Lego Marvel Superheroes Red Brick Guide


Unlike other Lego games, most of the red bricks must be found while playing the bonus levels in free-play mode. Four are unlocked at the start of the game and can be bought as soon as you have enough studs. Eleven more must be found in bonus levels before you can purchase it. Each bonus level has a requirement that must be met, before you can play it. Most levels require a certain amount of gold bricks, while a few will need you to complete the story, or are unlocked automatically.

When you have played through a level in story mode, go to the map and select the level you want to replay in free-play mode. Once you are in free-play, you can then find the red brick hidden in the level. When you have found a red brick, you can then purchase it on board the helicarrier. Head to Deadpool’s room and access the screen in the middle of the back wall. You can then buy any red brick that you have unlocked, provided you have enough studs to pay for it.

Studs X2
Cost: 1,000,000
Automatically Unlocked
Studs X4
Cost: 2,000,000
Tabloid Tidy Up (Daily Bugle – 10 Gold Bricks) – Inside the office on the left, use telekinesis to place the correct trophy on the shelf, in the right place. Match the base of the trophy with the stand, and when all three are in place, you will get the brick.
Studs X6
Cost: 3,000,000
Feeling Fisky (Fisk Tower – 50 Gold Bricks) – Use telekinesis on Kingpin’s portrait at the back of the room, then destroy the golden door on the safe behind it.
Studs X8
Cost: 4,000,000
Reptilian Ruckus (Reptile House – 125 Gold Bricks) – Down by the water’s edge, there is a lightening switch. Charge this turn on the sprinklers above you and the plants will grow, one of which is a large blue one with the red brick inside. Have Magneto open the flower so you can collect the brick.
Studs X10
Cost: 5,000,000
House Party Protocol (Stark Tower – Complete Story Mode) – Behind Hulk there is a small gold object, to the left of the stairs. Destroy this to get a purple stick that you can use telekinesis on. As you are holding the stick up, move it around the piñata and the stick will hit it. When you have a few hits in, you will reveal the red brick.
Cost: 300,000
Automatically Unlocked
Gold Brick Detector
Cost: 200,000
Nuff Said (Marvel H.Q. – 20 Gold Bricks) – At the back of the room, on the right, there is a picture of Dead Pool on the wall. However, three pieces of the picture are lying on the floor in front of it. Use telekinesis to put those pieces back in place.
Minikit Detector
Cost: 200,000
Put Up Your Dukes (Fogwell’s Gym – 75 Gold Bricks) – On the left side of the gym there is a small panel on the wall. Access the panel and pump the X button, to lower a punch bag. When Captain America hits the bag, the brick will appear.
Mini Characters
Cost: 100,000
Bro-Tunhei (Industrial District (Next to Bifrosty Reception level) – 200 Gold Bricks) – To the left of the gate, there is a wall of ice. Melt the ice and the brick will drop out.
Collect Ghost Studs
Cost: 100,000
A Shock Withdrawal (Federal Bank – Automatically Unlocked) – Destroy the pile of gold ingots and coins, to the left of the van Electro stands on.
Fast Build
Cost: 100,000
Stranger Danger (Sanctum Sanatorium – 150 Gold Bricks ) – In the attic, have Sandman slip through the sand on the right hand wall. In this new room, use telekinesis to open the chest, then destroy the object on your right. Build the bricks into a tree, then pull the red hook on the parcel that drops out.
Attract Studs
Cost: 600,000
Stunt Show Surprise (Circus – 100 Gold Bricks) – At the back of the room there is a blue cage that Magneto can open to collect the brick.
Character Token Detector
Cost: 800,000
The Thrill Of The Chess (The Raft – 175 Gold Bricks) – When you reach the cell block, destroy the lockers on the right hand wall, then have Venom slide through to collect the brick.
Festive Hats
Cost: 100,000
Automatically Unlocked
Extra Hearts
Cost: 100,000
Automatically Unlocked

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