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Lego Star Wars 3 Minikit Guide

For every level in the game, there are 10 minikit pieces to be found, for a total of 220. This might sound daunting but most of them are easy to find. You can unlock the minikit detector red brick that will show you where each of the minikits are. However, this is not always accurate […]

Lego Star Wars 3 Vehicle Guide

There are many vehicles to collect when playing through this game. They fall into three categories, ship, ground vehicle, and fun vehicle. The ships can be used to fly between the two ships in the hub, or during flying levels. The ground vehicles are used for the ground assault battles, and the fun vehicles are […]

Lego Star Wars 3 Character Guide

There are 114 characters to unlock in Lego Star Wars 3. Some of them you will have to find wandering around the hub to buy them, others will need to be unlocked before you can buy them. There are 22 characters that you cannot buy until you have finished a minikit to complete them first. […]

Lego Star Wars 3 Achievement Guide

To get all 1000GĀ for this game, there are 48 Achievements. Overall, this is an easy game to get all achievements for, with only a couple requiring much effort at all. In fact, 22 of the achievements are given to you for just completing each level of the game. There are many achievements which will require […]

Lego Star Wars 3 Ryloth & Maridun Space Missions

When playing through the space missions, you may notice that two of them do not seem have the gold brick to start the mission. Many people get confused about this so I thought a quick post might help everyone. For these two space missions, you have to do something first that will trigger the appearance […]

Lego Star Wars 3 Bounty Hunter Mission Guide

When you go to the Invisible Hand, you can access a room that will allow you to play through Bounty Hunter Missions. To access the correct room, when you dock on the Invisible Hand, use Robino or a Magna Guard to raise the platform on the left side of the room so you can clear […]

Lego Star Wars 3 Gold Brick Guide

There are 130 gold bricks in Lego Star Wars 3, all of them are awarded for completing certain task. This means that, unlike some of the other Lego games, you do not need to go looking for them. When you do collect all 130 bricks, you can unlock the last ship of the game. There […]

Lego Star Wars 3 Red Brick Guide

There are only 18 red bricks to find in this lego game, but they are scattered far and wide. Lego Star Wars 3 has not one, but two hubs for you to run around in between levels, and the bricks are spread between them both. There are two hubs are known as the Resolute, the […]

Lego Star Wars 3 Cheat Codes

With all lego games, you can input codes to unlock some extras. In Lego Star Wars 3 you can unlock the red bricks, vehicles, and all the characters, just by putting in some 6 digit codes. All these objects can be found in some way, and unlocked by playing the game. But, if you choose […]