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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Achievement Guide

The latest installment in the Lego franchise takes us on the journeys of Jack Sparrow and his crew. The game covers all four Pirates of the Caribbean films, bringing us right up to the recent release. There are 40 achievements for this game, none of which are very difficult. All in all, this is an […]

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Gold Bricks

As with all other Lego games, there are gold bricks to be found in this game. However, there are only 85 in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, as opposed to some other games that usually have in excess of 100+. Nearly all of the bricks are awarded for achieving certain things in the levels, 80 […]

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Ship in a Bottle Guide

There are 200 ships in a bottle to find for this Lego game, 10 in each level. When you complete each minikit, you can then ride it in the port. Completing and riding all of them will snag you the achievement “Hoist the Colours”. Most of the minikit pieces will need to be found in […]

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Compass Guide

There are eight items that can be found in each level of the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game. For each level that you find all eight, you will be awarded a gold brick. Many of these items are found without using the compass, most of which are necessary to complete the level. The rest […]

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Character Guide

So you want to collect all the characters for this game? There are 79 of them and they are found in one of two ways. 36 of these characters are unlocked by completing the story levels of the game, the rest you will need to find wandering around the hub and buy them. This post […]

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Red Hat Guide

Unlike other Lego games, you must find red hats, instead of bricks. There are 20 to be found and all of them are within the main hub. Some of them are easy to find, while others need some thinking about. Like other Lego games, one of the red hats can be unlocked to help you […]

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Cheat Codes

It does not appear that there are any cheat codes for Pirates of the Caribbean, other than a few character codes. Also, there are only 20 characters to unlock using codes. For your benefit, the codes have been added here, in case you choose to use them. To use one of these codes, pause the […]