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Sims 3 Achievement Guide

Sims 3 continues the tradition of this well established franchise. The achievements for this console version of the game work well to help you explore all the aspects of the game and experience all it has to offer. Some of the achievements are simple enough and you will unlock them as you play. Others meanwhile, […]

Sims 3 Bugs

This game has more bugs in it than any other I know of. Most of them are harmless, (such as a sim taking a bath with it’s clothes on), while others can stop your game in it’s tracks completely. There are two that can cause you some real problems when playing but there are things […]

Sims 3 Perfect Money Tree

To grow a prefect Money Tree, you will first need to find the seed. A lot of the time you can find one lying around in the town. You will not know what you have at first because it will show in your inventory as a “special seed” of unknown origin. If you can’t find […]

Sims 3 Perfect Omni Plant

For each plant you can grow in the Sims, there are challenge points to be earned for growing a perfect one. One of the more tricky plants to grow is the Omni plant. Before you can even grow the plant, you must complete three skill challenges before you even get access to an Omni plant […]