Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin Achievement Guide


The newest of the Dragon Age 2 DLC’s has arrived and it brings with it some new characters and areas, as well as some new achievements. It will set you back 800 Microsoft Points and has five achievements for a total of 120G. Two of them will be gained through playing the main quest and completing the DLC itself, the other three are missable. Don’t worry though, the guide below will help you to get them all. This DLC will take around 2-3 hours to complete, especially if you want all the achievements and are considering completing any of the side quests. These side quests are not listed here at this time, unless they are linked to an achievement.

A New Day Achievement IconA New Day – 15G

Meet Tallis in Hightown.
When you start the DLC from Hawke’s mansion in Hightown, you will begin in Hightown Market. You will need to watch through some cut scenes and have a small fight, then the achievement will pop up.

Chasing The Game Achievement IconChasing the Game – 30G

Lure and kill an Alpha Wyvern near Chateau Haine.
Upon your arrival in Orlais, you will find yourself competing in a hunt for a Wyvern. There are two parts to the Hunting Grounds and in each there are items you can find to bait a trap for a Wyvern. Finding any one of these would be enough to get a Wyvern, but to lure in an Alpha Wyvern, you will need to find all five of these items and bait the trap with them all. The list below will show you where to find each of the bait items. When you have them all, head to the marker on the map to lay the trap for the Wyvern. When Tallis asks you what you would like to use as bait, be sure to tell her to use it all.

West Hunting Ground

  • Dragonling – When you first enter the area, turn right and head up the hill. You will encounter two dragons and a handful of Dragonlings. When you have brought them down, you can choose one of the Dragonlings as your first piece of bait.
  • Blood – Following on from the Dragonling, head down the left hand path, (look at the mini map if you can’t see it), and you will find a pool of blood a short distance past a small enclosure.
  • Wyvern Mating Call – When you start to head south and begin to come across other hunting groups, look at the map and you will see a path leading north, almost heading back to the point you started at. Go up there and you will watch a cut scene where you can hear mating Wyverns. Tallis will agree to try and mimic the call and you have your third piece of bait.


East Hunting Ground

  • Halla Remains – When you enter the second area, the path will split in two directions. Follow the path that will lead you south until it opens into a large clearing. On the right side of this clearing, under some trees, there is a pile of remains that belong to a Halla. This will acts as your fourth piece of bait.
  • Nug Mating Call – Head back and take the other path that heads east. Again the path will split and, if you follow the one that heads north, you will come across a pile of poo. Yes poo!! This Wyvern dung will show that a Wyvern eats Nugs. The Nug’s call will be your final piece of bait. Now you only need to head north until you reach a fairly large clearing, and lay the bait.
Blackjack Subtle Achievement IconBlackjack Subtle – 15G

Evade vault security in Chataeu Haine.
When you manage to find your way into Chateau Haine, during the charming little garden party, you will come across a guard who tries to stop you. After Tallis kills him, she will ask how you want to go about getting around the Chateau. You must choose to go quietly (“I agree” on the dialog wheel). When you choose this option, all of your other skills will be unavailable while you are in the Chateau. Instead you will have two new skills; you can knock guards out, or distract them by throwing stones.For the most part, this is easy enough. Staying in the shadows will help as any guards in the area will not detect you. Guards will also have a range of red beams in front of them showing you how close you can get (while in the shadows) without them detecting you. If you step into the light, even if you are out of this range, they will see you. If you are detected, this will not prevent you from getting the achievement. You will be taken back to the start of whichever area you are in and you can try again. This means, even if you are not particularly good at playing stealthily, you can just keep trying over and over, and still get the achievement. There are a couple of tricky parts though, but the video below should help you past them.

The Take Achievement IconThe Take – 30G

Disarm the fire traps in Chataeu Haine’s vaults.
This achievement is very missable. When you get caught and find yourself in the jail, you will escape and can choose which way you leave the Chateau. If you go through the crack in the back of one of the cells, you will not be able to come back, which means you will not be able to get the achievement. You need to head back to the Vaults through the exit near where you start this area.Once you are back inside the Vaults, you will need to get through a puzzle using coloured keys. You need to have once character pick up the hite key and open the two white doors. With that done, have another character pick up the black key and open the black door that can be reached through the right hand door. In here you will get a blue key which you should have one of your characters collect. Go back into the last room and have a different character collect the orange key and open the orange door. You can then go into the next room and open the blue door. In this next room you will find a Golem and a yellow key. Kill the Golem and collect the yellow key, then head back to the first room. Place the blue and yellow keys into the mixer to make a green one. (Go back and collect them if for some reason you don’t still have both) You can then use the yellow key to open the door in the first room, and the green key to open a door beyond that. This room will have plenty of loot for you. When you have picked it clean you can move on. As you move forward you will come to a large room with a flaming barrier in the middle. (There are actually three of them) You will need to find a way to lower all three barriers, and these are the fire traps that you need to disarm for this achievement.

There are three tiled areas on the floor, each on a different side of the fire traps. You will see that you can click on the tiles to flip them over, and flipping them over in the right order will uncover a picture. Below I have provided images of the solved puzzles. Just click on the same tiles as the ones that are turned over in the image, and each completed image will turn off one ring of the fire trap.

West Puzzle Solution

West Puzzle Solution

North Puzzle Solution

North Puzzle Solution

East Puzzle Solution

East Puzzle Solution

Mark of The Assassin Achievement IconMark of the Assassin – 30G

Defeat Duke Prosper, with or without Tallis.
You will get this achievement when you complete the final battle of the DLC. It is story related so you won’t be able to miss it. You will need to fight Duke Prosper and his pet Wyvern Leopold. This can be a difficult battle if you are not at a high enough level, but you can make it easier my poisoning Leopold. You can do this when you first enter the Chateau, while sneaking around the guards. After passing the first couple of guards, Tallis will catch up with you. At this point there is a small area you can enter, where you will find the cook. If you tell her she is needed in the garden, she will leave you unattended. You can then add a few ingredients to her mixture and make poor Leopold a little sick.To do this, click on the Navet five times; the old cheese once; and the Lutefisk twice. When you have done this, click on the mixture on the table to put the ingredients in. If you have done this right you will hear the Dragon Age music play and the quest will update. All you need to do now is to click on Leopold’s food to add the mixture to it. With that done, the final battle should be a lot easier and, when you have defeated Duke Prosper, you will get the achievement.


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