Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 Red Brick Guide


As with all Lego games, you can find some red bricks to unlock extras to help you while you play. In the world of Harry Potter, these bricks take the form of parcels that you must find and mail off using a post owl. When you have found a parcel and posted it, you can then go upstairs in the Leaky Cauldron to purchase them.

All you need to do then is to turn them on using the Extras menu, when you press start. If you need any help finding the locations listed below, you can view a map of the HUB here.

Comedy Specs
Cost: 1,250
Location: Available from the start.
Advanced Guide
Cost: 2,500
Location: Available from the start.
Cost: 5,000
Location: Available from the start.
Carrot Wands
Cost: 10,000
Location: Available from the start.
Super Strength
Cost: 75,000
Location: Weasley Courtyard
Use dark magic on the small box that can be found under the walkway, to the right of the door leading to the Weasley design room.
Character Token Detector
Cost: 250,000
Location: Divination Classroom
On the right side of the classroom, near the front of the screen, there is a wooden box with no top to it. The top is lying beside teh box and you can place it back on with magic. When you have done this, jump onto th ebox and it will spring you into the air so you can land on the top of the stairs that are next to the box. This will enable you to put on some Spectrespecs. When you have those on, jump down and head to the left, but stay near the front of the screen. Here you will see some spectre bricks which you can build into a table with a crystal ball on it. Hit the crystal ball with a spell and you will reveal the parcel.
Fall Rescue
Cost: 125,000
Location: Library
Have a Ravenclaw student stand in front of the large portrait and interact with it. This will reveal a red wall, which you need to use Diffindo on, to cut a large key out of. Build the bricks into the key and use it on the door beside the portrait. The brick is behind the door.
Character Studs
Cost: 75,000
Location: Great Hall
On the back wall, just as you enter, there is a black and red cabinet. Use dark magic on it, twice, to break it apart and reveal the parcel.
Score x2
Cost: 200,000
Location: Hogsmeade Village
Put on the Spectrespecs and head down the left path, as if you are heading back to school. Just before you leave the area, you will see some Spectre bricks. Build those into a snowman and he will give you the post from under his hat.
Score x4
Cost: 400,000
Location: Kings Cross Station
Near the owl stand, there is a large red object, wrapped around a pillar. Use Diffindo to cut it down and you will get the post.
Score x6
Cost: 600,000
Location: Hogsmeade Path (Winter)
Use the deluminator on the lamp beside you, as soon as you enter this area. Head all the way to the right and place the light in the lamp beside the frozen block. This will release the post box.
Score x8
Cost: 800,000
Location: Hogsmeade Path
Use Hermione’s bag on the pad, south of the owl stand. She will pull out a scarecrow, which you must use magic on to get the post.
Score x10
Cost: 1,000,000
Location: The Lake
As soon as you enter this area, before you go down any stairs, there is a silver statue right in front of you. Break this using Reducto, to find the parcel.
Stud Magnet
Cost: 250,000
Location: 7th Floor Corridor
Break the silver staute outside Slughorn’s office, using Reducto. It is on the left hand side of the corridor you use to get into the Room fo Requirements.
Regenerate Hearts
Cost: 50,000
Location: Thestral Enclosure
As you enter this area, walk forwards a short distance, then head towards the screen. You will see a large, red and black rock. Use dark magic to break it open and find the parcel.
Extra Hearts
Cost: 75,000
Location: DADA Classroom
Use dark magic on the horse skeleton, to the left of the door. When you have removed the padlock from it, hit it twice with a spell. After the second one, the horse will kick it’s hind legs and break opent he cupboard behind it, revealing the parcel.
Cost: Divination Courtyard
Use Aguamenti on the dry plant, near the entrance into this area. When you have grown the plants, keep hitting them with spells until you have completely destroyed them and revealed the parcel.
Red Brick Detector
Cost: 250,000
Location: Hogsmeade Station
Use dark magic on the Hogsmeade sign to remove the lock on it. Hit it in the middle, with a spell to spin it, and the post will pop out.
Hogwarts Crest Detector
Cost: 250,000
Location: Great Hall Entrance
Use dark magic on the cabinet, near the door that leads to the Weasley design courtyard. When you open it, bricks will tumble out. Build those into a car and it will drive off, leaving the parcel behind.
Gold Brick Detector
Cost: 250,000
Location: London Street
In the right hand corner of this area, there is a large, yellow skip. In front of that skip, there are two black bins and some rubbish. Pick the rubbish up and place it in the bins, then empty both of the bins into the skip.
Cost: 80,000
Location: Campsite
On the right side of the main campsite area, there is a large, red toadstool. Use magic to pull it out the ground and five smaller ones will appear around the area. Sit on the large toadstool and ride it around. Ride over all five of the small ones and you will get the parcel.
Collect Ghost Studs
Cost: 99,000
Location: Small Courtyard
There is a tree at the back of the courtyard that has a red part in the middle of its trunk. Use Diffindo to cut this out and you will get the red brick.
Fast Magic
Cost: 75,000
Location: Astronomy Tower
Around the edge of the tower, there are five red candles. Use dark magic on each one, until it is lit.
Fast Dig
Cost: 60,000
Location: The Grounds
Use the Spectrespecs to find the missing bricks to the right of the owl stand. Build these up into part of the stone circle and you will get the post.


  1. Robmccormick on

    You can buy your collected red bricks in one of the rooms at the top of the stairs in the leaky cauldron.

  2. you buy the red bricks in the diagon alley in the kettle at upstairs, go straight the street and left there is a door go in there, it’s there you buy the red bricks

  3. Thanks you helped me a lot to my 100%, however I cant destroy the crystal ball – the red brick finder even shows one there but I just can destroy it!! Is that a bug, do I need to use a certain spell or a char? Please help me!

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