Lego Star Wars 3 Bounty Hunter Mission Guide


When you go to the Invisible Hand, you can access a room that will allow you to play through Bounty Hunter Missions. To access the correct room, when you dock on the Invisible Hand, use Robino or a Magna Guard to raise the platform on the left side of the room so you can clear the gap. Once over, you will need to find a bounty hunter. Cad Bane can be found wandering around the docking bay and will cost 250,000. Get the bounty hunter to open the door on the left of the hanger and you can go through to the bounty hunter room. You will need to use the terminal in here to play through the Castle of Doom level before you can play any of the bounty hunter missions.

When you play through each mission, you will be set the task of finding a target character hidden somewhere in the level. Find all sixteen characters to complete the bounty hunter missions, earning a gold brick for each mission you complete.

As soon as you start, walk to your left and change to Robino. Have him open the door, then go through the small character door. Once through, walk to the right to find R2.
Head forward from the start of the level and go all the way to the end, until you reach the third AAT. To the left of the AAT there is a large bush, Yoda is behind it. If you look carefully you will see the glow of his lightsaber through the shrubbery.
Padmé Amidala
Run through the gauntlet of droids all the way to the end of the corridor. Have one of the droid bounty hunters get through the C3-PO door and go through the door to the right. Once inside the bar, go to the back of the bar on the left hand side and you will find Padmè in front of the jukebox.
Anakin Skywalker
Run past all the droids at the beginning of the level and go out the other end of the corridor into the room beyond. Drop down onto the platform below and use Cad Bane or Jango Fett to fly over to the platform with the R2 panel on it. Use one of the droids to access the panel and jump over the train when it arrives. Repeat the same process with the next R2 panel and jump over the train when it arrives. Fly over one last gap, then keep walking towards the screen to find Anakin.
Captain Rex
At the start of the level, build the Lego bricks into a grapple point and use it to get down to the level below. Go to the left and stand by the fire. From here you can use Jango Fett or Cad Bane to fly over the gap and reach the level above. Head a little further left and you will find Captain Rex.
Plo Koon
As soon as you start, jump into the booster and head down to the lower part of the level. You will need to be quick because you don’t have long to find him. As soon as you land, jump out of your ship and head to the right. Keep going all the way to the right until you see a platform with an escape pod on it. Plo Koon is behind this and you can just see the top of his head and his lightsaber.
Aayla Secura
This can be a difficult level to get right. When you start, fly to the right until you reach a larch ship with many landing pads and covered in flames. Here, you will need to uncover a secret landing pad. I managed to do this by trying to fly behind the large ship, at the front of it. As you land you will see three toilets with golden doors. You can find Aayla to the right of these.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Fly to the ship on the left and land on the north landing pad , up screen from the start. Use Robino to go through the small character hatch and head south to find Obi-Wan.
Head to the left and find the Lego bricks that can provide a ramp up to a ledge. When up there, walk to the left and jump up to find Ahsoka.
Kit Fisto
Head north through a dark corridor and use Cad Bane or Jango Fett to fly over the gaps. When you reach a room that is well lit, move to the left and fly across to a small ledge. Interact with the Bounty hunter panel and enter the room beyond. Keep going left and you will find Kit Fisto just the other side of the snooker table.
Bail Organa
You will notice when you start that this level has an unusually long timer. You will need it so don’t get too comfortable. Head north and grab a helmet from one of the Senate Commandos. Open the first set of double doors using the Senate Commando panel and go inside. Build the pipes up the same way you did during the level, “Hostage Crisis”. when you have powered everything up, make sure you are still wearing a helmet and open the next set of double doors. Bail Organa is inside this room, at the back.
When you start the level, use Thermal Detonators on the silver object running up the left side of the cliff in front of you. To get to the top parts you will need to stand on a rock which can be found just in front of the silver objects. Stand on it and use Jango Fett or Cad Bane to hover over to the silver object and throw Detonators to smash the highest silver parts. When all of them are broken, Waxer will drop out and you can land next to him to end the level.
Commander Cody
This is probably one of the easier missions. As you start, head south until you can’t go south anymore. From here, start heading right and you will see Cody on a small ledge, hanging just below the main platform that you are on.
Commander Ponds
This is another character that is out in the open. Head down the long corridor in front of you and keep looking along the right wall. Some way down the passage you will see Ponds stood by the right hand wall.
Luminara Unduli
Follow the passageway all the way down, using thermal detonators to clear the rocks that will block your path, half way down. At some point you will find a wall on your left with a Droid access panel on it. You do not need to use this panel, but notice the hole in the wall to the right of it. Go through the hole into another room and you will find your target on the left hand side.
Eeth Koth
As soon as you start the level, turn around and start throwing thermal detonators at the window. You will notice cracks begin to appear in it. Keep throwing them at the window and Eeth Koth will eventually drop down behind you.