Dragon Age 2 Checklist


As with many games these days, DA2 has many collectibles that can easily be missed. Some of these items can really affect your gaming experience by making things difficult later in the game. There also some items which can simply enrich the game for you.

To help others who want to get a perfect game, I have created a checklist. The checklist is broken down into the three chapters of the game, so you can see if you have missed anything before progressing. This is important because items in one chapter are no longer available in another.

I have gone through both the checklist and the spreadsheet so both now include any items needed for the “Exiled Prince” DLC.

This checklist can also be used with the Collectables List on this site. This list contains every collectable in the game, broken down by Act and location. The list can be found here.

You can download the checklist for use with Microsoft Office, if you have it. If you don’t, download the .ods file which can be used with Open Office. This is a free piece of software and will mean anyone can use this checklist.

Download links

Dragon Age Checklist.xlsx for Microsoft Office (Excel 2007 or higher)

Dragon Age Checklist.ods for Open Office



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