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Lego Lord of the Rings Map Stone Guide

There are 16 map stones throughout Middle-earth that you can use to fast travel around the world. They are small Lego statues, on a pedestal, with a map in their hand. There is an achievement for activating all of the map stones within the game. But they so have another benefit. When you activate a […]

Lego Lord of the Rings Character Guide

There are 74 playable characters that you can unlock in this game. Many of them are unlocked automatically as you complete levels or tasks. Others need to be found in Middle-earth, and purchased. Usually you can find the character easily by selecting them on the map and following the trail of ghost studs to their […]

Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Brick Guide

In place of the usual gold bricks in every Lego game, this one has Mithril bricks. You are in Middle-earth after all, and mithril is a sought after material. There are 250 bricks to collect, and you will need them all if you want to craft all the mithril treasure items in the game. When […]

Lego Lord of the Rings Achievement Guide

There are 48 achievements for this new instalment in the Lego game franchise. Most of the achievements will be gained by completing parts of the game, such as completing each level in story mode, finding all the red bricks, buying all the characters, and other such tasks. There are a couple of achievements that you will actively have to […]

Lego Lord of the Rings Minikit Treasure Chest Guide

As with all Lego games, there are 10 minikit pieces hidden in each level for you to find. You must find all 10 to complete a minikit and, when completed, you will find them in Rivendell. (The location of the minikit room is marked on the map by a treasure chest.) When you complete each […]

Lego Lord of the Rings Treasure Items Guide

Each level of the game has three treasure items to find. If you want to complete all the fetch quests, which in turn will give you Mithril Bricks, then you will need to find them all. Unlike most collectibles in Lego games, there is not a red bricks that will give you a detector to […]

Lego Lord of the Rings Red Brick Guide

Throughout Middle-earth there are 20 red bricks for you to find an unlock. The in-game map will show you how many red bricks can be found in each part of Middle-earth by hovering over the Map Stone in each location. Every red brick is unlocked by completing a fetch quest for a Mithril item. You […]

Lego Lord of the Rings Blacksmith Design Guide

While playing through this game, you can find and unlock 30 designs that can be crafted at the blacksmith in Bree. You can find one design in each of the 18 levels in the game, and 12 are scattered throughout Middle-earth. The locations for the designs in Middle-earth only show which area you can find […]