Lego The Hobbit Treasure Item Detector Bug Fix


Many have found when they buy the treasure item detector and turn it on, that it doesn’t seem to work at all. Wherever you go, there are not arrows pointing you in the right direction. This is quite a large bug, but there is a way around it. An annoying, pain in the neck, have to do it every time, way around it. Whenever you enter a level, or go through a loading screen, or even have a cut scene, you need to go into the extras menu and turn the treasure item detector on and off again. You can simply switch it on and off without leaving the extras list. Each time you do this, it will kick in again and show you any treasure items in the new area you are in. Hopefully the developers will address this bug soon, but this will keep you going until they do.


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  1. Himmat Singh on

    Thanks bud. This helped point me to the right directions for a couple of missing Treasure items, though I still took further time to think “where the heck is it!?”.

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