L.A. Noire Complete Case Guide – Patrol


L.A. Noire is a great game and getting 5 stars on all cases can be a real challenge. To aid you in this challenge, here is a complete guide to all the cases on the patrol desk. Technically, you do not get a star rating for the cases completed on the patrol desk, but for those who still want to find all the clues and get all their interview questions right, this guide will help you. There are also 13 newspapers that can be found throughout the game, all of them within locations accessed through the cases. For this reason, they are included in the guide. This guide is designed to be follow step-by-step. Following steps out of sequence could result in you being unable to 5 star a case. For example, finding a specific clue can trigger a cut scene which will take you away form a crime scene, meaning you can’t find any of the other clues there. Try to follow the guide as closely as you can so you don’t have to repeat cases later.

Warrants Outstanding

There are no clues, newspapers, or interviews on this case.

Upon Reflection

Alleyway Crime Scene

Newspaper: Go near the back of the alley and look on some crates beside the stairs on the right.
Bloodstain: On the back wall of the alley, check the bloodstain on the door.
Smith & Wesson Gun: Near the bloodstain on the door, just to the left of it, you will get a vibration telling you there is a clue. Press A and you will see a gun on the roof. Follow your partner around the corner and you can climb a drainpipe to get up onto the roof and collect the gun. When examining the gun, turn it over so you can see the left side of the gun. Here you will find a serial number.


Gunstore Ledger: After speaking to the store clerk you will be given access to the ledger. Open it up and find an entry with the serial number S71893.
Objective: Investigate Shroeder’s apartment.

Shroeder’s Apartment

Shroeder’s Notebook: After bringing down Shroeder, look in the draw where he said the gun was supposed to be. Here you will find a notebook. Open it and check through a couple of pages.

Armed & Dangerous

There are no clues, newspapers, or interviews on this case.

Buyer Beware

Nunn Bush Shoes

Shooting: You will get this automatically upon arriving at the scene.
.32 Shell Casings: Approach the kerb near the body and you will find this clue.
Layaway Voucher: Examine the body and you will find the voucher in his jacket pocket.
FN Browning Handgun: Search in the bin near the shell casings.
Clovis Galleta
Eyewitness account: Lie/Layaway Voucher
Possible murder suspect: Doubt
Suspect possitively identified: You will get this from picking the right options when interviewing Clovis.
Possible religious motives: This also comes from the right moves when interviewing Clovis.
Details of shooting: Truth

Eagleson’s Gun Store

Murder weapon serviced: Gained automatically after speaking to the clerk.

Hartfield’s Jewelry Store

After speaking to the man behind the counter, he will run. Chase Mr Kalou until you come to a road with a school bus on it. Here you can press and hold LT to aim your gun at him. Keep it held while aiming at him and the circle around your target will fill. When it fills up, Phelps will fire a warning shot and stop him in his track.

Whilshire Police Station

Edgar Kalou
Arguement with Gage: Lie/Suspect positively identified
Possible religious motive: Doubt


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