Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Student in Peril List

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Throughout Hogwarts there are 50 students who need your help. You can find one in each of the 24 levels of the game, while the other 26 must be found while free-roaming around Hogwarts. This post contains a complete list of all 50 students in peril and how to help them.

Gryffindor Common Room

Cast a spell onto the the sofa with the boy sleeping on it. When the sofa spits him out again, hit the student with a spell to straighten him out.

Entrance Hall

On the left side of the room the student is hanging from a portrait. Hit the bookcase below him to knock the books off of it then use Wingardium Leviosa on them to build platforms up to the student. Go up to him and he will jump down to safety.

Clocktower Courtyard

A Gryffindor boy is being bullied by three Slytherins. hit each one of them with a spell to scare them off.

The Grounds

You can find the student near the entrance to Hagridʼs garden trapped in some Devilʼs Snare. Use Lumos to free him.

Quidditch Pitch

To the left of the tent there is a billboard with a ledge underneath, the student is trapped on there. Underneath the ledge is a large roll of canvas. Use Wingardium Leviosa on it to lay it out as a trampoline for the student to jump down.

Great Hall Courtyard

Hit the large Slytherin banner so it unfolds and the student will fall out of it.


As soon as you enter the room you will be able to see the student stuck on the wall with a spiderʼs web. Hit the web to break it open and free the student.


On the ground floor walk over to the two owls holding up what looks like a large scroll. As you approach, the owls will unfold the scroll and the student will fall out.

Hagrid’s Garden

When you have gotten all the food out of the picnic basket, use Wingardium Leviosa on it again to shake out a seed. Use magic to make the seed grow into a pumpkin which will sort the student out for you.

Hagrid’s Garden (Time Turner)

When you have used the time turner, you can find the student trapped under a pumpkin in the right hand corner of the garden. Get rid of the pumpkin to free the student.

Herbology Greenhouse (2)

Make the strength potion and pull the lever in the left hand corner to free him from the behind the bars.

Owlrey (Time Turner)

When you have used the time turner you can see the student trapped in the bird feeder in the middle of the room. All you have to do to free him is to hit him with a spell.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom (Right)

Use Reducto on the chest beside the blackboard then tip out itʼs contents and build them into an entrance to a secret passageway. Go in through the new door and build the cog that is in front of you which is attached to a small platform. When the cog is in place jump onto the platform so you can jump up to reach the student and free him from the spiderʼs web.

Hufflepuff Entrance

In the area where you find the portrait that grants you entrance to the Hufflepuff common room, find the mandrake and place it in its pot.

Hufflepuff Commonroom

Destroy the Venemous Tentacular (large plant) in the fireplace.

Ravenclaw Dormitory

The student is cornered in the middle of the room by a book belching pages. Beside the book is a chain which you must hit with a spell to tie it around the book.

Slytherin Dormitory

As you enter the dormitory you can see the student behind a bookcase. Hit it with a spell and it will topple over and free the student.

Grand Staircase

At the very top of the staircase, above Dumbledoreʼs office, you can find the student trapped in a web. hit the web with a spell to free him.

Charms Classroom Corridor

The students red ball is stuck up on a shelf, use magic to get it down for him.

Charms Classroom (Left)

Go down into the passageway below the classroom and go all the way to the end. The student is up above you trapped in a web which you need to break with a spell.

Charms Classroom (Right)

Go down into the passageway below the classroom and start walking to the right until you come to the sliding animals on chains. When you reach them, drop down into the trench in front of them and near the exit, in the trench, you can find the student trapped in some devils snare. Use Lumos to free him.

The Lake

Down by the water you can see three large brown crates. Break those open and build the bricks that come out of it to mend the pier and reach the student.

The Library Restricted Section

Under the right hand ledge is a red book on the shelf. Hit it to knock it off then tip it up to tip out its contents. Use an animal to dig up some Bowtruckles so you can go up onto the ledge. Up there you can find a mandrake that you need to place into its pot.

Boy’s Bathroom

On the right hand side of the room there are two toilet cubicles. Hit the one on the left to free the student.

Quidditch Pitch (Time Turner)

Use Reducto on the chest to the right of the tent entrance to remove the lock. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the chest to tip it up and the student will fall out.

Great Hall

Half way up the hall, on the left hand wall, you can see the student trapped in a web. Hit it with a spell to free him.

The Magic Begins

In Diagon alley use Wingardium Leviosa on the brown table near Quality Quidditch Supplies. Jump onto it and the other character will raise you up to a ledge above. Jump onto the ledge and walk over to the student.

Out of the Dungeon

At the end of the level in the bathroom, the student is trapped in one of the cubicles. The troll will start smashing the cubicles which will free the student.

A Jinxed Broom

When you build the rune cabinet you can see some metal barring your way into a side area near the cabinet. Use Reducto to break the metal and the student will run out.

The Restricted Section

In the second part of the level go to the end of the first aisle of shelves you come to and use Wingardium Leviosa on the book lying on the floor to shake some bricks out of it. Build the bricks into a cuckoo clock and hit it a few times until the student pops out.

The Forbidden Forest

Near the start of the level the student is stuck in a niche in the wall by some devils snare. Use a well aimed Lumos spell to free him.

Face of the Enemy

When you reach the room with the flying keys, use the broom you get from the statue to fly up to a ledge on the right side of the room. Jump onto that and use Lumos to clear the devilʼs snare beside you and free the student.

Floo Powder

In Borgin & Burkes use Reducto on the cabinet under the stairs.

Dobby’s Plan

When Dobby is hiding in a brown locker (near the end of the level), on the ledge below the one the locker is on, is a chest. Use Lumos to get rid of the devilʼs snare that is holding it then use Reducto to remove the padlock on it. Finally, open the chest to free the student.

Crabbe & Goyle

When you get to the Slythering common room, use the broom beside the fireplace to sweep the chimney and dislodge some bricks. Build those bricks into a portrait frame then wave to the portrait. The portrait will smash the glasses the student is stood on and he will jump down.

Tom Riddle’s Diary

In the first room of the memory use the rune cabinet to get a key then walk back to the left and open a door to free the student.

Follow the Spiders

When fighting Aragog, the student can be seen on the right of Aragog (yours not his), wrapped in a web. Hit it with a spell to free him.

The Basilisk

In Moaning Myrtleʼs bathroom the student is trapped in a cubicle. After you have lowered the cistern on the first toilet and Scabbers has pressed the button in his run, some devilʼs snare will appear around their cubicle. Clear it out with Lumos and the student will run out.

News from Azkaban

When you first board the train use dark magic to open the toilet behind the Trolley witch and the student is inside.


When you reach the Three Broomsticks, in the left hand corner of this are you can fins a snowman. Destroy the snowman to find the student inside.

Mischief Managed

When you have used the fountain to grow the plant and reach the ledge above, go to the left and use Reducto on the locked door.

The Shrieking Shack

In the final stage of the level you will see the student up near Lupin and Sirius fighting. Climb up the Bowtruckle ladder and hit the student with a spell to free him.

Dementor’s Kiss

After rescuing Buckbeak you will end up in a forest clearing. You can find the student in the far left of this area, cornered by an insect. Kill the insect to save the student.

The Dark Tower

After you have passed the second Dementor turn left and use Reducto to open the door there. Go through it and you will reach a ledge below and the student.

The Quidditch World Cup

Right at the start of the level, just to the right of you and down a little is an outhouse that is sealed with a lock. Use Reducto to break it open and free the student.


When you reach the fourth dragon and have to lock down three chains, use Griphook to open the safe there.

The First Task

When the dragon is chasing you through the corridor, about half way down it you will find a cabinet that is locked with a lock and chain. Break it open as fast as you can to free the student before the dragon catches up to you.

Secret of the Egg

When you first enter the bathroom, (not the prefectʼs bathroom), use dark magic on the cabinet on the right hand side of the room.

The Black Lake

When you come to the second tunnel that you can swim through, make sure you are at the back of the screen. Swim back on yourself to the left until you find a man in a boat. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the boat to give him his oars back then use it again to get the boat moving and the student will pop out from underneath.

The Dark Lord Returns

When you build the spring to jump the hedge, before you jump over keep walking towards the screen and you will see the student trapped against the wall by some devilʼs snare. Use Lumos to free him.



  1. Thank You!!! I was missing a student in peril and it turned out to be the time turner on the Quidditch Pitch! Now I am at 100.0%!!! YEAH!!!!!!

    • Fenton Glasscoe on

      Lucky you! I can’t use the parseltongue door in the clocktower and now I’m stuck at 195 gold bricks and 46 students. 🙁

  2. Kira Brianne Beaver on

    In the boys bathroom, I cannot remember if I grabbed the student in peril here. There is a boy sitting in the second cubicle but when I hit the left cubicle, nothing happens.

    • Claire Penny on

      Same ,there’s a boy in the 2nd cubicle everytime I go bk in there but the door is open. Am still missing 1. Ive gone through the whole list, completed all levels but cant find last student in peril, last red brick and i still need 20 gold bricks

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  18. i have all 50 but it wont give me the achievement and i can’t find the last gold brick but i looked everywhere i mean EVERYWHERE !

  19. Can’t for the life of me find the last student. Feel like I’ve walked through Hogwarts a million times looking for him. Ahhh, help ?? 😅

  20. I can’t seem to find the “dropped book” to get the cuckoo clock at the end of the aisle of shelves in the restricted section level. I’ve searched everywhere but no aura to cast wingardium appears. Help!

  21. Sarah Schnee on

    I’ve completed all the levels and students in those levels but I’m still missing 2! I can’t find him and I’ve looked everywhere! I’m also missing one last gold brick even after I find the last few students…. Please help!

      • on the PS4 remastered version, the student in peril isn’t in the herbology classroom behind the bars, but I can still hear him in the room. It is the last SIP i have left 🙁

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