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Lego The Hobbit Red Brick Guide

All collectible red bricks can be found by completing a fetch quest for someone in the HUB world. You must find a character that is willing to give you a red brick in exchange for a Mithril item. To get their requested item you will need to locate the Blacksmith Design and then craft the item […]

Lego Jurassic World Red Brick Guide

Scattered throughout the four HUB worlds there are twenty red bricks to find. When you have found one you can then go to the Visitor’s Centre in Jurassic Park, or on Main Street in Jurassic World, and purchase the brick. When you have purchased a brick you can turn it on by pausing the game and […]

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Red Brick Guide

There are twenty red bricks that can be purchased in this game. Four of them are automatically available for you to buy, but the other sixteen must be found throughout the levels of the game. When you have unlocked a red brick you will need to purchase it from the Batcave or the Watchtower trophy […]

Lego Marvel Superheroes Red Brick Guide

Unlike other Lego games, most of the red bricks must be found while playing the bonus levels in free-play mode. Four are unlocked at the start of the game and can be bought as soon as you have enough studs. Eleven more must be found in bonus levels before you can purchase it. Each bonus level […]

Lego Lord of the Rings Red Brick Guide

Throughout Middle-earth there are 20 red bricks for you to find an unlock. The in-game map will show you how many red bricks can be found in each part of Middle-earth by hovering over the Map Stone in each location. Every red brick is unlocked by completing a fetch quest for a Mithril item. You […]

Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 Red Brick Guide

As with all Lego games, you can find some red bricks to unlock extras to help you while you play. In the world of Harry Potter, these bricks take the form of parcels that you must find and mail off using a post owl. When you have found a parcel and posted it, you can […]

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Red Hat Guide

Unlike other Lego games, you must find red hats, instead of bricks. There are 20 to be found and all of them are within the main hub. Some of them are easy to find, while others need some thinking about. Like other Lego games, one of the red hats can be unlocked to help you […]

Lego Star Wars 3 Red Brick Guide

There are only 18 red bricks to find in this lego game, but they are scattered far and wide. Lego Star Wars 3 has not one, but two hubs for you to run around in between levels, and the bricks are spread between them both. There are two hubs are known as the Resolute, the […]

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Red Bricks

  Throughout Lego Harry Potter, there are 24 red bricks which can be bought to help you through your game. Each one will give you a cheat that can be switched on. There are four bricks which are available from the start of the game, but the other twenty will need to be found before […]