Lego Jurassic World Red Brick Guide


Scattered throughout the four HUB worlds there are twenty red bricks to find. When you have found one you can then go to the Visitor’s Centre in Jurassic Park, or on Main Street in Jurassic World, and purchase the brick.

When you have purchased a brick you can turn it on by pausing the game and choosing Extras from the list.

Score X2
Cost: 1,000,000
Location: Jurassic Park I – Visitor Centre

Head round the back of the building and you will find an electrical target near a worker in peril. Shoot this with the stun gun to raise a door, then light up the space behind to find the brick.

Score X4
Cost: 2,000,000
Location: Jurassic Park II – Hunting Plains

Near the InGen Arrival level marker there is a vehicle pad. Use this to summon a Gyrosphere and move to the open plain. In the middle you will see a launch pad for you Gryosphere, which will launch you into the rock wall and expose an orange brick. Summon T.rex from the pad nearby and roar at the orange brick to destroy it and get your red brick.

Score X6
Cost: 3,000,000
Location: Jurassic Park III – Isla Sorna Aviary

Head inside the building and use the stairs in the centre of the room to reach the lower level. Here you can summon a Pteranodon to fly around inside the aviary. Fly to the right where you will see a structure on the side of the aviary. At the top of the structure is a red level that the Pteranodon can pull to raise parts of the structure. There is also a baby Pteranodon that you can switch to and move around in the structure. You need to get the little on to the bottom right hand corner by lowering and raising sections of the path to clear the way. When the baby reaches the bottom it can collect the brick.

Score X8
Cost: 4,000,000
Location:Jurassic Park I- Herbivore Territory

Inside the empty paddock there is a cracked rock on the left wall. Crack this rock open to reveal a large pipe. Get a character with a light to go into the pipe and pick up the brick.

Score X10
Cost: 5,000,000
Location: Jurassic World – Indominus Territory

Go inside the Idnominus paddock and locate the dinosaur summoning pad in the back, right hand corner. Summon the Idnominus and use it’s stealth ability to become invisible. You can then get through the gate on the right without the security camera shutting the door. In this area use the Idnominus bite to destroy one of the cages to get he brick out.

Cost: 5,000,000
Location: Jurassic World – Isla Nublar Aviary

Inside the Aviary you can summon a Pteranodon. Take control of the dinosaur and head down into the aviary. On the floor there are four blue pads and one has a red lever in front of it. Get the Pteranodon to pull it and one of the pads raises into the air with another lever on it. You need to land on each pad and pull the lever before time runs out to opent he cage with the red brick in it.

Minikit Detector
Cost: 200,000
Location:Jurassic World – East Boardwalk

Head up into the Pachycephalosaurus arena by charging and using the yellow elevator. On the arena wall there is a Raptor switch which will reveal a sign in the audience. Get Dilophosaurus to spit at it and another will appear. Do this eight times and you will get the brick.

Red Brick Detector
Cost: 200,000
Location: Lego Jurassic Park I – Tyrannosaurus Territory

From the level marker for Restoring Power, head south crossing rivers as you go. You should then stumble on the T.rex territory. To the left of the marker for this area there is an electrical target. Shoot this and climb the ladder to get over the wall. Summon a large dinosaur such as T.rex to break a large Lego cage to the right of the summoning pad. You can then collect the brick from inside.

Gold Brick Detector
Cost: 200,000
Location:Jurassic Park II – Long Grass

Head north on the map from the marker for the bonus level Tyrannosaurus Rex Escape and look for a dinosaur summoning pad. Opposite this there is a scent trail for a Raptor that will lead you straight to the red brick.

Amber Brick Detector
Cost: 200,000
Location: Jurassic Park III – Ankylosaurus Territory

Knock down a Lego tree so you can reach a nest of dinosaur eggs. There are some eggs missing and you need to return them to the nest to get the brick.

The first egg is lying out in the open, to the left of the nest.
Another egg is in the open, lying at the foot of a tree near the dinosaur summoning pad.
The last egg can be found behind some vines that you can cut through with a knife or Raptor claw.

Fast Build
Cost: 100,000
Location:Jurassic Park III – Spinosaurus Territory

Look for some hollow fallen trees near the dinosaur summoning pad. Get a Compsognathus to travel through the hollow logs and collect the red brick.

Attract Studs
Cost: 100,000
Location: Jurassic Park I – Carnivore Territory

Locate a dinosaur paddock near where the East Docks, that has a man in it complaining that he has lost some eggs. You will need to locate and return all the missing dinosaur eggs. To do this you will need access to a small or medium dinosaur that can roar. I used a customer Raptor dinosaur with the T.rex ead. When you return all three missing eggs the large egg will hatch and reveal the red brick.

The first one if behind some vines that you can remove with Dr Grant’s Raptor claw.
Grab the Raptor bar next to the agility poles to turn off the electricity. You can then use the poles to reach the egg.
Use the dinosaur pad to call your custom Raptor in and locate a large, orange rock. *Press and hold X when in front of the rock to roar and crack it open.

Collect Ghost Studs
Cost: 100,000
Location: Jurassic World – West Boardwalk

Head to the observation deck for the T.rex paddock and use the security panel in the corner to open a lift and uncover an electrical target. Use the lift to head down into the enclosure and hit the target on the wall below the observation deck. This releases the T.rex into the arena. Go over and switch to the T.rex, then use it’s strength to destroy the Lego objects behind it. You can then use the rocks to reach the brick above you.

Compy Mode
Cost: 100,000
Location: Jurassic World – Mosasurus Arena

Head inside the entrance between the stands. In this small room there is a dinosaur summoning device that you can build and use to take over a Mosasaurus. Swimming about you will find three orange rocks. Use the Mosasaurus roar the same way you would the T.rex and break all three rocks.

Destroy on Contact
Cost: 100,000
Location: Jurassic World – Safari Plains

Look for a small building with the red brick on top. Get a Velociraptor to pull the handle on the side of the building, which will extend the red and white awning. You can then get a female character to jump onto this so they can reach the brick.

8-Bit Music
Cost: 100,000
Location: Jurassic Park I – Dilophosaurus Territory

Inside the enclosure there is a large fallen tree. Break through the cracked part and get the Dilophosaurus to break the black rock behind it. Finally, get Ellie to water the plant to get he red brick from inside.

Nedry Disguises
Cost: 100,000
Location: Jurassic Park I – Triceratops Territory

Head to the Triceratops paddock and find an enclosed Triceratops right at the back. Break two crates to the left of the hut and build a hacking terminal from the pieces. Use this to X-ray the dinosaur. Click on its head, back leg, and body to get the brick to appear.

Fast Interact
Cost: 100,000
Location: Jurassic World – Gyrosphere Valley

Look for a large orange rock embedded in the rock face and above it there is a black rock. Summon a T.rex using the pad nearby and roar to destroy the orange rock. (You will need to heal the sick Gallimimus first before you can summon the T.rex) When the orange rock is destroyed build the Lego into a Raptor grab bar, then use it to get up to the black rock. Finally, get a Dilophosaurus to destroy the black rock so you can get the red brick.

Hybrid Disguises
Cost: 100,000
Location: Jurassic Park I – Gallimimus Territory

Inside the Gallimimus enclosure there is a dinosaur feeder and a guy who doesn’t know how to use it. Destroy the small crate beside it and build a Raptor bar, then get a Raptor to pull the lever and hold it there. Switch to the other character and turn the crank on the other side of the device. Get the Raptor to release the lever and you will get loads of stud. Repeat this process twice more and you will get a red brick.

Helium Voices
Cost: 100,000
Location: Jurassic Park II – Stegosaurus Territory

Head away from the dock until you find a blue dinosaur summoning pad. Just south of this pad there is a cracked wall sticking out of the ground. If you destroy it another will appear and a timer will start. Destroy finve cracked walls before time runs out. I recommend using the Pachycephalosaurus for this.


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