Lego Marvel Superheroes Stan Lee In Peril


Stan Lee keeps getting himself in trouble and you need to help him out. There are 50 instances of Stan Lee in peril, 15 in story levels, 11 in bonus levels, and 24 to be found in the HUB. When trying to find Stan in the HUB, he will only appear in one place at a time, but an icon will appear on the map so you know where he is. The table below lists where he is, in the order he will appear. Finding Stan 50 times and helping him out, will unlock Stan as a playable character.

Story Levels

Sand Central Station
When you first reach Sandman, fly up onto the balcony on the left. Stan is stuck under a mail box. Destroy the mail box to free him.
Times Square Off
After trashing the Daily Bugle, you will find yourself on another set of rooftops. After climbing the first Spiderman wall, look above the next Super Sense spot. Here you will see some silver pipes and a purple valve. Destroy the pipes and use telekinesis on the valve to break open the water tower beside you and free Stan.
Exploratory Laboratory
As you are chasing Venom through the level, you will build a giant speaker. After that, move to the next area where there are four pods along the wall, each with someone inside. One of these has Stan in it. On the left there is a blue panel that Magneto can remove. This will reveal a claw switch which will open the pods, and free Stan.
Rock Up In The Lock Up
After triggering the alarm, outside the prison, move past the security barriers and head to the left. When you are as far left as you can go, you will find a grate for Mister Fantastic to use. On the other side you will be inside a small room. Use Super Sense to reveal two hooks, which you can pull to free Stan.
Rebooted, Resuited
When you enter the second room of the level, just after meeting Killion, walk towards the screen and down some stairs. Here you will find a sandpit for Sandman to use to turn himself into a trampoline. Stand can then jump down safely.
Red Head Detention
At some point throughout the level, you will open a round door that looks a lot like a stargate. Go through this into the next room, then move forward to the far left hand corner of the room. Fly up in the air and you will see Stan trapped in a device that is giving off electricity. Hit the spinning parts on both sides to free Stan.
Bifrosty Reception
When you first come out of the wormhole at the start of the level, you will find yourself in a circular room. At the back of the room there is a silver object, with Stan stuck underneath it. Destroy the silver object to help Stan get up.
Juggernauts And Crosses
When you first arrive in the gardens outside, there is a small shed, just to your right. Put out the little fire on top, then build the bricks that fall down into a pair of green handles. When you pull on the handles, you will remove the shed and uncover some bricks. Build those into a trampoline for Stan to jump down onto.
Doctor In The House
In the second area of the castle, fly to the right and find a cannon, with Stan Lee’s head sticking out of it. Use Super Sense at the base of the cannon, the pull the red hook to reveal a gold Lego piece. Use a laser to burn the gold brick, until the cannon ignites and shoots Stan free.
That Sinking Feeling
At the beginning of the level, you will climb a wall and move a pipe to send water through some other pipes. To the right of the pipe you just moved, you will see Stan stuck under a piece of metal. Have Magneto remove it for him.
Taking Liberties
When you reach the second room of this level, you must pass a spinning object that is electrified. When you pass the first one, there is a line of rope that you can use to crawl across to a ledge at the back of the room (or you could just fly across). When you reach the other side, Stan is on the floor with a piece of Lego on him. Destroy the Lego so he can get up.
Rapturous Rise
When you reach the tail section of the broken plane, Stan is trapped behind a fire, on the left. Put the flames out to save Stan.
Magnetic Personality
During the level you will need to use a control panel to move a rotating tube outside of the room you are in. Above the control panel there is a silver roof. Use Explosives to destroy the roof and Stan will drop out.
A Doom With A View
During the boss battle, at the end of the level, look for a claw switch on the right side of the room. This will release some bricks that you can build into a control panel. Use the panel to beam Stan up.
The Good, The Bad, And The Hungry
When you come to use the fourth team of heroes, head to the left and you will find Stan stuck in a plane. Have Sandman use the sand pit beside it, and he will help Stan get out.

Bonus Levels

Tabloid Tidy Up
You can see Stan stuck under a pile of rubbish, on the right hand side of the room. Use the dig spot to dig him out.
Feeling Fisky
Put out the flames in the fireplace, on the right side of the room.
House Party Protocol
Go to the far right side of the room and you will see Stan stuck behind some gold bars. Use a laser to cut him out.
A Shock Withdrawal
When you defeat Electro, the safe will open and you can see Stan inside. Have Magneto remove the cage around him so he can escape.
Nuff Said
At the very back of the room, there is a door that has a blue bar blocking it. Have Magneto remove the bar to free Stan.
Put Up Your Dukes
Behind Blob’s running machine you can see Stan stuck under a bar bell. Have Magneto remove the bar bell, to free Stan.
Stunt Show Surprise
On the right side of the ring, there is a spot for you to use Super Sense. This will reveal two red hooks that you can pull, which will in turn reveal a gold wall. Cut through the gold wall and you will get some bricks. Build those into a top hat, then use telekinesis to shake Stan out of the hat.
Reptilian Ruckus
When Lizard runs of into the greenhouse on the left, head inside and find the dig spot in the corner. You will dig up some bricks that you can build into a pad for Mister Fantastic. He will give the large plant next to the pad a little squeeze, and Stan will pop out.
Stranger Danger
In the bathroom, when you have gotten Doormammu out of the shower, use Super Sense to reveal two hooks on the light. Pull the light down and you can fly up into a new room. Destroy the silver padlock on the box in the corner and Stan will jump out.
The Thrill Of The Chess
When you reach the cell block, charge the lightening switch on the left to open the cell door and release Stan.
Use Magnetic Powers on the giant, blue mouth, on the right side of the gate. When it’s open wide, Stan will jump out.


After completing Bifrosty Reception, approach the X-Mansion and you will find the Stan Lee trapped behind the flames. Have Jean Grey use her mind control to take control of Stan by pressing B when stood a short distance in front of him. You can then make him build the pipes beside him. When the pipes are built, you can then use mind control to turn the pink valve on the pipes, which will turn on the sprinkler system and save Stan Lee.
Marvel Comics H.Q.
Stan is stood outside the office block, desperate to get in. Use mind control on the guard inside the building and have him pull the switch on the left, to let Stan in.
Central Park
Use Super Sense on the pile of chess pieces, next to the circus. You can then pull the hook to pull all the pieces off of Stan.
Industrial District
You will find Stan drinking goo from a vending machine. He will turn into Hulk Stan, so have one of your strong characters beat him up. When he calms down and returns to normal size, you will have helped him.
Washington Heights
This time Stan is caught on the end of a hose, flailing about. Melt the ice on the claw switch nearby, then use it to save him.
Stan is unwittingly standing under a crane and it’s load. Fly up to the driver’s cabin on the crane, and use the claw switch to move the load so it won’t fall on Stan.
Empire State Building
A gorilla has Stan on top of the building. Beat the gorilla up to save Stan.
Helicarrier Deck
There is a robot swinging Stan about like a chew toy, hovering above the deck. Use your laser to cut it down.
Central Park
In the animal enclosure, you will find Stan buried in the sand. Dig him up while fighting off the goons.
Industrial District
Stan has gotten himself stuck on top of a tall chimney. Smash the cracked wall, halfway down the chimney.
Central Park
Stan is stuck in the large pond. Use Magnetic Powers to throw him the life preserver.
Financial Dirstict
Stan is stuck in a taxi, up a tree, in a park. Destroy the tree the taxi is resting on, to free Stan.
Fogwell’s Gym
Stan is stuck underneath a massive bar bell weight. Have one of your strong characters lift it off him.
Industrial District
Stan has been tied to the train track. Use Magnetic Powers to free him.
Upper East Side
Stan is on a boat that is surrounded by sharks. Fire at all three sharks to destroy them.
The Raft
Stan is stuck in a cell. Destroy the cracked wall to break him out.
Stan had an accident while having a barbecue. Put out the flames to help him out.
Central Park
Back in the animal enclosure, Stan is now stuck in a clown car. Pull the red hook on the door to help him get out.
Financial District
Stan has his head stuck in a post. Destroy the post box to free him.
Liberty Island
Look for Stan in Liberty’s torch. Put out the flames to help him down.
Upper West Side
Stan is being beaten up like a common nerd. Defeat the Sandman Goons before they give him a wedgie.
Roxxon Power Station
Stan is getting electrocuted in front of the power station. Fly up above Stan to find a switch, which will turn off the electricity.
Stan is floating on a balloon, above the circus tent. Shoot the balloon to get him down.
Deadpool’s Room (Helicarrier)
Stan is stuck under a box. Destroy the box to help him get up.

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