlds. The table below gives you the locations of where you can find him and how to save him from danger. Each time you rescue Adam West you will also receive a gold brick. When you have saved Adam 30 times you will also unlock him as a character.

Pursuers In The Sewers
Toward the end of the first half of the level, there is a sewer river running off the edge and into a large pool below. Adam West is on a raft in this water, being circled by a shark. Up above him there is a swamp spot that Grundy can use to get some shark repellant. When you have this, jump onto the top of the spray to release it into the water below, and save Adam West.
Breaking BATS!
When Batman moves from his first position, you will be able to find Adam West to the left of where Batman moves to. To the left of Adam West there is a gold block. Destroy this and rebuild the pieces into a pad for a lantern character. A lantern character can then use this to build a slide for Adam West to use.
Space Suits You, Sir!
While you are on the outside of the Watchtower, look for a gold satellite in the distance. Destroy it with a laser to rescue Adam West.
Space Station Infestation
When facing the Joker near the end of the level, you will see a grate that Plastic Man can use to get behind the force field. Up here you will then see two Lego boxes. Destroy them and build the pieces into a pad for a lantern, which when used will suck Adam West out of his hole.
The Big Grapple
When you get out of the bubble that Green Lantern has put around you, go to the left side of the room and put out some flames so Adam West can drop down without getting burnt.
The Lantern Menace
When you start the level there are some Lego items behind you. Destroy them then use the dig spot to get some bricks. Build these into a paddle that you can turn to raise a tank of goo. Destroy the gold item on the front of the tank to let Adam West out.
Europe Against It
In London, when the goo has been spilled into the river, use the techno panel on the left. This will give you access to a screen showing boats on the river. Click on the three smaller boats to line them up so Adam can use them to get to safety.
Big Trouble In Little Gotham
In the botanical gardens there is a silver statue on the right hand side. Destroy this and build the pieces into a lantern pad. Have a lantern use to the build the platform that Adam can jump on to get out of the water.
Power Of Love
Right at the start of the level, charge up Robin’s illumination suit and head into the cave to find Adam West.
A Blue Hope
When you land on the planet go to the right and stand where you destroyed a silver rock to drop down on a monster’s head. On top of the cliff behind you there is a rock that Braniac can use his shrink ray on. Target the rock, which will cause another to roll down to the level below. Go down and rebuild the pieces into some stairs.
Jailhouse Nok
When you start the level head through the vines on the right and you will see a dig spot. Dig up some bricks and build them into a small plane that will rescue Adam West.
All The Rage
When you come to the second portal blocking your path, fly to the right where you will see a new area that you couldn’t reach before. Here there is a laser guarding Adam West. Land and become invisible so you can pull the switch and free Adam.
Need For Greed
In the second half of the level go over to the right and you will hear Adam West. Fly up and you will find him trapped behind some teeth. There is a small gap to the right of him that you can fly through to reach a lantern pad. Use this free Adam from his enamel prison.
Aw-Qward Situation
In the first part of the level you will need to remove something blocking your path by using a strong character. When you get past this blockage you will see red laser bars on your left. Jump up to the bars and use mind control to get one of the minions inside to turn off the bars.
Breaking The Ice
Locate Bat Mite, then stand on the block of ice to the left of him. Destroy all the Lego objects here then rebuild them into a device that will beam Adam West down.
Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!
When fighting in the diner you must wait until Joker has burst onto the scene. You can then use a laser on the roller on the front of his vehicle and Adam West will pop out.
In the main room head to the right where you will see all your different suits. Adam West is stuck in one of the display cabinets. Use the sonar suit to free him.
Go to the retro Batman set and destroy the Lego objects in front of the fireplace. Build the remaining pieces into a hook that you can use to free Adam West.
Hall Of Justice
On the first floor, on the far left side, destroy the silver statue to free Adam West from inside.
Hall Of Justice
Look for the electrical panel on the top floor and remove the charge to free Adam West.
Hall Of Doom
To the right of the entrance to the building Adam West is being attacked by crocodiles. Kill 10 of them to save him.
Hall Of Doom
Inside the building there are some bricks on the right hand side. Build these into a techno panel which will give you access to the monitor beside it. Click on the green, blue, then orange circles to free Adam.
The Watchtower (Containment Cells)
Pull the charge from the electrical panel to stop Adam from tumbling through the air, so he can jump down.
The Watchtower (Laboratory)
Adam is stuck behind a wall of flames. Put them out so he can leave.
Adam is stuck in a nest, up in one of the trees. Pull the orange hook to bring him down.
Adam is bouncing along at the top of a lava geyser. Nearby there is a silver rock that is sitting on top of another geyser. Destroy the rock to redirect the flow of lava.
Adam is tuck behind some glass beams. Use the sonar suit to destroy them so he can go free.
Adam is stuck under a silver object on a roof. Destroy the object so he can escape.
Adam is stuck inside an object, but there is an electrical panel nearby. Charge this and jump onto the ledge that comes out so you can pull the switch to free Adam West.
Adam is stuck at the top of a tall building. There is a small tunnel nearby that the Atom can squeeze into (or turn on the minikit extra if you have the red brick). At the end of the tunnel there is a switch that you can stand on to turn off the lasers and free Adam West.

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