L.A. Noire Complete Case Guide – Arson


L.A. Noire is a great game and getting 5 stars on all cases can be a real challenge. To aid you in this challenge, here is a complete guide to all the cases on the ad vice desk. There are also 13 newspapers that can be found throughout the game, all of them within locations accessed through the cases. For this reason, they are included in the guide. This guide is designed to be follow step-by-step. Following steps out of sequence could result in you being unable to 5 star a case. For example, finding a specific clue can trigger a cut scene which will take you away form a crime scene, meaning you can’t find any of the other clues there. Try to follow the guide as closely as you can so you don’t have to repeat cases later.

The Gas Man

Steffens House Fire

Heater serviced by Ryan: On the left side of the house if the charred remains of an Instaheat box. Check it to see who services it last.
Don Steffens
Competition Tickets: Speak to Mr Steffens to get this.
Travel competition: Truth.
Suburban Redevelopment: Ask about the travel competition.
Suburban redevelopment: Doubt.
Use the phone to get an address for the suburban redevelopment fund.

Gulliver’s Travel Agency

Speak to the travel agent and he will give you a register to look at. Check the Steffens listing.
John Cunningham
Suburban Redevelopment: Truth.
Promotional travel contest: Doubt.

Sawyer House Fire

When you arrive on scene you will have a little chat with the fire chief, then you need to talk to the coroner.
Regulator Valve: On the path on the front, right corner of the house.
After finding the valve you will chat with a neighbour. The chief will then spot a suspicious man across the street. You must chase after him and take him down. You will then return to the scene.

Suburban Development

Not much to do here so move on.

Fire Station 32

Walk over to the desk and you will chat with the fire chief.
Instaheat Model 70: You will get this from talking to the fire chief.
Heater serviced by Varley: You will get this from talking to the fire chief.
Now you will have to solve a puzzle. Place the object with the up-pipe on the left, the one with the blue valve in the middle, and the one with the balloon on the right. Pull the lever when you are ready.

Instaheat Factory

Speak to the receptionist and she will tell you to talk to Mr Rasic.
Ivan Rasic
InstaHeat Model 70: Doubt.
Ivan Rasic’s Statment: You will get this when you ask about the InstaHeat Model 70.
Heater service history: Lie/Heater serviced by Ryan/Varley.
After you have asked your questions, Rasic will give you a list of all their installers.
List of gas fitters: You will get this after interviewing Rasic.
Use the phone in Rasic’s office to check up on some of the people on the list.
Varley’s Criminal Record: You will get this when you call the station to check on the list of names.
Ryan’s Criminal Record: As above.
Clemens’ Criminal Record: As above.
Now talk to Rasic again.
Interview Walter Clemens
Interrogate Matthew Ryan
Interrogate Reginald Varley
Follow Mr Rasic to the employees lockers.
Clemens’ anarchist pamphlet: Can be found in one of the lockers.
Ryan’s anarchist pamphlet: Can be found in one of the lockers.
Mosquito coils: Can be found in one of the lockers.

Clemens’ Worksite

Walter Clemens
Knowledge of Varley: Doubt.
Walter Clemens’ statement: You will get this after asking about Varley.
Employment with InstaHeat: Doubt.
Knowledge of Ryan: Lie/Anarchist pamphlet.

Varley’s Worksite

Varley will run when you get to him so chase after him and get in a warning shot to make him stop. Head over to Ryan’s worksite now.

Ryan’s Worksite

Just as Varley did, Ryan will run too. This time you will need to chase him in the car.

Wilshire Police Station

Speak to Ryan in interview room 1 first.
Matthew Ryan
Anarchist literature: Lie/Ryan’s anarchist pamphlet.
InstaHeat Model 70: Lie/Ivan Rasic’s statement.
Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt.
Matthew Ryan’s Statement: You will get this when asking him about the suburban redevelopment.
Attempted murder charge: Lie/Ryan’s criminal record.
Don’t charge him. Go and talk to Varley before making a choice of who to charge.
Walter Varley

Work at Sawyer residence: Lie/‘Serviced by Varley’ entry.
Suburban redevelopment: Lie/Either Matthew Ryan’s statement or Walter Clemens statement.
InstaHeat Model 70: Lie/Mosquito coils.
Charge Matthew Ryan to close the case.

A Walk in Elysian Fields

House Fire

Follow the coroner inside.
Bodies Moved: You will get this after talking to the coroner and fire chief.
Family photograph: On the floor, opposite the family.
Examine the bodies, then watch the cut scene and head outside.After another chat with your partner, look for more clues.
Water Heater: Outside, down the right side of the house, is another charred InstaHeat.
Newspaper: On the lawn, in the right side of the front garden.
Cigarette butts: In the neighbour’s garden (on the left of the burnt house), under a tree in the front garden.
Boot prints: Next to the cigarette butts.
Dudley Forman
Weekend away: You will get this when you first talk to Forman.
Morelli fire witness report: Doubt.
Houses to be demolished: Ask for a witness report.
Suspicious activity: Doubt.
Planned demolitions: Doubt.
Promotions travel contest: Truth.
Origami Crane: You will get this when Biggs returns to you.
Elysian Field Flyers: You will get this when you open the origami crane.
Now use the phone to get an address for the Elysian Fields developers.

Rancho Escondido

When you get there you will need to quieten a few people down. Knock a few out and that will sort ‘em out. Now have a look around for some clues.
Poor Cement Quality: Look at the side of the house you first start on. Find the chimney and check the bricks beside that for a loose one.
Biggs seems to agree that a visit to Elysian is warranted, albeit reluctantly.

Elysian Fields

Speak to the receptionist and she will send you up to see Monroe. Head upstairs to see another receptionist.
Leland Monroe
Elysian linked to arsons: Doubt.
Promotional travel contest: Lie/Elysian fields flyers.
Local land acquisitions: Doubt.
Rancho Escondido Fire: Lie/Poor cement.
List of contractors: check the paper on the secretary’s desk on the way out. Look at the name Herbert Chapman on the list (#3).
There is a phone on the ground floor, behind the green double doors. Use it to get the address you need. After a cut scene you will eventually get the address you need.

Chapman’s Apartment

When you get to the apartment, you will find out that Chapman isn’t there. You can however, search his car.
Mosquito coils: Open the rear door of the car and you will see it.
.45 caliber ammunition: Next to the mosquito coil.
Chapman will take control of a tram and you will need to chase after it and stop him. When you stop the tram, Chapman will jump out and start shooting. Take him down to close the case.

House of Sticks

California Life & Fire

Settlement letter: You will have the letter in front of you after the cut scene.
Buchwalter case file: Kelso will get the case file for you.
Elsa Lichtmann

Disputed claim payout: Doubt.
Connection to Buchwalter: Doubt.
Motive for dispute: Truth.
Slip of paper: Elsa will give this to Kelso during the cut scene.
Follow the secretary upstairs to Benson’s office.

Elysian Fields Site

When you get there, go into the office and look for clues.
Cement Delivery Receipt: This is on the desk on the left.
Demolition order: On the far desk near the file cabinets.
Company Memo: Next to the demolition order.
When you leave the office, a man will come along and give you some lip. Knock him out. After you give him a good licking, he will point you in the right direction.

Demolished House

Broken wood: Go round the back of the house and check out the red flag there.
You will need to find the piece of wood with the rest of the words “Keystone Films’ on it. When you find the right one, a bulldozer will start chasing you down. Run! This can be tricky as the bulldozer can move quicker than you. Turn around and fire at the bulldozer from time to time to slow it down. There is a phone nearby that you can use to get this address

Keystone Films

After another scene, jump over the gate to get in.
Lumber delivery receipt: Head all the way around the building on the right until you see piles of lumber. The receipt is on one of the smaller piles.
Inferior quality lumber: Check a pile of lumber near the receipt.
Film canister: On a table, inside the building on the left.
Head over to a box in the middle of the room and open it to find a projector. You must operate it to watch the film. Fine tune the focus by turning the top dial to the right a bit. Now slow the film down with the next dial down. Finally, flip the switch at the bottom to get the film running in the right direction.
Film: You will get this after watching the film.
Use the phone in the security hut to phone Benson.

The Blue Room

You don’t need to do anything other than watch the cut scene here.

Elysian Fields Site Two

When you arrive on site, you will notice a light on in one of the houses across the street. Go to the house and head upstairs to take a look around. Some bad guys will jump you and you get into a fight. You will be able to take one down but the other two will best you. Eventually, you will get free.
All you need to do here is find a car, any car, and drive! Drive like the devil is on your heels and lose all the bad guys tailing you. Use alleyways and you should shake them easily. When you have lost them, head to Elsa’s apartment. When you reach Elsa’s place, it’s case closed.

A Polite Invitation

Inferior lumber: You will get this with the case.
Redevelopment fund: You will get this one too.

Curtis Benson’s Apartment

Before heading up the stairs, check the mailbox to find out which apartment you need. You are looking for #2. Now go up the stairs and head to the left. When you get into his apartment you can look around for clues.
Insurance agreement: On the desk in the corner of the main room.
Share certificate: On the dining table, in a file.
Curtis Benson
Motive for fraud: Lie/Share certificate.
Suburban redevelopment: Lie/Insurance agreement.
Buchwalter case settlement: Doubt.

California Fire & Life

Go up to your desk to look at the case file. Turn right when you leave the elevator to find your office.
Improved land value: Inside the file on your desk, look at the pink slip of paper inside it. Tap on the line that says ‘Development’.
Buchwalter case file: Open the file up again, as you did in the previous case, and look at the coordinates in the top right hand corner of the blueprints.

Hall of Records

Speak to the guy behind the desk and he will direct you to the Land Registry Office upstairs. Speak to another guy behind a desk and follow him. He will lead you to a register.   Turn the page and find the Suburban redevelopment fun on the other page. Now tap the name C.Sheldon.
You need to follow the clerk again and he will lead you to a map. Turn the left dial for the latitude, using the left stick on your controller. Turn it to 34’04’29. Now turn the right dial for the longitude, using your right stick, to 118’17’58. Match up with the coordinates you found on the blueprints in the file on your desk.
Elysian lot number 1876988: Find the coordinates on the map.
Follow the guy again to a new machine. Here you need to divide your lot number by 90,000. When you have done this, the other guy will tell you to find the right letter of the alphabet, which is ‘U’.
Elysian lot number 1876988 (updated): When you divide 1876988 by 90,000 you will get this clue update.
Find the bookshelf marked with a ‘U’ and you will pull out another register. Find the entry that matches your lot number. When you find the right entry, more bad guys will come along and force a shoot out. Take them down to move on.

Kelso’s Apartment

Go into Jack’s apartment and answer the phone.

Leland Monroe’s Apartment

When you get to Monroe’s, you will find a posse ready and waiting. You will need to fight your way in to get to Monroe. Fight your way through the grounds and the house until you get to Monroe’s office.
Check the safe and you will find:
Share certificates,
A green notebook with the entire payroll on it,
A file about Dr Fontaine
Newspaper: On the table behind Monroe’s desk.
Next to the paper is a photograph worth looking at.
To end the case, check the folder on Monroe’s desk.

A Different Kind of War

Rapid Exterminators

Speak to the guy behind the desk and ask about the arsonist.
Newspaper: On the desk in front of you, when you are done talking to the guy behind the desk.

Nuclear Bug & Rodent Control

Talk to the guy here and he will tell you that he does not know the guy you are after. Head to the next location.

Westlake Pest Control

Speak to the guy here, behind the desk, and he will give you some information that will help you out. However, you will find yourself taken to a different location after a cut scene.

Dr Fontaine’s Office

You are now back in control of Cole. Follow your partner into the building.
Newspaper: On Fontaine’s Desk
Morphine Cabinet: In the room before Fontaine’s office, there is a grey medicine cabinet. Check inside for the morphine.
Crystal Ball: On the floor in front of the large white wall cabinet.
Fontaine’s Blackmail Letters: Near the crystal ball there is file on a low table. Check the second page.
Freeway Route: On Fontaine’s desk. Use the charcoal op the paper to uncover it, then overlay the map with the newspaper cutting.
When you are finished with the map, everything will be made clear by a cut scene.

Ranch Bunkhouse

You are now back with Kelso. Kick the door down and take a look inside.
Flamethrower: On your table on the right, as you enter.
Photographs of Okinawa: On the wall in the room with all the paper cranes hanging from the ceiling.
Origami Cranes: On a table in the room with the paper cranes.
When you have found all the clues, look at the blueprint on the wall in the room with the paper cranes. This will give you a new location.

Wilshire Police Station

As the objective says, help Jack get to the tunnels by knocking the police cars out the way. Jack’s car is white on the minimap, cops are red. Position yourself between them if you can and keep the police off his back. Ram them off the road if you have to.

LA River Tunnels

When you get to the tunnels, follow them and take down anyone who stands in your way. Keep fighting your way through the tunnels. There are two weapons rooms you can find to top up if you want to. Eventually you will find Elsa and watch a lengthy cut scene. Then it’s game over.


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