Lego Marvel Superheroes Vehicle Guide


There are many vehicles that you can unlock, to help you around the city. Just as you do with characters, many of the vehicles will require you to find a token to unlock it, before you can buy it, and all vehicles that must be bought will cost 150,000 studs.

The tables below list the three different types of vehicle, and the vehicles are listed in the order they appear in the vehicle selection screens.

Ground Vehicles

S.H.I.E.L.D Staff Car
Location: Financial District
On top of a building there is a switch, guarded by a motion sensor. Use an invisible character to go in and pull the switch. This will open a blue box a short distance away, with the token inside.
S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x4
Location: Upper West Side
On a pile of rubble, there is some scaffolding, with a cracked brick on top. Break through the brick, then use the dig spot to dig up the token.
Location: Raft Ferryport
On top of a building, there is a black box that has the token inside. On the other side of the building, there is a shield switch. Drop down on the ground and trigger the shield switch to open the box.
Deadpool’s Scooter
Brooklyn Bridge
Speak to Deadpool and he will challenge you to a race. Jump in the taxi behind you, or go get your favourite vehicle, then beat him in the race.
Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle
Location: Lower East Side
After completing two races against Ghost Rider, find him here for a third challenge.
Location: Automatically Unlocked
School Bus
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Small Car
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Fire Engine
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Police Car
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Police Motorcycle
Location: Yorkville
Under the railway, you will be able to see the token. Up on the right there are several cracked bricks on the floor. Destroy each one and one of them will have a grate under it. Slide through and collect the token.
Police Truck
Location: Horizon Labs
Underneath a bridge, there are many blue and white, zig-zag walls. At the top of one, there is a the token for this vehicle. Jump, or fly, up to collect it.
Raft Truck
Location: The Raft
On one of the corners of the island, there is a dig spot. You can use this to dig up the token
Raid Truck
Location: Raft Ferryport
Just outside the ferrypot, in a small yard, there is a cracked floor. Use Thor to break the floor and a timer will start. This is a countdown to a game of whack-a-mole. You have to hit fifteen moles before time runs out, to get the token to appear. To make this really easy, stand in one spot and use a laser. It’s much quicker than chasing them down and manually hitting them.
Punisher’s Car
Location: Upper East Side
Speak to punisher and he will ask you to destroy three vehicles. Ram each one until it explodes, and the vehicle will unlock when you have destroyed the last one.
Punisher’s Truck
Location: East Harlem
Speak to Punisher, who will ask you to use his truck to destroy a vehicle. Jump into his van and chase the other truck down. You then need to ram it a few times, and when it’s destroyed, the vehicle will unlock.
Hydra Tank
Location: Empire State Building
On the ground, there is a shop with it’s shutter down. Above the shop there is a blue line. Follow that line up the building and use Magnetic Powers on the switch. When the shutter is open, head inside the shop and charge both lightening switches to reveal the token.
Mandarin’s Buggy
Location: Industrial District
There is a blue box on top of a small shed. Use mind control on the guy inside the shed, then have him pull the switch to open the box, so you can get the token from inside.
Pizza Van
Location: Little Italy
There is a store with a token inside. Above the door, there are three red lights. Each light is activated by a claw switch. You must find all three switches and use them to turn the lights green. On the side of the building there is a ladder. Climb up and use the walkways and ladders until you find the first switch, on the left side of the building. Keep heading up and pull the red hook you come to, to reveal the next switch. Now head up to the roof and melt the ice surrounding the last switch. When you have pulled them all, you can go back down and inside the building, to collect the token.
Pizza Bike
Location: Financial District
In a tunnel, speak to Blade. He wants to race you. Grab a vehicle and beat him to unlock his vehicle.
News Van
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Golf Cart
Location: Liberty Island
Use Magnetic Powers to remove the bar from the golf cart, then it’s yours.
Garbage Truck
Location: Scrapyard
Speak to Rocket Racoon and he will ask you to help him find something. Follow the ghost studs, then find the chain link fence at the end. In this enclosure there is a big bin. Destroy it to collect the knife, then take it back to get the token.
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Wolverine’s Motorcycle
Location: Industrial District
Speak to Toad and you will see some lily pads in the water. One will have a race hoop on it. When you jump through each hoop, you will have a few seconds to go through the next one. (I used a flying character and jumped in and out of the water, ignoring the lily pads) When you have jumped through the last one, you will unlock this vehicle.
Location: Sanctum Sanatorium
On top of the building there is a silver statue of Spiderman. Destroy it to get the token from inside.
Location: Upper East Side
On top of a building you can see the token inside a greenhouse. In front of the building, head down some stairs and destroy the plant blocking the lightening switch. Charge it to open the greenhouse door, then head on up there to collect the token.
Location: X-Mansion
Find Professor X in the garden and have a chat with him. He will ask you to demonstrate your super skills to his class. All you need to do is cut an “X” out of the gold panel beside him.
Flower Car
Location: Central Park
Speak to Groot and you will begin a game of Whack-A-Mole. You have 25 seconds to hit 7 moles. Use any character with a ranged weapon to do this.
Location: Helicarrier Deck
There is a woman on top of a high structure, and she wants you to help her test a go-kart track. You must beat her in a race and this can be very tough because she gets a bit of a head start, and if she beats you, the track disappears and you will fall. Try to get a good start and if possible, ram her off the track. When you beat her, the vehicle will unlock.
The Britmobile
Location: Financial District
Speak to Captain Britain, who has lost his car. Head all the way to the other end of the city, then drive the car back and park on the white circle.
Stark’s Motorcycle
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Stark’s Sportscar
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Hot Rod
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Avenging Cycle
Location: Automatically Unlocked
Captain America’s Bike
Location: Dockyard
Speak to a guy who wants a taxi. Grab a vehicle and drive onto the white circle. Drive him to his destination, and park on the other white circle, to unlock the vehicle.
The Cloud Rider
Location: Automatically Unlocked



Flying Vehicles


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