Lego Marvel Superheroes Bonus Level Guide

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There are 12 bonus levels that you can play through, and all have a story mode and a freeplay mode, just like the normal levels. This guide will tell you how to complete the levels, where to find them, how to unlock them, and how many studs you need to reach True Believer. If you need help with any of the collectibles, such as character tokens, Deadpool red bricks, and Stan Lee in Peril, then check our other guides available.

A Shock Withdrawal

Unlock Requirements – None
Location – Federal Bank
True Believer – 45,000

Before entering this level, you will need to complete a small puzzle. Beside the entrance to the federal bank, there is a panel. When you access the panel you will see eight black squares on a screen. You need to complete this small game of pairs to open the door. You can have as many tried as you need to find all four pairs, by clicking on the squares to reveal the images. When you have found all four pairs, you can then build the pile of gold bricks (if you have enough) and open the door.
You need to rescue three citizens before you can deal with Electro In the back, right hand corner there is a person stuck under a fallen chandelier. You can use your webs to reach this person without getting electrocuted. When you get to them, use your Super Sense to reveal a hook on the chandelier. You can then use the hook to pull it off them.
There is another citizen stuck on the desks, on the left. You can destroy objects around the desks that can be rebuilt into a bridge, leading from the citizen to the stairs. You will need to stand on the desks when rebuilding the bricks so you don’t get electrocuted. To finish his path to safety, destroy the large dollar sign and rebuild that into the last part of his bridge.
The last citizen is on the right, underneath the exit. There is a shield switch on the wall that Captain America can use to free the guy, but he can’t get out because of the electrified water. Have iron Man fly into the room with the citizen, then destroy all the objects in there with him. You can then rebuild the bricks into a trampoline for the guy to escape.
You can now begin to deal with Electro and the prisoners that will attack you. Head over to Electro and he will grab the character you are controlling. You can then press Y to switch to another character, and hit Electro to finish him off.
You will now be faced with Shocker, but he is a straight forward fight. Get your hits in, and if he jumps up onto the van, fly up and get another hit in.

House Party Protocol

Unlock Requirements – Complete story mode
Location – Stark Tower
True Believer – 90,000

There’s a party in Stark Tower, but it’s not jumpin’. You need to find a way to liven up the party. Start by approaching Hulk and he will tell you that he broke the speaker, so there’s no music. To the right of the pile of broken speakers, there is a gold panel above an elevator door, hidden behind a “Stark” sign. Destroy the sign and remove the gold panel to get some bricks. Build those bricks and the elevator will arrive, bringing with it a grey crate. Destroy the crate to get the last bricks you need to rebuild the speakers.
To the left of Hulk, and just behind him, there are three grey crates. Destroy these and you can rebuild the bricks into a set of decks. When they’re complete Fury will start laying the tracks down, and people will start to dance.
Just to the right of the decks, there is a door barred by silver. Destroy the silver bar and you will find a panel behind the door. When you access the panel, you will see a screen with four dots on it. Pay attention to the order in which the dots light up. You must then repeat the pattern by clicking on the dots in order. This will get a disco ball started, so now we have lights too.
With all things in place for a great party, you will finally get a dance floor. When you are shown the dance floor, you will see that some of the squares light up. Take note of the order because you will need to jump on each square in turn to follow the pattern. Do this three times and all the Iron Mans will start to boogie.

Tabloid Tidy Up

Unlock Requirements – 10 Gold Bricks
Location – Daily Bugle
True Believer – 25,000

You are here to tidy up the mess Doctor Octopus made when he attacked the bugle. You have five tasks to complete to return a sense of order to the office.
To start the clean up, look above the door behind you and you will see a silver valve. Have Coulson fire a shot at it and build the bricks you get into a fire extinguisher. You can jump on the gold valve to release jets of water, which will put out the fire on the left. When all the flames are out, you will have completed the first task.
On the far left side of the room, there are many Lego objects and a couple of silver objects. You can destroy all of these and be given bricks that you can build into new objects to repair the damage. You can build new doors for the office in the corner, replace the broken wall and window, and build a new photocopier.
Finally, to the left of where the fire was, you will see a spot for Doctor Octopus to use his Super Sense. This will reveal two red hooks. Doctor Octopus can pull these (you may need to target one first) This will give you some bricks that you can build into a floor cleaner. Dotted around the room there are a few piles of rubbish. Use the floor cleaner to go over each pile and clean it up. You can follow the trail of studs from one pile to another to make sure you get them all. It helps to have removed all Lego objects from the area first so you can see clearly where each pile is. When the last pile is clean, you will have completed the level, and can now buy the X4 red brick.

Nuff Said

Unlock Requirements – 20 Gold Bricks
Location – Marvel H.Q.
True Believer – 40,000

Destroy the desk in front of the screen, and all the objects on it. You can then rebuild the bricks into a panel that Mister Fantastic can. You will be shown a screen with four angles parts on it. You must turn the parts to create a complete circuit from left to right. When you do, the security gates will come down, allowing you to move forward.
At the top of the stairs there will be some loose bricks in front of you. You can build these into a large bird house that Vulture will land on, electrocuting him when he does. As he flies off, some more bricks will fall down on the right. You can build these into a grate for Mister fantastic to reach a ledge, up on the right side of the room. Up here you will find a grab rail at the end. Jump onto this, then switch to Spiderman.
Use Spiderman’s webs to reach another ledge, up on the left side of the room. You can then grab the other rail at the end to uncover a portrait. Use your Super Sense on the portrait to reveal two hooks. Pull on those to pull the picture down. As the picture breaks, you will get some Lego bricks that you can build into a large cut out of Iron Man. This will bring Vulture down and get another hit in.
After Vulture has broken the Iron Man picture, you will get some more bricks that you can build into a panel for Mister Fantastic. When you use the panel, ow will create a hologram of Captain America. Vulture will fly down and destroy this too, hurting himself again when he does.
Once again, you will be given some more bricks that you can build into a pump. Jump on the orange button a few times to inflate Thor. As Vulture attacks Thor, he will hurt himself again and give you one last pile of bricks. You can build these into a pad for Mister fantastic to use to turn himself into a bird’s nest. This will finish Vulture off once and for all.

Feeling Fisky

Location – Fisk Tower
Unlock Requirements – 50 Gold Bricks
True Believer – 50,000

In front of the man strapped to the table, there are some Lego objects that have a slight glow. Destroy those and rebuild the parts into a pool table. You will then need to destroy the plant pots and sofa in the right hand corner of the room. These can then be built into a pad for Captain America to reflect the laser up onto the red lightening switch on the wall above you.
With the laser taken care of, Spiderman can use his Super Sense to reveal two hooks above the man on the table’s head. Pull those to free him and Daredevil will appear on the scene, along with Kingpin, and a bunch of his henchmen.
While dealing with the henchmen, Elektra will also appear. You will need to be careful when fighting Elektra. There are four trap doors in the floor that you can fall through if they are opened. Throw Daredevil’s Bo Staff at her whenever she stands still.
When you have defeated her, you will then have to face Bullseye and even more henchmen. When you have thinned the ranks of henchmen, you can start to deal with Bullseye. Get one hit in and he will jump on top of a gun. You can destroy the guns by throwing Daredevil’s Bo Staff at it, and get a hit in on Bullseye as you do. He will then jump to another gun, where you can do the same as you just did with the last one, and take him out completely.
When you destroyed the two guns, they each left behind some bricks. You can build those into two hooks that you can use to pull down the glass that Kingpin is hiding behind. He will come out and jump around a bit, knocking down some more bricks as he does. You can build those bricks into a paddle, that will release the chandelier above his head when you turn it.
As Kingpin jumps to the side, you will see that he damages the chain of the chandelier he is now stood beneath. You can throw the Bo Staff or Captain America’s shield at the chain to drop this one on his head too.
When he jumps underneath the last chandelier, you will be given a spot for a Super Sense to be used. When you do, you will see that there are two red hooks on the chandelier. If you get too close to Kingpin while trying to pull the hooks, he will knock you back, out of range of the hooks. You can target one of the hooks, and Spiderman will start to pull on both. When you pull this one down onto Kingpin’s head, you will complete the level.

Put Up Your Dukes

Location – Fogwell’s Gym
Unlock Requirements – 75 Gold Bricks
True Believer – 25,000

On the left there are two water coolers. Destroy them and rebuild the bricks into a large glass with a straw. You can then use your Super Sense to climb the wall and destroy some vending machines. When you have done that, drop back down and build the bricks into a water cannon. You must then use the water cannon to fill the glass. Finally, use your telekinesis to lift the glass into the ring.
For the next snack, there is a small running machine on the back wall (next to Stan who is stuck under a bar bell), that you can use telekinesis on to turn the speed up to max. When it reaches maximum speed, the running machine will explode and you can build the parts into an oven. You will get a nice dish of healthy vegetables from the oven, which you can lift into the ring.
To the left of the ring, and just behind it, there is a grey fridge with flowers on it. Use telekinesis to open the fridge and get a layer of food out. Now go to the left corner of the room, where you will find two more fridges, one has green arms, the other has Wolverine claws on it. Open both of these to get two more layers of food. You can then place the medium sized layer onto the larger one, and the little one on top. Now you just need to move it into the ring.

Stunt Show Surprise 

Location – Circus
Unlock Requirements – 100 Gold Bricks
True Believer – 25,000

To the right of the shark pool there is a red box that is jumping around. Have Hawkeye shoot an explosive arrow at the silver padlock. You can then hit Nightmare to take him out.
With him out of the way, have Iceman put out the green flames, and build the uncovered Lego bricks. Long story short, you will get a puddle that you can freeze into a ramp that Ghost Rider will use. He will launch himself up onto a ledge on the left.
Head to the left where you will find two wooden crates. Destroy those and rebuild the bricks to complete the strength tester. When this explodes, you can then build a trampoline out of it’s parts. Use the trampoline to get to the ledge above and fire and fire three arrows into the jumping box by pressing the B button. When Nightmare pops out, hit him again.
Bring Iceman up onto the ledge and have him put out the flames. You can then build another ramp out of the bricks you are given. When Ghost Rider has made another jump, have Iceman put out the flames on the box below. You can then build a red hook onto the side of the box, that Hawkeye can pull.
Nightmare will pop out of the box and start riding around on a go-kart. Hit him a few times to destroy his go-kart, which you can rebuild into a little cannon. Fire the cannon by hitting the target on the front, which will fire three shots at the wall. You can then put an arrow into each of the impacts and use the jump poles to reach the upper level.
When you are up, use the rope hanging down, to climb to the ledge above. Here you can destroy the clown’s metal teeth with explosive arrows, then jump on the plunger behind them raise a final ramp for Ghost Rider to use. When he jumps off the ramp, he will knock Nightmare down. You can then go down and give him one last hit to finish him off for good.

Reptilian Ruckus

Location – Reptile House
Unlock Requirements – 125 Gold Bricks
True Believer – 45,000

When you start this level, walk forwards and jump down off the edge of the level you are on. Head to the right and use Super Sense to reveal a red hook, which you can pull to get a couple of bricks. You can then get Thing to smash through the cracked wall, to get some more bricks, which you can build to drain the water. You can then get Thing to jump down and hit Lizard.
When Curt Connors runs off, he will change back into Lizard. Go after him and use Super Sense in front of the glass Lizard just jumped through. Pull the red hooks you just revealed, then build the bricks into a pair of green handles for you to pull. Lizard will then jump out and you can hit him again.
Go after him again and use your Super Sense to reveal more hooks. Pull on them and Lizard will come out swinging. Hit him once more and you’ve completed the level.

Stranger Danger

Location – Sanctum Sanctorium
Unlock Requirements – 150 Gold Bricks
True Believer – 40,000

Use telekinesis on the clock, beside the door that Doormammu went through. Use it twice to destroy the clock completely, then rebuild the remaining bricks into a handle for the door, so it will open.
In the next room, use telekinesis on the shower curtain and three objects will be thrown over it. Destroy all three object, then rebuild the bricks into a cistern for the toilet. You can then use telekinesis to flush the toilet, which will give you a mallet. Use the mallet on the wooden beams to the left of the shower. Once you have destroyed the beams, have Human Torch blow up the boiler and Doormammu will pop out and run off again.
Follow Doormammu into the next room, the destroy the gold top of the desk. This will give you some bricks that you can use to build the rest of the piano, which will start to play and give you a switch. Pull the switch and Doormammu will run off again.
Follow Doormammu into the attic, and find the skeleton dangling down on the left. Use telekinesis to pull the skeleton and you will find Doctor Strange inside a mirror. He will show you three objects in the room that you have to destroy, to release him. The three objects are a golden orbs that are hidden inside the furniture. Hit each piece of furniture to get the orbs to come out, then destroy the orbs. (The three pieces of furniture you need to hit are a vase, a wardrobe, and a chest)
With Doctor Strange now free, head downstairs to face Doormammu. Each time you hit him, he will disappear and send skeletons after you. Destroy each wave of skeletons, hitting Doormammu in between. When you have hit him six times, you will complete the level.

The Thrill Of The Chess

Location – The Raft
Unlock Requirements – 175 Gold Bricks
True Believer – 35,000

Have Magneto remove the barrier on your right, then rotate the blue bar on the wall behind it, to open a door to the next room.
When you are in the cell block, switch to Mystique and press and hold B for just a second, to disguise yourself. You can then walk forward and enter the lift behind the motion sensor laser. When you are at the top, destroy the panel on the wall, beside the lift. This will turn of the sensor so Magneto can come up in the lift too. You can then clear the debris in front of the right hand cell, and turn the bar on the door to open it.
Hit Mysterio so he moves to another cell, then destroy the TV in your current cell. This will give you some bricks that you can build into a switch. Pull the switch and a couple of cells will partially open, including the one Mysterio is in. You can then go down and have Magneto hit the target above the cell door to open it. You can get another hit in on Mysterio and he will move again.
Turn the blue valve on the wall of the cell you are in, then head back up in the lift to build the bricks onto the wall, creating a grab rail. When you jump up and grab the rail, the cell will open and you can get your last hit into Mysterio, and end the level.


Location – Industrial District (Next to Bifrosty Reception Level)
Unlock Requirements – 200 Gold Bricks
True Believer – 35,000

Just behind you at the start of the level, there is a small pool of water. Have Loki freeze it, then use telekinesis to smash through a barrier and make a ramp.
Head up the ramp and an object will drop down, giving you some bricks to build into a heater and a lightening switch. Charge the switch to stoke the fire and the fire will spread. Have Loki put it out, which will crack the wall, allowing Thor to smash it. Loki can then raise a block out of the ground, which he can use to reach the ledge above.
When you are on the ledge, walk along it until you reach the chain. You can then use telekinesis to lower the gate a little.
Switch to Thor and fly up onto the right hand side, where you will see a white glow. Have Thor smash down through this glowing part of the floor, then turn the paddle underneath to remove a barrier. With the barrier out the way, head up the path and get Thor to stand on the black block which will lower, creating a way for Loki to get up to the ledge above. You can then move forward, carefully so you don’t fall down, and use telekinesis to lower the gate all the way.
When you have done that, Malekith will appear and you can begin to fight him. When you approach Malekith, he will rise up on a platform. Kill a few Ice Giants, then throw your hammer at the platform Malekith is standing on, three times. This will knock him down so you can get a punch in. Repeat this process twice more to defeat him.

The Brick Apple

This is a bonus level with a difference. You will find yourself in a miniature New York, and you must collect 1,000,000 studs as quickly as you can. This sounds hard but it isn’t. You will get studs for everything you do, and lots of them. There are more than a million studs that can be collected, so just go nuts and destroy everything. The first time you play, you will only be able to use Galactus and Doctor Doom. But, after that, you will be able to go through the level in free play.



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  2. I have played the brick apple but never have unlocked free play can someone tell me how to unlock free play

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    How do I unlock free play on the brick apple? I already have all the characters including Stan lee and dead pool.

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