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Lego The Hobbit Red Brick Guide

All collectible red bricks can be found by completing a fetch quest for someone in the HUB world. You must find a character that is willing to give you a red brick in exchange for a Mithril item. To get their requested item you will need to locate the Blacksmith Design¬†and then craft the item […]

Lego The Hobbit Blacksmith Design Guide

Throughout the game you can collect 32 designs for new items that you can create at the Blacksmith in Bree. There 16 designs scattered throughout the large HUB world and one in each level of the game. This guide will show you how to find each of these designs, and explain how to collect them.¬†Once […]

Lego The Hobbit Treasure Item Detector Bug Fix

Many have found when they buy the treasure item detector and turn it on, that it doesn’t seem to work at all. Wherever you go, there are not arrows pointing you in the right direction. This is quite a large bug, but there is a way around it. An annoying, pain in the neck, have […]