Fable 2 Expression Guide


This is one of the more challenging achievements for Fable 2. The easy way to get it is to join another player in their game, if they have unlocked this achievement themselves. If they have you will be awarded it too. However, if you prefer to do this yourself, you may experience some difficulty in doing so. You must collect all the expressions, abilities, and tricks for your dog. Some of them can be bought, or found, on your travels. You will need to achieve certain things to unlock other. Expressions fall into five categories. These categories are fun, flirty, scary, rude, and social. Each of these categories will have expressions gestures for you to find. You dog can also learn tricks, which he will perform as you use the expressions.

The books that can be bought may sound simple, but there is a small snag. The books will not always be available when you go to the bookstore to buy them. If they are not there when you check for them, try resting or doing something else for a while, and check back later. If they are not appearing then it is best to buy everything in the store. This will encourage new stock to appear.

As well as the tricks and expressions, you will also need to max out yours, and your dog’s, abilities. You will need to reach the maximum level for strength, will, and skill. Your dog will also need to be at level 5 for combat and treasure hunting.To raise your dogs ability levels you will need to buy books from the bookstore. These are clearly named and their level will be given.

Finally, you will not be able to get this achievement by yourself if you do not have access to the Fable 2 pub games. This is an arcade game that can be purchased from Xbox Live. If you do not have it then you will need to be in a cooperative game with someone else who has unlocked it, as merely being around someone else who has this achievement, is enough for you to get it yourself. Below you can find a list of all the expressions and how to unlock them. At the bottom of the page is a list of all the dog’s tricks too.


ExpressionHow to unlock
Blow A KissEarn 2,500 renown
Come Back To My PlaceBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Come Hither Dear”
Heroic PoseAvailable automatically.
Pick Up LineAvailable automatically.
SeduceBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “The Art of Seduction”
WhistleAvailable automatically.
WorshipBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Book of Worship”. This one you may be able to take off the shelf upstairs without needing to buy it.


ExpressionHow to unlock
BelchBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Belching for Beginners”
DanceAvailable automatically
FartAvailable automatically
Hat, Headband, MustacheWin while playing Fable 2 Pub Bames
LaughReach 50% morality.
Sock PuppetBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Sock It To ‘Em”
Victory Arm PumpAvailable automatically


ExpressionHow to unlock
BegGained during young adulthood.
ChickenAvailable automatically
Kiss My AssReach 20,000 renown
Middle FingerBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “The Finger”
Play DeadBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Dead Handy”
Point and LaughAvailable automatically
Vulgar ThrustBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “The Perv’s Handbook”


ExpressionHow to unlock
Bloodlust RoarAvailable automatically
ExtortReach 100% evil morality
Feign AttackGo to www.fable2.com and play through the game on the website. At the end, choose the right crown and you will be given the expression. To access the expression, log into your game and go to the crypt where Teresa and the Heroes are waiting for you. Here you will find a chest that will have your rewards form the website.
GrowlAvailable automatically.
Scary LaughReack 10,000 renown.
SlapAvailable automatically
ThreatenReach 50% evil morality


ExpressionHow to unlock
ApologiseReach 25% good morality
DismissReach 100 renown
Dog PraiseEarned during your childhood
Dog ScoldEarned during your childhood
FollowEarn 100 renown
GiftEarned during young adulthood
LuteEarned as part of the story
TrophyEanred when you gain your first trophy from a quest

Dog Tricks

TrickHow to unlock
BackflipWhile playing Fable 2 Pub Games, win a 2-star tournament.
BegBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Begging”
Bunny HopIn a chest near the Bower Lake Demon Door. Requires 1 silver key to open.
Chase TailBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Tail Chase”
CombatBuy or find combat books until you reach level 5.
GrowlYou must start the Gargoyle quest and gain access to their trove. Once inside you can find a chest which has this trick inside it.
Hide SnoutBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Hide Snout”
Play DeadThis can be found in a chest in Bowerstone Cemetary
Roll OverBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Roll Over”
Targeted UrinationBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Targeted Urination”
Treasure HuntingBuy or find trasure hunting books up to level 5.
WaveBought from Bowerstone Market Bookstore. Titled “Wave”


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