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L.A. Noire is a great game and getting 5 stars on all cases can be a real challenge. To aid you in this challenge, here is a complete guide to all the cases on the ad vice desk. There are also 13 newspapers that can be found throughout the game, all of them within locations accessed through the cases. For this reason, they are included in the guide. This guide is designed to be follow step-by-step. Following steps out of sequence could result in you being unable to 5 star a case. For example, finding a specific clue can trigger a cut scene which will take you away form a crime scene, meaning you can’t find any of the other clues there. Try to follow the guide as closely as you can so you don’t have to repeat cases later.

The Black Caesar

Army Surplus Morphine: You will get this clue automatically.

Junkies Apartment

Radio Station Note: Inside the wallet of the body on the floor. (Be sure to check the ID in the wallet too.)
Numbers Slip: Near the head of the body on the floor is another wallet. The number slip is inside. (Check the ID here too.)
Popcorn Cups: Next to the wallet on the floor is a popcorn cup. Pick it up and examine it closely.
Strange Doodle: On the table there is a folded piece of paper with the doodle on it.
Morphine Styrettes: On the floor near the door leading to the kitchen.
Popcorn Cups with Morphine: In the kitchen, on the side next to the toaster, is another popcorn cup. Flip it over for the clue.

Black Caesar Food Hut

When you arrive on scene, the man behind the counter will run. As always, you have to catch him. You will chase the guy across the roof and eventually, you will have to fight him. Before you get into the interview, it would be wise to gather some evidence first.
Numbers Racket: Inside the suitcase on the floor, pick up the grey object and manipulate it until you can look inside.
Blue Room Pass: Open the suitcase on the floor and pick up the yellow ticket.
Morphine Styrettes: Near the counter there is a large box. Open it to find the morphine.
Fleetwood Morgan
Morphine overdose victims: Lie/Popcorn cups with morphine.
Distributor identified: Prove Morgan lied with the above question.
Number slips recovered: Doubt.
Before you leave you need to use the phone to find the address for Jermaine Jones.

Jones’ Booking Agency

Go up the stairs and look at the sign so you know where to go. Head to the right room and talk to a guy behind the desk. Look at the radio in the corner and you will have another puzzle to solve. Turn the middle dial so it points to FM, then the right dial until the needle is set to 275 on the bottom, red bar. Now turn the left dial from off, to on and you will find a secret stash. Fight the two goons and knock them down.
Morphine Syringes (updated): Pick up the syringe in the bottom, left corner of the radio.
Check the other objects in the radio and be sure to look at the green sticker on the lid of the radio.
Jermaine Jones
Army surplus morphine: Doubt.
Involvement of Ottie: Lie/Identified distributor.
Finklstein Identified: Prove he is lying when asked about Ottie.
Link to Ramez removals: Doubt.
Before you leave this area, ring the station and get the address for Ramez Removals.

Numbers Operation

When you arrive on the scene you will have to watch a cut scene. Take note of a red slot machine in the corner. If you examine it you can solve another puzzle. Remember the doodle from the first crime scene? Cherry, bell, WIN. Pull the lever until one or more of the symbols appears. Hold any that do and keep pulling the lever until they show up in the right order. When you do, another secret stash is revealed. Inspect the items inside, including the morphine, the numbers and the green sticker. When you are finished looking, Ottie will run. You will need to run after him and take him down with a tackle. This will return you to Ottie’s office.
IOU Note: Take the duck’s head off the cane to find the note.
Merlon Ottie
Army surplus morphine: Lie/‘Finklstein identified’.
IOU Note from Jose Ramez: Truth.

Ramez Removals

When you get to the removals place, you will be informed that you just missed Ramez. You now need to chase down a removal van. Chase him down and drive alongside so your partner can take out the wheels. When you have caught him, you will go back to the removals shop.
Newspaper: On a desk on the left side of the warehouse.
Check out the desk opposite the one with the newspaper on it. This will have a ledger on it that you can use to find entries for Merlon Ottie and Polar Bear Ice Company. Now look around to find a puddle on the floor. Follow these puddles through all the furniture until you find a ladder. Climb up it and follow the walkway around to the left. Here you will find a crane. When your perspective changes, you can see some crates that are blocking a door on the side of the building that had the ladder on it. Move these with the crane so you can gain entry. When you go into the freezer, you will see a block of ice with something inside it. Inspect it, then use your gun to smash it open. When you have done this, look at the evidence you just uncovered. watch another cut scene and yet again, a suspect will run. Ramez will run into the maze of furniture. Run after him and remember to check your corners, just as you did for the last case on Homicide. Ramez will pick up a shotgun so you will need to take him down.

Polar Bear Ice Company

After a cut scene, you will find yourself in a precarious situation. Work your way through the blocks of ice, killing all the goons along the way. Eventually you will head up some stairs and find Lenny. When Lenny is down, look around to find a large green crate. Search it and it’s case closed.

The Set Up

Start by walking forward to the guys who are banging on the door and kick the door in.
Newspaper: On one of the tables in the middle of the room.
Bookmaker Odds: Check the lockers on the side of the room and look inside Hammonds.
Use the phone to trace the number.

Hotel El Mar

When you arrive, speak to the man behind the desk. He will give you a ledger which you can search. You will notice several names of interest in the ledger. You need to look at ‘Winston Churchill’ in room 207. Go up to that room.
Telegram: In an overturned bin on the floor by the window.
Movie Ticket Stub: On the dresser, beside a box of chocolates.
Magazine Coupon: Look at the magazine on the table and examine the coupon on the right hand page.
Bookmaker Payouts: On the little table on the left side of the bed.

Aleve Motel

Speak to the woman at the desk and she will tell you which room belongs to Candy. When you get near her door, you will hear raised voices. When you kick the door in you will find yourself in another fight. When the guy is down, it’s time to investigate.
Bus Ticket: On the dresser, on the right side of the room.
Cunard Ascania: Next to the bus ticket.
Check the guy you knocked out. He will have a switch blade in one pocket, and a list of names in the other. When you have searched him, Candy will come round.
Candy Edwards
Whereabouts of Hammond: Lie/Magazine coupon.
List of odds recovered: Lie/Bookmaker’s odds.
Plans to leave town: Doubt.
When you leave the room, your partner suggests a stakeout. You will see Candy leave her room the next day. As the objective says, you have to tail her. She must not see you so make sure you are covered or incognito when she checks behind her.

First Bookmakers Office

Speak to the guy at the counter and he will tell you that Candy collected her winnings, made a phone call and wrote something down, then left out the back door. Go and check the pay phone before you leave here. Shade the paper in so you can read what Candy wrote before she left. Head out to the car and you will get a message with three addresses. Go to Examiner Drugstore first.

Examiner Drugstore

This guy will also tell you that Candy has left here after calling for a cab.
Yellow Cab Co. card: Check next to the pay phone and you will see the card.
Use the pay phone to get the number of the cab that just picked up the broad. Speak to the guy behind the counter again, then head out.

Bookmakers Office

When you get there you will see Candy leaving in the cab. Follow the taxi, being sure not to get too close.

Interstate Bus Depot

Walk forward to the seats and sit down at the one with the paper on it to go incognito. Wait a short time and you will hear a woman scream. Run along the row of seats to a door on the right and head inside.
Revolver: On the floor, next to her purse/handbag.
Movie Ticket: In the handbag/purse.

Egyptian Theatre

When you get inside, you will end up in a shoot out. Take down his goons and you will come face to face with Hammond.

Manifest Destiny

Morphine: You will get this clue with the case.

111 Club

When you arrive, have a chat with your former partner from Traffic. You will learn a few things about the case, then you can have a look around.
Blue Room Pass: Near the stage, on the right side of the room, is a case. Open it and take a look inside. If you lift out any of the three small piece, you will notice a clicking sound when you put it back. Lift each one out and put it back in to open a secret compartment. Pick up the ticket that was inside.
Morphine (updated): Pick up the syringe in the secret compartment.
Morphine (updated): Check the left pocket (your left) of the body lying flat on the ground at evidence sign ‘C’.
Valor Cigarettes: Go into the back room and you will see a very large open crate full of them. Make sure you pick up a box of cigarettes rather than just look at the crate itself.
BARS: Just past the cigarette crate is a gun rack. Pick up one of the guns and have a look at them.
Coolridge Heist: You will get this when you have looked at both the cigarettes and the guns.
111 club shooting incident: Doubt.
Knowledge of McGoldrick: Truth.

The Blue Room

You will start out by questioning Elsa.
Elsa Lichtmann
Army surplus morphine: Doubt.
Morphine overdose victims: Doubt.
Start by following Elsa.

The Mocambo Club

Here you will get the chance to talk to Mickey Cohen.
Mickey Cohen
Finkelstein drug operation: Doubt.
111 club shooting incident: Doubt.

Hollywood Police Station

When you get to the station, go to the squad room to speak to Caldwell. Inspect the manifest to find some
Stolen BARs (updated): Look at the reference number for entry #5.
Stolen Valors (updated): Look at the reference number for entry #9.
While you are here, look at the references for entries #3 and 11.
Manifest: You will get this when you are done looking at the manifest.

Bus Shooting

When you get to the scene, you will find a guy on a roof shooting down at people. You need to get closer to him so you can take him down. Before you look at the sniper, check his weapon to see it is one of the missing BARs.
Sniper’s Pocketbook: Search the pockets of the sniper’s jacket.
Felix Alvarro
Informed of Coolridge Heist: Doubt.
Motive for shooting: Lie/Sniper’s pocketbook.
6th Marines: You must use the sniper’s pocketbook to prove he is lying.
Find a nearby phone to get an address for Kelso.

Kelso’s Apartment

You will find Kelso quite easily and escort him to the station.

Hollywood Police Station

Jack Kelso
Army surplus morphine: Doubt.
Ex-marine McGoldrick: Truth.
Arms stolen from Coolridge: Truth.
SS Coolridge robbery: Doubt.
Your interview will be cut short when you are interrupted.

Robert’s Diner

When you get there, you will need to chase after two guys in a car. After a while, if you don’t take their tires out, they will pull up in an alley and start shooting. Take them down.

Alleyway Crime Scene

Check one of the guys weapons and you will find it to be one of the missing BARs.
Copy of Manifest: Check the pocket of the guy lying on the floor next to the BAR.
Shooter’s Notebook: Check the guy’s other pocket.
Newspaper: Next to the other body.

Hollywood Post Office

When you arrive you will find yourself in another shoot out. Take down all four shooters and you will find yourself in front of one of the dead guys. As soon as you start to search him, you will notice he is not actually dead.
Beckett’s Confession: You will hear this as Beckett’s dying words.
Business Card: In Beckett’s hand.
Follow your partner and he will take you to another body.
Note: Check the pocket of the dead guy.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Again you are in a chase and this one, when you can disable their vehicle, will result in a shoot out. Take them both down.

Meeting Place

Once again this is another shoot out. Make sure you take each man down. when you take the last one down, you will get a message telling you that someone wants to talk to you at the station.

Hollywood Police Station

Go into interview room 2 to speak to Sheldon
Courtney Sheldon
6th Marines being targeted: Lie/Note.
SS Coolridge robbery: Lie/Beckett’s confession.
A cut scene will bring an abrupt end to this case, and your time on Vice.



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