Sims 3 Perfect Omni Plant


For each plant you can grow in the Sims, there are challenge points to be earned for growing a perfect one. One of the more tricky plants to grow is the Omni plant.

Before you can even grow the plant, you must complete three skill challenges before you even get access to an Omni plant seed. The challenges you must complete are:

  • Uncommonly Good – deliver 20 excellent quality (or better) plants.
  • Oustandingly Rare – deliver 10 outstanding quality (or better) cheeses.
  • Omnificent Plants – deliver 10 perfect steaks.

When you have completed these three challenges you will be given an Omni plant seed which you can plant. However, the quality of this seed is unlikely (although not impossible) to be perfect quality.

To grow a perfect omni plant you will need to keep ordering seeds through the Mailbox until you get a perfect quality one. When the seeds are in your inventory you will not be told what the quality of each seed is. You will need to place them on the ground in build mode, then select each on in turn to find out what quality it is before you chose to plant it.



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