Dragon Age: Inquisition Agent Recruitment Guide


While playing through this game you will encounter agents that you can recruit into the Inquisition. Each agent is assigned to one of your advisors and can offer gains to your advisors, such as reducing the time it takes for them to complete missions on the war table.

Most agents can be found in the various locations that you visit throughout Thedas and Orlais, but a few can be recruited when you pass judgement on them in Skyhold.

There are 21 agents that I know of and I have listed them below, showing where to find them and how to recruit them. Unfortunately it is impossible to recruit all of them.  For example, if you side with the mages then you can’t recruit Barris and if you side with the templars you can’t recruit Gereon Alexius.

Derlin Barris
Location:Therinfal Redoubt

You will only encounter Barris if you decide to side with the Templars during “Champtions of the Just”. When you get to Therinfal Redoubt you will fight your way through and eventually meet Barris. He will lead you to the Great Hall where you will encounter a magical barrier. If Barris survives this he will automatically be recruited.

Location: Val Royeaux

During “The Threat Remains” you will go to Val Royaeux. After speaking to Revered Mother Hevara you can approach Belle to speak to her at her stall. She volunteers to join the Inquisition and you can choose to accept her if you wish.

Blades of Hessarian
Location: The Storm Coast

When you first get to the Storm Coast and speak to Scout Harding you will get a quest called “Cleaning House”. You will also get a requisition for Mercy’s Crest. Before going to the marker on the map complete this requisition and equip it. When you approach their location the Blades will let you through and you can challenge their leader. Defeat him and the Blades will follow you and join the inquisition.

Location: Hinterlands

During “Hushed Whispers” you will need to enter the Gull & Lantern Inn in Redcliffe. (If you complete “Champions of the Just” before entering you will not be able to recruit Clemence). When you enter the inn find Clemence and talk to him and he will volunteer to join the Inquisition.

Enchanter Ellandra
Location: Hinterlands

Speak to Enchanter Ellandra afte completing “My Lover’s Phylactery” and you can recruit her if you meet one of the following criteria:

You have completed “In Hushed Whispers” or “Champions Are the Just”
You have Vivienne in the party
Are playing as a mage
Have Arcane persuade conversation option

Location: Emerald Graves

Complete “Noble Deeds, Noble Heart” and “Victims of War” then speak to Fairbanks to recruit him.

Florianne de Chalons
Location: Skyhold

If you kill Florianne during “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” you can judge her remains back at Skyhold. If you sentence her remains to community service then they are recruited as an agent.

Location: Western Aproach

Frederic will ask you to complete a series of quests relating to a high dragon. Eventually you will get a quest to kill the Abyssal Dragon. After you have defeated the dragon return to Frederic and you can recruit him.

Gereon Alexius
Location: Skyhold

After completing “In Hushed Whispers”, if Alexius survived, you can judge him back at Skyhold. Sentence him to research magic for the Inquisition and he is recruited as an agent.

Location: Crestwood

When you first enter Crestwood you will come across some Grey Wardens. After meeting them you can find Jana in a house nearby. She will tell you that she wants to join the Grey Wardens after they saved her. You should have Solas in your party so he can convince her not to join the wardens.

Location: Exalted Plains

When you first meet the Dalish they are not very freindly. However you can complete a few quests to win them over through the quest “By the Grace of the Dalish”. When you have earned enough favour speak to Keeper Hawen and ask him if Loranil can join you.

Lord Berand
Location: Hinterlands

Before you can recruit Berand you will need to complete the “Love Waits” quest. Speak to Berand and he will ask you what he should do. If you tell him to join the inquisition he will be recruited for Cullen. Tell him to go home and he is still recruited for Josephine.

Master Dennet
Location: Hinterlands

Complete the “Master of Horses” quest and speak to Dennet. If you have Cassandra, Vivienne, or Dorian in your party they can convince him to join.

Michel de Chevin
Location: Empris du Lion

Complete “Call Me Ishmael” and return to speak to Michel to recruit him.

Movran the Under
Location: Skyhold

Complete the “Lost Souls” side quest in the Fallow Mire and return to Skyhold. You can then judge Movran for throwing goats at the castle. If you exile him and his clan to Tevinter he will actually be recruited as an agent.

Location: Hinterlands

You will encounter Ritts during “Strange Bedfellows” and can convince her to join the Inquisition if you have Varric in your party, or are playing as a dwarf.

Location: Skyhold

Complete the quest “Trouble with Darkspawn” in the Western Approach then return to Skyhold to judge Servis. Making him an informant when you sentence him will recruit him as an agent.

Sky Watcher
Location: Fallow Mire

You will encounter Sky Watcher in the Fallow Mire but you cannot recruit him until after you complete “Lost Souls”. When this quest is complete head back the way you came and you will meet him again. You can then ask him to join the inquisition.

Speaker Anais
Location: Hinterlands

You will find her outside the Winterwatch Tower and when you speak to her, she will ask you to get rid of a rift to prove yourself. Return to her after closing the rift during “Praise the Herald of Andraste” and you will have a choice. Tell her to spread the word and she is recruited to Josephine. If you ask her to listen and gather information she is recruited for Leliana.

Location: Hinterlands

If you have the quest “Business Arrangements” then you have found a letter that implicates Sister Tanner as a smuggler. Confront her in Redcliffe and Cassandra or Varric can convince her to join the inquisition.

Corporal Vale/Vale’s Irregulars
Location: Hinterlands

Vale is looking after the refugees at the Crossroads. Complete quests to help the refugees and you can recruit him and his Irregulars to the Inquisition.


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