Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 Gold Brick Guide


There are 200 gold bricks to be found and collected in this Lego game. When you have found them all you can gain build a stud fountain, upstairs in the Leaky Cauldron. For your benefit, I have compiled a complete list of where to find all the bricks. If you are having any trouble finding the locations of these bricks, you can use a map of the HUB, found here.

Many of the gold bricks can be found by achieving certain things throughout the game and will not require you to go looking for them. The list below shows you a breakdown of where the bricks are found.

24 bricks are given for completing each of the levels within the game in story mode.
24 bricks are given for achieving true wizard in each of the levels.
24 bricks are given for completing the house crest for each of the levels.
60 bricks are given to you for each of the students in peril that you find. (24 in levels, 36 around Hogwarts).
16 bricks can be bought from Eyelops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley.
14 bricks are given to you for completing lessons in story mode.
1 brick is given for completing the bonus level.
37 bricks can be found while free-roaming around Hogwarts.

The table below will show you what lessons throughout the story will unlock gold bricks. Further down the post is another table listing all the bricks to be found while free-roaming.

1Defence Against the Dark Arts Banned
2Thestrals Unlocked
3Duelling Unlocked
4Diffindo Unlocked
5Patronus Charm Unlocked
6Grawp Befriended
7Focus Unlocked
8Weasley Boxes Unlocked
9Spectrespecs Unlocked
10Draught of Living Death Unlocked
11Slughorn Vial Unlocked
12Aguamenti Unlocked
13Reducto Unlocked
14Apparition Unlocked


There are another 37 bricks that must be found while free-roaming around the school. The table below will show you where they are and how to get them.

LocationHow to get
Diffindo ClassroomWhen you use Diffindo on the first red wall, where you cut out a flower, the brick will fall out and you will automatically pick it up.
StaircaseUse Diffindo on the red wall just above the exit leading to the common room.
Classroom CorridorUse the Spectrespecs to build the two statues either side of the large gate. Place the statues on thier platforms and the brick will appear in the middle of the room.
Borgin & BurkesThis can be found in front of a mirror, in the middle of the shop.
Diagon AlleyTo the right of Weasley Wizard Wheezes, there is a small niche on the left. You can walk in here so you are between two shops. The brick is tucked in this hidden spot.
Weasley’s Wizard WheezesUse dark magic on the large block at the back of the shop, on the ground floor.
Madam Malkin’s RobesInside the robes shop, where you buy the characters from, go up the small set of stairs and aim a spell at the door to the changing room on the left. When it opens, it will give you a brick.
Leaky CauldronFind three glasses around the bar area, that have green bottoms. Two are either side of the entrance, while the other is near the exit. Place all three on the green squares on the bar to get the brick.
London StreetUse magic on the guitar in the shop window. Wait until the Lego men have stopped dancing and the brick will appear.
CafeGo into the kitchen and walk over to the waitress. On the front of the oven there is a strong handle. Pull this to get the brick.
CampsiteUse dark magic to break open the large, black chest inside the tent. You can find it behind the bunkbeds.
Campsite (Cliff)Near the edge of the cliff there is a small, black rock. Use dark magic on this and three balloons will appear, along with a canon. Sit on the canon and you can shoot at the balloons. Hit all three to take them down and you will get the gold brick. If you are having trouble hitting the targets on the balloons, shot in one direction and let the balloons come to you.
Kings Cross StationUse the animal run at the bottom of the station platform, to reach the brick at the top of the run.
Hogsmeade VillageOpen the vault with a key character to find the brick inside.
Hogsmeade Path (Winter)As you enter the area, turn left and head away from the screen. At the end of the path you will see a box with a strong character handle on it. Pull the handle to release the brick from the box.
Hogsmeade StationUse magic on the large clock above the exit. This will make the hands spin round and the clock fall down, revealing the brick.
Hogsmeade PathWhen you have the Reducto spell, use it on the padlock near the entrance to the school. Enter this area and jump into the water. You will find some dragon-like objects that you can jump onto and use to swim about. When you get on one, you will see some studs appear. Swim around, collecting all the studs as they appear, and you will find the gold brick when you pick up the last stud.
Clocktower CourtyardUse the Weasley box in the corner to produce a portable swamp. This will give you a couple of vines that you can use to climb up onto the roof and collect the brick.
Herbology CourtyardUse dark magic on the black plant in the right hand corner, at the back of this area.
Herbology GreenhouseUse Diffindo on the red wall at the back of the greenhouse. Build the bricks into a vacuum cleaner, then ride it up and down the greenhouse until you have grown and sucked up, five small carrots. The brick will appear when you have done this.
The LakeUse the purple pad to open Hermione’s bag and she will pull out a large mushroom. Jump on the mushroom and you will bounce up to get the brick.
Hagrid’s GardenPull the strong handle on the box beside the stairs that lead into Hagrid’s hut.
Thestral EnclosureAs you enter this area, you will see a Thestral in front of you. Jump on the Thestral by pressing the Y button. You will now be able to fly around this area by pressing the B button to make the Thestral flap its wings. Fly around this small open area to collect the brick above you.
Quidditch PitchAs you fly around the pitch, you will enter a trench that runs around the pitch iteself. The gold brick is in this trench, on the right side.
Entrance HallUse magic to light 6 torches on the walls.
LibraryThere are five yellow books that need to be returned to their shelves. Put them all back to earn the brick.

  • Open the rune cabinet on the right side of the room. You will be left with a small, glass jar. Hit it with a spell to make it larger, then use magic to move it over the gramophone. Madam Pince will give you the book when you have done this.
  • On the left side of the room, just near the owl stand, you will see a yellow book lying on the floor, in front of the shelf.
  • Fix the animal run near the middle of the room, then send a pet through to knock the book down.
  • On the far, right hand side, towards the screen, there are some loose bricks. Build them into a book trolley and the yellow one will be on top.
  • The first row of shelves as you enter the library, has a small bookcase on the end of the row. Above that there is a purple spider web with the book stuck to it. Next to the small bookcase, there is a purple broom. Use this to sweep away the web and the book will drop down.
Boys DormitoryJump on the bed on the right to get some bricks. Build thoose bricks into a wing for the heater in the middle of the room. Hit the top of the heater with Reducto to blow it off. Jump onto a bed on the left and some more bricks will come out from under that one. Build these bricks into another wing and the thing will take off, leaving the brick behind as it goes.
Common Room CorridorHit 8 school banners to unfold them.

  • 4 Gryffindor
  • 2 Slytherin
  • 1 Hufflepuff
  • 1 Ravenclaw
7th Floor CorridorUse dark magic on the large chest that is outside Slughorn’s office. This will open it up and show you the brick.
Great Hall EntranceWhen you have learned the Focus spell, use it on Mr Filch, who is stood to the left of the door leading to the Great Hall. He is looking for his broom. You can find it on a trolley to the left of the stairs. Give it to him to get the brick.
Great HallOn some of the tables there are three, very large golden serving platters. Use magic on all three to take the tops of them and the brick will be under the third one.
Weasley CourtyardOn the right side of this area, there is a Weasley wall buried in the ground. Walk over to it and the other character will raise it out of the ground. You can then climb up it and get the brick from the roof.
Aguamenti ClassroomHalfway down the rows of seats on the right, there is a small opening. Walk into this and you will find the brick hidden amongst the seats.
DADA ClassroomUnder the stairs that lead up to Umbridges office. Just walk under them to pick it up.
Potions ClassroomOn the left side of the room, there is a small alcove that holds a window. The gold brick is lying in this niche, ready for you to collect.
Divination CourtyardPut on the Spectrespecs and walk to the middle of the courtyard. Here you will find some Spectre bricks which you can build to add onto the wierd plant-looking thing. When you have done this, the plant will open and give off a stream of air. Jump into that stream and you will be carried up to the brick.
Divination ClassroomYou can find this brick resting in the right hand corner of the room, towards the screen. It is tucked behind a stack of small cups.


  1. I’m sure I should have 200 now, but I am still on 199 🙁 I’ve fully completed all the levels, including the bonus level (twice, to be sure). Then I revisited every location in your list, with the gold brick detector on, and checked the ghost and the physical location of the brick. Does anyone have any idea where I could be missing one, or do you think it’s glitched? I’ll be gutted if it has, I’m a real completionist, but can’t really handle the idea of doing it all again!

  2. I can’t find the gold brick under the stairs of DADA classroom in Freeplay. Now i’m considering on doing the level and the lesson of DADA again, because even with gold brick detector on it says there isn’t any gold bricks left there, but the ghost in the classroom says I’m missing one. Maybe Kate N has same brick missing?

  3. I finished and got all of the bricks, went upstairs, WL everything together, and nothing happened! I cast all of the spells on it, but its just a plain gold castle! Anyone know if its just a glitch or is there more I need to do?

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