Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Bugs


Many people find themselves very confused when in the library, while roaming around in Hogwarts. They will often find a yellow arrow, from one of the detectors, which leads them to believe there is a gold brick somewhere in the library. This is not the case. This is a small bug which means the arrow is coming from the Crest Detector, not the Gold Brick detector as you would naturally assume. If you turn off the Crest Detector while roaming around Hogwarts, (as you only need it during the levels), this arrow will disappear and you will not be mislead into thinking you are missing a gold brick.

I have come across another small bug while playing this game, but only once, and I have no idea what caused it. While playing through a level I noticed that player 2, controlled by the computer, had fallen into synch with me. Everything I did, the computer did. It was like having an annoying shadow. I paused the game and then found that “drop out” had appeared in the pause menu. This should only be there when you are playing in coop, and i clearly wasn’t. Anyway, I clicked it, thinking that it might take me out of synch with the computer and it did. However, in the confusion I became player 2, with player 1 flashing it’s usual “Press start to join” message. I have no idea how this happened, and it doesn’t cause any problems, but it is indeed an odd one.



  1. Question on the infamous Rita Skeeter character token. I have completed 99.9%, have completed special “london” section as well. Through various posts i know where the token is but need to go back to hogwarts to roam. However the door in the Leaky Tavern only gives me the option to “Continue Story” and takes me back to Nocturn Alley everytime. Tried to access throught episodes but the token is not there. Need to find out how to get back to roam Hogwarts. Any ideas?

    • I have not come across this bug, and some googling and hitting a few of my favourite sites gave me nothing either. If anyone who uses the site can help here, feel free to post something.

  2. katrinablackcuz on

    Right outside the door of The Leaky Cauldron, there is a golden arrow from my brick detector pointing to the left. When I look there, there’s only a snoring wizard in a chair. What should I do??!! Plz help!!!

  3. Have you tried casting a spell on the big candelabra to the right of the stairs? It opens up a secret room under the stairs where the mandrake is.

  4. I have an issue that i need the ten gold bricks from Gringotts, however, Gringotts always seems to be closed to me and I cannot get access. Am I missing something or is this a bug? If it is a bug, would any one know any probable fixes please? Many thanks

  5. When I first started playing this game several years ago I found a bug not mentioned here, which can be exploited to get infinite “studs”. First it is essential to have the ghost studs red brick unlocked, purchased and enabled. You must also have unlocked polyjuice potion. Inside Hogwarts, navigate to the area next to the great hall and drink the polyjuice potion to become any member of Hufflepuff. Then on the right hand side go to the painting and wave at it. This will open a spiral staircase to the corridor to the bathrooms. It needs to be at a time when nearly headless Nick is leading you out of the bathroom area, and you walk past Nick so that he starts moving towards the door. Follow him and make sure you have ghost studs enabled. Then when you go through the door all you have to do is go afk and wait. Nick tries to descend the spiral staircase but gets stuck, and floats up through the floor again and goes in circles forever, leaving a continuous trail of ghost studs. This can be paired with stud multipliers, (the default value of ghost studs is 2000, but you can get multipliers to dramatically improve its performance).

  6. i have 1 student in peril remaining, and i think it’s the one underneath the charms classroom where the mechanical dogs are. but when i go to him he’s already freed from the devil’s snare. he just stands there. i’ve gone all over the castle and back through every level, i’m positive that he’s my last one. help!

  7. I have 3 gold bricks left, but i was sure I had gotten them all. I don’t have the crest detector on and it says that when I am in the GCR boys room with the time turner it says there is a brick, however I have already gotten it, and the same with the library. I have gotten it and do not have the crest detector on however it says that there is one there. I got all the SIP, TW, HC, Gringotts, Diagon alley, lessons, and the story mode. I went to all 37 free roaming spots for the bricks and I’ve gotten them all, so why does it say that I have 3 left?

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