Dragon Age: Inquisition Mosaic Guide


Throughout Thedas and Orlais there are 60 mosaic pieces waiting to be found to complete five mosaics. Finding each mosaic piece will grant you 50 XP and completing each set gives you 200 Influence. The mosaics are displayed on the walls of Skyhold and can be translated by Gatsi for a Codex entry.

This post will show you where the mosaics are displayed in Skyhold so you can see which pieces you are missing. The lists below will then tell you where each piece of the mosaic can be found.

The Fall

All twelve pieces of this mosaic are found in The Hinterlands. You can find this mosaic on the wall near Vivienne, on the upstairs balcony.

The Fall Mosaic

1During “The Mercenary Fortress” you will go to the Grand Forest Villa. The first mosaic piece is at the top of a tower on the western part of the fortress.
2This piece is inside a locked office in Valammar.
3Also found in Valammar, inside the Vault.
4Leaning against the wall of a house beside Lake Luthias. (The house where you first encounter Blackwall)
5At the top of a tower in Winterwatch Tower, which you will visit during “Praise the Herald of Andraste”.
6There is a house north of the Upper Lake Camp which is derelict but locked. Use a hole in one of its walls to enter the house and collect this piece.
7You will find this piece right next to the Fort Connor landmark.
8At Redcliffe farm there is a house near the notice board that gives you the “Where the Druffalo Roam” quest. This piece is inside the house.
9In Dead Ram Grove you will find the Veilfire Cave. You will find this piece in the second room of the cave.
10This piece is also found inside the Veilfire Cave, in the very bottom of the cave.
11Find a ruined tower west of Dusklight Camp and you will find this piece.
12During “Trouble With Wolves” you will go to Wolf Hollow. You can find this last piece in an alcove of this cave.

The Archdemon

All twelve pieces of this mosaic are found in The Western Approach. You can find this mosaic on the wall right next to Gatsi.
The Archdemon MOsaic

1Found inside the Sand Rock Mine, right near the Red Lyrium Vein.
2Another piece sits outside the Still Ruins. You can get a quest from Frederic that will lead you here.
3This piece is next to the Lost Idol landmark, inside Lost Wash Creek Cave.
4To get this piece you will need to complete the Crossing the Sulphur Pits mission from the war table. When you have done this head to The Thing in the Dark dave to fine this piece.
5To reach this piece you will need to defeat the Abyssal Dragon. When it is dead an entrance is revealed leading into a cave where you can find this piece.
6FOund in the same cave as piece number 5.
7Complete the quest “On the Chantry Trail” and it will lead you to a cave where you will find this peice.
8This piece is under the Hidden Stairway landmark.
9To get this piece you will need to find and solve all three Astrariums, because it is inside the Astrarium cave.
10You can find this piece between the Gates of Andoral and Coracavus.
11Look around in Echoback Fort for this piece.
12When you have taken Griffon Wing Keep, go down into the cave beneath it to find the old well. There is a mosaic piece hiding behind a rock near the bucket.


This mosaic is spread across two locations. There first seven pieces are in the Emerald Graves and the remaining five are in the Exalted Plains. You will find this mosaic on the wall of the Great Hall, to the right of the main entrance.

Invasion Mosaic

1Head to the Ancient Baths and get a warrior to break through a wall so you can get the piece behind.
2Go into Unadin Grotto and you will find a mosaic piece in the last room.
3This piece lies next to the Dead Hand landmark, before entering the cave.
4There is also a piece lying inside the Dead Hand cave, inside the main chamber.
5You will find this piece inside the Veridium Mines.
6When you have cleared Argon’s Lodge of the bandits, you will find a mosaic piece inside one of its small rooms.
7When you have found the Din’an Hanin landmark, look outside its door to see this piece.
8Head east from Lindiranae’s Fall so you are stood on some rocks overlooking Riel and you will find a mosaic piece.
9Another piece can be found inside the Din’an Hanin landmark.
10Take a warrior with you into Villa Maurel. When you reach the study there is a wall that the warrior can break through and the mosaic piece is in this adjacent room.
11To get this piece you will need a rogue that can pick locks to open a door inside Chateau d’Onterre
12This piece can also be found in Chateau d’Onterre, but you will need to jump out of an upstairs window on from the ledge onto another rooftop.


All twelve pieces of the Sacrifice mosaic are found in the Hissing Wastes and the mosaic is hung near Varric’s fireplace.
Sacrifice Mosaic

1Look for the Occularium near Sunstop Mountain camp. There is a gazebo near this Occularium that has this piece inside.
2When you find the Venatori camp you will be prompted to search for a hidden item, which turns out to be a Bottle of Thedas. Near this there is a mosaic piece, beside a camp fire.
3Head out the back of the Venatori camp and look for another campfire with a mosaic piece nearby.
4When you come down from the Mountain Fortress Tomb you will climb down many ladders and platforms. At the bottom of the last ladder you will see a mosaic piece.
5Complete the Veilfire puzzle inside the Mountain Fortress cave and you will find a mosaic piece behind the door you unlocked.
6Solve another Veilfire puzzle inside the Four Pillars Tomb to get the mosaic piece behind the locked door.
7Head to the Oasis landmark and look nearby for this piece.
8Behind the locked door in the Burial Grounds Tomb. Solve the Veilfire puzzle to open it.
9Solve another Vielfire puzzle in the Statue Tomb to get another mosaic piece.
10Head south-west of the Canyon Camp and look around for a ruin. The mosaic piece is amongst this ruin.
11Inside the Canyon there is another tomb with a Veilfire piuzle. Solve this one to get the mosaic piece from inside.
12This piece lies inside Fairel’s tomb, which is located near the High Dragon. To get in to this tomb you will need to solve all five Veilfire puzzles to get the key. Once inside you will find a mosaic piece.

Freed Are The Slaves

The pieces for this mosaic are scattered in many different locations, unlike the others which are found in one location alone. This mosaic hangs near Vivienne, on the north wall.
Freed Are The Slaves Mosaic

1After you have taken Caer Bronach in Crestwood, find the requisitions table and go through the door to the right of it to find a piece.
2Also in Crestwood, go to the Old Market Road and head into a cave leading off it to find a piece inside.
3Still in Crestwood, head into the Flooded Caves after completing “Still Waters”. Inside the cave there is a mosaic piece deal with the rift and find a piece in an adjacent room.
4Also in the Flooded Caves, look for a wall that a warrior can break through then descend the ladder behind it to reach the mosaic piece.
5A third piece can be found in the Flooded Caves and is on a table next to the ladder that is your exit.
6In the Forbidden Oasis look for a tunnel east of the Solasan temple and head inside to find a mosaic piece.
7If you can find four glyphs in the Exalted Plains you will get a mission on the war table to investigate these glyphs. Complete this and you can head to theLost Temple of Dirthamen where you will find a mosaic piece in one of its rooms.
8Also found in the Lost Temple of Dirthamen.
9In the Fallow Mire, during the “Lost Souls” quest, when you have rescued the missing soldiers look for a locked door in the fortress and get the mosaic piece from behind it.
10To get this piece you will need to find a dead elf in Empris du Lion and read his journal. You can then complete a war table mission called “Rumours of the Sulevin Blade”. You can then go to the Cradle of Sulevin where you will find a piece of hte mosaic.
11In the Western Approach enter the Still Ruins and look for a locked door that has a mosaic piece behind it.
12In the Western Approach head into Coracavus and find the mosaic piece behind a locked door.



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