Sims 3 Achievement Guide


Sims 3 continues the tradition of this well established franchise. The achievements for this console version of the game work well to help you explore all the aspects of the game and experience all it has to offer. Some of the achievements are simple enough and you will unlock them as you play. Others meanwhile, will take some thinking about and require all your sim experience to achieve.  This game is an enjoyable way to make 1000 G and for the most part, boost your gamerscore with minimal effort. This guide will help you with all the achievements, both the easy and the challenging. Enjoy!

Baby Steps Achievement IconBaby Steps – 5G

Create a household.
When you begin the game for the first time, you will be asked to make a household of Sims. You can choose to make just one sim, or you can make a whole family. Whatever you choose, when you have designed your characters, you will then need to pick a place to live. When you have decided, your sims will move in and the achievement will unlock.

Be Excellent To Each Other Achievement IconBe Excellent to Each Other – 15G

Reach the maximum potential karma.
As you play through the game, you will be awarded Karma points. You will get these points for completing you sims wishes, and at midnight, if your Karma is good, you will be awarded a random bonus amount. You can only have 100 Karma points at any given time. When you reach this amount for the first time, you will get the achievement.

BFF Achievement IconBFF! – 10G

Make a best friend.
As you go through your sims life, they will meet many other sims. When you interact with the other sims, your relationships will adjust based on these interactions. You can meet people who you hate and declare them your nemesis, or you can find sims that appeal to you and you become friends. If you spend enough time interacting with another sim, your relatioship will grow into a friendship and then to BFFs. When you make your first BFF you will get the achievement.

Botanical Perfection Achievement IconBotanical Perfection – 15G

Grow a perfect plant.
For this you will need to build up your gardening skills. It doesn’t matter what plant you grow to a perfect level, just so long as you do reach a perfect quality with a fully matured plant is enough. If you can, use a seed of high quality, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. When you have grown the plant to full maturity, replant what you harvest from it and you will grow a plant that is one step up the “quality ladder”. You can continue to do this until you grow a perfect plant.

But It's Inflammable Achievement IconBut It’s Inflammable – 10G

Extinguish a sim on fire.
Putting out a sim is not difficult, actually setting light to one however, this can be tricky. There are many ways that you can try to set your sims on fire such as, playing with a fireplace, having a low skill cook try to make dinner on a cheap oven, or using the firestrom karma power. These are very hit and miss and are unlikely to provide the result you want without a lot of trying and trying and trying. There is one method that seems to work very well though.
You will need two sims that you have control of, one to catch fire and one to put them out. If possible, have a sim with the brave trait, this means they are more likely to put the other sim out rather than phone the fire service. (If you do not have a sim with this trait but want to make this easier, spend 20,000 Lifetime Happiness points and use the Mid-life Crisis Lifetime Reward. This will allow you to change their traits.) Make sure you set their level of free will down as low as it will go in the options (this also makes sure they wont phone for the big red engine). You will need a fireplace in your home, (or in a small, purpose built room on your lot), and make sure you do not have a fire alarm.
With all that in place, light the fireplace and get the sim without the brave trait to either tinker or upgrade the fire, or play with it. Eventually, your sim should catch alight and you can use the brave sim to put them out before the reaper comes for them.

Challenging Achievement IconChallenging – 20G

Complete 50 challenges.
See “Uberchallenging”.

Child Prodigy Achievement IconChild Prodigy – 20G

Complete a Lifetime Wish before becoming a Young Adult.
To complete this achievement you will need to have a child or teen sim at your disposal. If you did not create one with your household, you will need to have a child. As your child develops they will gain traits, which you can choose from the list. These traits, as with creating an adult sim, will provide you with some choices for a lifetime wish, which you will get to pick before they become a young adult. To achieve this with minimal stress, change your sim lifespan toptions to epic and turn off story progression. This will give you all the time you need to complete their lifetime wish before you allow them to grow up.

Climbing The Ladder Achievement IconClimbing the Ladder – 20G

Reach level 5 in a career.
This achievement is very straightforward and will not take as long as you think to get it. Work through and career and reach level 5. It’s that simple. Level 5 in any of the careers is simple to achieve. It’s only once oyu get past level 5 that you really need to work at getting your promotions. For more help working through careers, check out the Sims 3 career guide here. ***

Dream Big Achievement IconDream Big – 50G

Complete a Lifetime Wish
With any sim you will get to choose a Lifetime Wish. This is a large wish that they will want to achieve before they die. This will usually be career or skill related. What lifetime wish your sim wants to achieve will depend on what traits they have. For example, if you have a logical genius, they may want to succeed in a medical or scientific career. Whatever the wish may be, work towards it and when you complete it, you will get the achievement.

Epic Fail Achievement IconEpic Fail – 15G

Use the Epic Fail Karma Power on 13 unsuspecting sims not in your family.
The Epic Fail Karma Power is available for you to use from the start of the game. When you have enough karma points, go out and find a sim you would like to use it on. Go to the Karma Power menu and choose the Epic Fail. When you are ready, you can then choose which sim you would like to use it on (make sure they are not in your family). Do this with 13 sims and you will unlock the achievement.

Epic Party Achievement IconEpic Party – 20G

Throw an awesome party.
Throwing a party is easy enough. Select your sim and use their cell phone. In the cell phone menu you will be able to select “Throw a party”. You will now need to pick 8 sims that you would like to invite. Choosing sims that you have a strong relationship with will help the party’s epicness. Once you have picked a time and reason for the party you are good to go.
Now to make your part epic. Buy some stuff from the party section of the Buy catalogue. You can buy balloons, a cake, a drinks bar, and a buffet table. Before your guests arrive be sure to set up the drinks and buffet table so the party is good to go when your guests arrive. If you are a good cook, preparing a home cooked meal of high quality can help too. Greet your guests individually to show off your legendary host skills. Having the “Legendary Host” lifetime reward can help with this too. If you have a high skill level in guitar, playing this can help to entertain your guests. Mingle with your guests and be attentive. All these things should make your party the talk of the town.

Expertise Achievement IconExpertise – 25G

Reach level 10 in a skill.
There are many skills that you can develop on your sims as you play. Some of them wil be required for career performance and some of them can make your sims life a whole lot easier. To get this achievement you need to work at a skill until your sim reaches the highest level, 10. For more help with skills and developing them, check the Sims 3 skills guide here. ***

Fit For A King Achievement IconFit for a King – 15G

Prepare a perfect meal.
To get this achievement you will need to reach level 10 in the cooking skill. Your cooking skill will imrpove every time your sim prepares a proper meal. (This does not include the quick meals your sim can grab from the fridge) However, you can speed up your sims improvement by reading the cooking skills books (not the recipe books), watching the cooking channel on TV, or by taking a cooking class (one time only).
When you have reached level 10, you may well prepare a perfect meal without any other assistance. However, if you are not there are other things that can help you. The appliances you are using will contribute towards the quality of the meal. Buy the best fridge and oven can greatly help. If you have managed to reach the higher levels of the Culinary career, you will have been awarded a fridge that is better than any you can buy from the catalogue. You will also get an ingredient mixer that will riase the standard of your cooking.
Finally, the quality of the produce you are using can alos improve oyur chances of making a perfect meal. If you have a high gardening level, try producing perfect plants and then using those to prepare a meal. It can only help your chances.

Genie Achievement IconGenie – 30G

Gain 150,000 Lifetime Happiness Points one one Sim.
See “True Wealth”.

Graduated Achievement IconGraduated – 5G

Complete the in-game tutorial.
When you have moved your first sim or family onto their home, a tutorial will appear in the top right corner of the screen. There are 7 short lessons for you to follow and the achievement will unlock when you have completed them.

Happiness, It Stacks Achievement IconHappiness… It Stacks – 15G

Get 5 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim.
Your sims mood is controlled by more than just their needs. When your sim is particularly pleased with something they will get a positive moodlet. When something displeases them they will get a negative one. You can see what moodlets your sim is influenced by, by looking at their current status pane in the sim information panel in the bottom right corner of the screen. Pressing X will give you more information on the moodlets and how you got them.
For this achievement you need to have 5 positive moodlets at once, on your sim. Mostly, these moodlets are influenced by how well you take care of their needs. For example, you can get positive moodlets for being squeaky clean (shower or bath), having a good meal or nice nap, having a lot of fun, being in a well decorated room, fulfilling a wish, or sitting somewhere comfortable. It might sound like this will be a tricky achievement but you will probably get this without even trying, while you work on other things.

Home Is Where The Simoleons Are Achievement IconHome is Where the Simoloeons Are – 10G

Raise your household’s value to §35,000 or more.
There are two ways to get this achievement. The first being that you continue to buy expensive things until your overall house value goes above §35,000. The second method is to wait until you can move into one of the more expensive properties. When you do, go into build and buy mode and buy something. Because you have altered the value of the lot and it is already over §35,000, you will get the achievement. If you want to check the current value of your lot, go into Build & Buy mode and you will see the value shown in the bottom, right hand corner. You will see it’s value as furnished or unfurnished. You only need to look at the furnished value. It’s that one that will get you the achievement.

How You Doin' Achievement IconHow You Doin’ – 10G

Learn the Charisma skill.
You can learn the charisma skill in a couple of ways. Using a mirror to practice a speech is a great way to start out with your charisma skill, you could read volume 1 of the charisma skill books which can be bought from the bookstore, or you can take a class at City Hall. The class is the fastest way to get the first level for charisma but it will cost you.

I Double Dare Ya Achievement IconI Double Dare Ya – 5G

Explore the catacombs after dark.
For this achievement you will need to visit the catacombs after 11pm. Go to the town map and select it, then choose to “eplore catacombs”. When your sim has made it out in one piece,the achievement will unlock.

It's A Date Achievement IconIt’s A Date – 20G

Go on a date.
For this achievement you will need to visit one of the town’s attractions with another sim that is classed as a “romantic interest”. When you have found your sim their one true love, make sure you build your relationship with them by using friendly and romantic interactions. When they are all loved up, click on one of the locations around town and choose “Go here with..”. Now find your sweetheart on the list and select them. When the date is over, the achievement will unlock.

Leet Skillz Achievement IconLeet Skillz – 25G

Complete any 10 Skill Milestones.
When your sim has gained a skill, you can access your Skills Journey. To do this, go to the skills tab in the sim information pane in the bottom, right hand corner of the screen. When you are looking at their skills, press X to expand the panel, then press A to look at your journal. In here you will see all your skills listed across the top. For each of these there are set milestones that you can achieve by using your skills in certain ways. Completing each of these milestones will bring you certain benefits that can make your life easier in the game. For this achievement you must complete 10 of these milestones. For more information on skills and their milsteones, check here. ***

Mad Skillz Achievement IconMad Skillz – 15G

Complete and 2 Skill Milestones.
See “Leet Skillz”.

Master Architect Achievement IconMaster Architect – 20G

Build a home of at least §350,000 property value on a large lot.
For this achievement you will need to save enough money to move into one of the three large lots on the town map. You will need about §300,000 for one of these large lots and will find them by looking for the large blue icons on the map. (Other lots do not look like this) Now you need to buy plenty of expensive items until the total value of the lot exceeds §350,000. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to just buy cars, as they are the most expensive items in the game.

Matchmaker Achievement IconMatchmaker – 30G

Start 5 romantic relationships.
You can choose to do this with several sims as you progress through your game, or you can do it with one sim who likes to get about a bit. You do not even have to do it within one save file as it will carry across into all your playthroughs. The term relationship is also a little misleading. It does not mean the amount of sims you have relationships with (although you will need more than one), but the type of romantic relationship you have. For example, when you have first entered into a relationship and have someone as a romantic interest, this is 1 relationship. If you then get engaged, this counts as another relationship. Marry them and you already have your third. This achievement is flexible and can be done by saving and then getting involved with someone else, or you can allow the achievement to come in it’s own time as you play.

Miracle Worker Achievement IconMiracle Worker – 30G

Complete 1000 wishes.
This one sounds daunting, and it can be. As you play through your game, your sim will start to wish for things. This could be a new computer, finding a rock, or visiting the library. It could also mean reaching a certain level in a skill or in their career. You will need to complete 1000 of these for this achievement. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but this achievement will build up over time, as you play. You do not need to complete all the wishes on one sim, or even in one save file. It will carry over and include all playthroughs. You will probably be surprised at how quickly it builds up. If you want to help it along, try accepting the simple wishes, such as ordering a pizza, or buying a bookcase, or using the telescope. All these will add up pretty quickly.

Movin' On Up Achievement IconMovin’ On Up – 40G

Move into a new home.
When you start the game, there are only a few houses that your sim can afford. As you progress through the game and start to make your money, you might find that you can afford to move to a better house. You will need a minimum of §15,000 to §20,000 to do this. When you have enough, you can use your computer or cell phone and choose the option “Move”. You will then be shown the town map, where you can choose which new home you can afford and would like to live in. When you make the move, whether you decide to move into a furnished lot or not, you will get the achievement.

Not Dead Yet Achievement IconNot Dead Yet – 10G

Resurrect a Sim.
Before you can even start this achievement you will need to unlock the Divine Intervention Karma Power. It costs 150 challenge points, which you will earn as you complete challenges in the game. (For help completing challenges, check our Challenge Guide here ***) When you have unlocked the Karma Power, you will then need someone in your family to die so you can resurrect them. You can wait until your sim dies of old age, but you must have story progression turned on and it is probably best to shorten the life span of your sims in the options so you aren’t waiting around for a long time. If you can’t wait and want to kill them off quicker, then there is a method that you can use.
Build a pool in your garden and build a wall around three sides. The pool will need to be large enough for your swims to swim away from the edges. Tell your sim to get in wait until they are away from the dege of the pool. When they are, build the fourth wall that will block them in. Make sure the walls are level with the edge of the pool. If you leave some room, the sims will get out. After your sim has swam about for a while, they will begin to get tired. Because they can’t get out, they will start to drown and the Reaper will come for them.
When the sim is officially dead, you will see them around your lot as a ghost. They will haunt you for a few days, which gives you time to use the Divine Intervention Karma Power and resurrect your sim.

Not Twice, But 10 Times Achievement IconNot Twice, But 10 Times – 20G

Complete 10 Opportunities.
As you play through the game, you will be offered opportunities at random. These opportunities will fall under three categories. They can be work related and will give you the chance to improve your job performance. The opporunities can also be linked to the skills that you have, such as cooking or gardening. Finally, there are special opporunities that will come randomly. You need to complete 10 of these opportunities to get this achievement. They do not need to be done with the same sim or on the same save file. It will caryy over thorugh all playthroughs. Having said that, it does not take long to finish 10 opportunities. Some of them do have time limits on them with which they must be compelted by, so be careful and pay attention. If you want to know what opportunities you currently have, or any more information about them, go to your wished tab in the sim information panel, then press X and move the stick to the right. You will see all your opportunities here.

Once A Parent, Always A Parent Achievement IconOnce A Parent, Always A Parent – 40G

Welcome a child to the family.
For this achievement you will need to have two sims in a relationship, who want to bring a child into the world. When you are ready to introduce a new memeber into the family, click on the bed, just as you would for “Woo Hoo”, but select the option “Try for a baby” instead. You will know if you have been successful because you will hear a little tune sound when your sims are finished. You may seem some early signs that your sim is pregnant, such as vomitting, but you will not be told straight away that she is. After a couple of days, her waistline will begint to expand and she will then be given maternity leave from work, with pay. Sim pregnancies are not long, and after a few days, your sim will go into labour. You can choose to have your child at home, or go to the hospital. Either way, when your child is born, you will get the achievement.

Owned Achievement IconOwned – 15G

Buy out a commercial property in town.
When you have enough money, you can invest in the commercial properties around town. Before you can buy one outright, you will need to invest first to become a partner. When you are a partner, you can then invest more money into the property and buy it outright. Do this with any one of the protperties and you will get the achievement. You will know when you have enough because you will see a new option available when you click on the property, offering the chance to become a partner.

Partners In Crime Achievement IconPartners In Crime – 10G

Become a partner of the Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse.
To get this achievement you will need to have §15,000 spare. When you do, click on the Warehouse on the town map, and choose “Become partners” from the menu. When your sim has taken the money to the property and collected the paperwork, the achievement will unlock.

Power Overwhelming Achievement IconPower Overwhelming – 25G

Unlock every Good Karma Power by purchasing them with Challenge Points.
There are three good karma powers that are not available to you form the start of the game. You will need to complete one challenge for each of these karma powers to unlock them. You can then use challenge points to purchase them. The challenges you need to complete to unlock them are:
I Double Dare Ya – Explore the catacombs after dark
Home is where the Simoleons are – Raise a household value to over §35,000
Never Forget Your First Kiss – Kiss your first Sim
When you have completed each of these challenges, you can then purchase them by going into the Challenges Menu and pressing X to access the rewards. You will need a set amount of reward points to buy each one. When you have all three of these, plus the ones you start with, you will then have all the good Karma Powers and the achievement will unlock.

Pyromaniac Achievement IconPyromaniac – 20G

Get and insurance check for over §15,000 after using the Firestorm Karma Power.
For this achievement, you will need to unlock, buy, and use the Firestorm Karma Power. To do this you will need complete the “Fun for all the Family” Challenge (See here for a complete list of challenges), then you will need to spend 100 Challenge Points to buy it from the Challenge Rewards menu. When you have it, you can release it and hope that the fire does enough damage, but it is so hit and miss, you could be at it for hours trying to get a high enough insurance check.
To guarantee a good payout, there is a sure fire way to do it, (Pardon the pun), and you will need a fair bit of money to do it. Buy one of the small lots on the map and delete everything off it. You can do this by clicking on the house that is on the lot and choosing “Replace house”. When the lot is empty, fill it by buying the most expensive bed you can buy, over and over, and placing them beside one another. By placing them next to each other, the fire should spread from one to the other.
When you call the firestorm karma power, several beds should catch light. Set your Sims willpower down to puppet level in the options menu, and don’t let them call the fire service. Wait until the fires burn out and you should get and insurance check that exceeds the required amount.

Sim About Town Achievement IconSim About Town – 10G

Attend a town event.
Twice weekly, there are town events being help somewhere or another. Check the paper to find out what events are on that week, and when and where they are being help. Make sure you visit the location at the right time and a message will appear on your screen telling you what to do to participate in the event. Complete just one of these for the achievement.

Sim Author Achievement IconSim Author – 10G

Write a book.
To do this you will need to buy a computer. The cheapest model is §800 and you will need a surface to use it on. You can buy a desk or place it on your kitchen table, it doesn’t matter which, so long as your sim can sit to the computer. When you have access to your own computer, click on it and select “Writing” from the menu. Here you will be able to choose the genre of novel you want to write. When you have made your choice, your sim will begin to write. Upon completing the novel, you will get the achievement.

Stylizer Achievement IconStylizer – 15G

Design and save 20 styles using Create a Style.
Any time you want to buy something in Build & Buy mode, or give your Sim a new outfit, you can change the appearance of these items. When you have an item selected, press Y and you will be taken to the Create a Style designer. Across the top of the designer, you will see some coloured squares. Each of these squares show the colour, or pattern, of a part of the item you are changing. Below this there is a list of categories from which you can choose your styles. When you have chosen a category from the drop down menu, you will then see the different colours or patterns you can use. When you have created a new style, you can then save it by pressing Y again. Do this with 20 different items and you will get the achievement.

That New Car Smell Achievement IconThat New Car Smell – 5G

Buy a car.
To buy a car, go into Build mode. Press X to open the catalogue and find the “Cars” category from the menu. Before you can buy a car, you must first buy a parking space to place on your lot. The parking space is the first item on the list and costs §150. Place it down on your lot, wherever you have space. You can then choose any car you want, or can afford, from the list. The cheapest car available is §950. Along with the parking space you will need at least §1,100.

The Big Proposal Achievement IconThe Big Proposal – 50G

Get engaged.
Before you can get engaged, you will need to find a suitable Sim and start a relationship with them. Most Sims will not accept romantic interactions from the start. You will first need to use friendly interactions to get to know the other Sim. After a few friendly interactions, you can then start to use the romatic ones. To start with you will only have a few options available, but as you build the relationship, you will find new ones appear on the list. Eventually, you will be able to “Propose going steady” with the other Sim, which will make them your girlfriend/boyfriend. When you relationship is official, you will then be able to choose “Propose marriage” from the romantic interactions menu. If the other Sim agrees to marry you, the achievement will pop.

The Reviler Achievement IconThe Reviler – 30G

Become a public menace.
For this acehievement you will need to complete a set of challenges. If you are trying to complete this achievement, you will have to have a Sim with the “evil” and “kleptomaniac” traits. You can choose to create a new Sim and give them these traits, or you can use the “Midlife Crisis” Lifetime Reward to change the traits of a pre-existing Sim. The challenges you need to complete are listed below, with instructions on how to complete them.

For this challenge you will need the kleptomaniac sim, as they are the only ones who have to option to steal things. If you want to steal from a public lot, you must wait until late at night when no one is around. Your sim can only steal something when no one is watching. If you are stealing from a private lot, you must wait until everyone is indoors. Either way, your sim will not steal anything when there is someone around to watch you, and the time of day must be between 7pm and 6am.. When you have the opportunity, click on an empty spot on the lot and choose “Swipe something” from the menu. You can only steal 3 items per day. Steal 20 and you will compelte the challenge.

That’s my candy!
Your sim must have the Evil trait for you to be able to steal from a baby. If you do not have a baby in your household, find a family that does and spend some time with them, either at their house, or at a public lot. When the baby is unattended, click on them and choose “Steal candy” form the interations menu. You will need to do this 5 times to compelte the challenge.

Big Ol’ Meanie
This is the easiest of these challenges to compelte. Your sim does not need to have any particular traits, you only need to be mean to a sim, or sims, 10 times. When you click on a sim, choose the mean category and use any interaction available. You can be mean to the same sim 10 times, or you can be mean to just one sim. Any way you do it, after being mean 10 times, the challenge will be complete.

Public Enemy
Before you can decalre someone an enemy, you will need ot be mean to them, just as you were for “Big Ol’ Meanie”. When you have been mean to a sim enough times, you will find a new option becomes available when you click on them. The new option will be labelled “fight”. Clicking on this will cause that sim to become your enemy.
You will need to do this with 15 sims. If you are finding this challenge takes too long, you can use the “Epic Karma Fail” karma power. This will reduce the amount of mean interactions you will need for each sim on the lot.

Ahh, Regret
This is another easy challenge to complete and goes hand in hand with “Thief”. When you have stolen an object, click on your mailbox and choose to “return stolen object”. You only need to return one item to compelte the challenge.

This Is So Meta Achievement IconThis is so Meta – 5G

Experience the Meta.
To get this achievement you will need to have your sim watch 10 sim hours of TV, and play computer games for 10 sim hours. You will not need to do this all at once as it will accumulate over time, but it does need to be done with one sim. Any property you buy furnished will come with a TV. If you choose to buy a property unfurnished, you can buy a TV in the “Entertainment” category of the Build and Buy catalogue. When you have a TV, click on it and choose “Watch TV”. To play computer games, you will either need a games console or a PC. These are also bought from the “Entertainment” category of Build and Buy mode. PCs have their own subcategory, and the games console can be found under Miscilaeneous. Clicking on a PC or a console will give you different options. However, both of them will have the same option for playing computer games. After 10 sim hours of TV, and 10 sim hours of computer games, you will get the acheivement.

Trophy Fish Achievement IconTrophy Fish – 15G

Catch a perfect fish.
Your sims can go fishing throughout the town and develop their fishing skill to catch different species of fish and better quality ones. You can teach your sim to fish in three different ways. You can buy a book from the bookstore and have your sim read it, take a class from the Science building, or you can simply fish. Find somewhere in town that has a pond and click on it. You can then tell your sim to fish, which will begin to teach them the fishing skill. To catch a perfect fish, you will need a high level of fishing skill. You can improve the skill by fishing, (using the “Stroke of Genious” karma power will help your sim to learn faster. If you prefer to improve your skills through reading, (I would only suggest this method over fishing if your sim has the “Bookworm” trait which allows them to have fun while reading), there are three book that can be bought from the bookstore. At the early levels of fishing, your sim will be able to read volume one. As their level improves they will move onto volume two, and volume three will be needed for the higher levels. The fishing class can only be taken once, but you can take it even if you are a higher level of fishing.
Eventually you will get to a high enough level to start catching the better quality fish. When you are trying to catch the perfect fish, it can help if you choose to use high quality bait. For example, a high quality fish that you have already caught, or a vegtable you grew yourself. It doesn’t matter what fish you catch. Whether it’s a goldfish or a deathfish, so long as the quality is perfect, you will get the achievement.

True Wealth Achievement IconTrue Wealth – 25G

Gain 250,000 Lifetime Happiness on one Sim.
As you complete wishes for your sims, you are awarded Lifetime Reward points. These can be used to buy the Lifetime Rewards which will benefit your sim. For this achievement you will need to earn 250,000 points on one sim. This might sound like a lot but it will add up as you play through your sim’s life. For this achievement you will need to change the game options to adjust the lifespan of your sim. You won’t be able to get this many Lifetime Reward points if your sim does not live long enough. To change the games settings, press the start button and choose “Options” from the menu. Here you will be able to use a slider to set the lifespan of the sims in your household. Now all you need to do is to accept and complete the wishes of one sim until you have earned enough points. It might seem a waste of time to accept the wishes that only give you one or two hundred points, but all these will add up. Your Lifetime Wish will give you the most points, so work towards it, but compelte as many wishes as you can, and the achievement will unlock in no time.

Uberchallenging Achievement IconUberchallenging – 30G

Complete 150 Challenges.
This game has many challenges that you can complete to earn rewards. Some of them are small and simple, while others will take you some time to work towards completing them. To see the list of challenges, press the back button and choose “Challenges and Rewards”. The challenges are sorted into categories and you can choose to view all of them, the ones you have completed, or the ones you have yet to complete. A lot of the challenges will be grouped together into sets. You will earn points for completing each one, and a large amount of points for completing every challenge in the set. For help completing challenges, please check our Challenge Guide.

Very Challenging Achievement IconVery Challenging – 25G

Complete 100 Challenges.
See “Uberchallenging”.

What Goes Around Achievement IconWhat Goes Around – 10G

Use a Karma Power.
You can unlock karma powers by completing challenges, but there are some powers that are available from the start of the game. To use a karma power, press the back button and choose “Karma Powers” from the menu. Here you will see two types of powers, positive and negative. Whichever way you choose to go, select a karma power and use it and you will get the achievement.

Wish Master Achievement IconWish Master – 25G

Complete 100 Wishes.
See “Miracle Worker”.

Wishful Thinker Achievement IconWishful Thinker – 10G

Compelte 10 Wishes.
See “Miracle Worker”.

Woo Hoo Achievement IconWoo Hoo! – 40G

Make Woo Hoo.
When you have two sims who have a romantic relationship, you can then make the have Woo Hoo. There are two ways in which you can get two sims to make Woo Hoo. You can click on one of the sims and use the “Make Woo Hoo” option form the romantic interaction list. alternatively, you can click on the bed and have one of the sims “Relax” on it. You can then click on the other sim and choose “Make Woo Hoo” from the menu. Whichever way you do it, when your sims have succeeded in making Woo Hoo, you will get the achievement.

Working Friends Achievement IconWorking Friends – 30G

Become best friends with your boss and all of your co-workers.
When your sim has a job, you will start working with other sims from around the town. For this achievement you will need to be best friends with all the other sims that you work with. To find out which sims you do work with, press X to open the sim information panel. Move along the tabs to the relationship one and filter you list of friends to show the sims that you work with.
To make sure you know all the sims that you work with, while your sim is at work, press B and then press A. This will show you a list of options that will control how your sim performs at work. Choose “Meet Coworkers” form the list and stay on this until you get a message telling you that you have met all your coworkers. When you have done this, you will be able to change your sims work behaviour to some variation of “Chat with Coworkers”. Sometimes this option will be clear but others are a little less obvious. For example, the business career give you the option of “Hanging out at the water cooler”. This will allow you to chat with your co workers. Finally, you will need to choose the work behaviour option that will allow you to suck up to your boss. Spending enough time at work with these options will allow you to complete this achievement without any extra effort. If you do want to get it sooner though, you can invite each of the sims over that you work with, or go and visit them in their home. Use friendly interactions until your relationship shows that you are best friends.

You Never Forget Your First Achievement IconYou Never Forget Your First – 10G

Have a first kiss.
For this achievement you will need to create a romantic relationship between two sims so that they can have a “First Kiss”. when you have found a sim you would like your sim to kiss, use friendly interactions so they can get to know each other. After a few of these, switch to romantic interactions until new romantic interactions become available. Eventually you will get an option to have a “First Kiss”. Select this and you will unlock the achievement.


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