Sims 3 Bugs


This game has more bugs in it than any other I know of. Most of them are harmless, (such as a sim taking a bath with it’s clothes on), while others can stop your game in it’s tracks completely.

There are two that can cause you some real problems when playing but there are things you can do to help with these. The first is the lesser of the two and involves a sim getting stuck in bed. Despite having plenty of room to get out, they keep saying they can’t and they are stuck there. To fix this one, all you have to do is go to the mailbox and, while hovering over it, hold the right trigger in, (your circle will change to blue instead of green), then press A and you will be given the option to reset a sim. Select which ever one is stuck and they will pop out of bed. When I encountered this problem, my sim carried on getting stuck every morning. Eventually, after having to reset the sim every day, I moved my sims to another house and the problem stopped altogether.

The second of these bugs is by far the worst, and it affects everyone who plays, no matter what platform they are playing the game on. I first encountered this bug when I had been playing with a family of sims for about 2 weeks. One day I went to save and the game froze, which meant my game couldn’t save my progress. Every time I tried to play after that, it froze on saving which meant that I couldn’t continue with the family I had built up over the past 2 weeks. Very annoying! Although there is no known fix if you have encountered this problem, there does seem to be a way to prevent it fro happening. When I had finally gotten over my annoyance at losing all my progress before, I started again, but this time I did not download anything from the exchange. In fact, I played it on a separate account and did not even agree to the terms and conditions so the game would not connect me to the servers. By doing this, I played and played for well over my original 2 weeks and did not come across this bug at all. If you are already connected to their servers, it may help to make sure you do not have anything stored from the exchange, (clearing your cache should help this), and you do not download anything from now on. Although this will not help your saves if you have found this bug, it can stop you from getting it in the future.



  1. When I encountered the freezing problem, it really irritated me. I was in the biggest house with 6 Sims living in it. What I found worked for me was to move to another house leaving a couple Sims behind. Then it let me save after that. The only time I have ever had the freezing problem (where it happened everytime I tried to save, not the once in a while freeze) is when I had a house full of 6 Sims.

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