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Dead Island Diamond Farming

First off, SPOILER ALERT!!! With that out of the way, I have found a good way to acquire lots of diamonds in Dead Island. Read on to find out how…

Dead Island Duplicate Weapons Glitch

This is a little glitch I have found in Dead Island that makes this incredibly hard game just a little easier. Now, I have only done this on the Xbox 360, and I don’t know if it works on other platforms, but feel free to try it. Obviously substituting the relevant buttons for the corresponding buttons on your chosen platform.

Lego Star Wars 3 Ryloth & Maridun Space Missions

When playing through the space missions, you may notice that two of them do not seem have the gold brick to start the mission. Many people get confused about this so I thought a quick post might help everyone. For these two space missions, you have to do something first that will trigger the appearance […]

Fable 2 Money Cheat

Fable can be a pretty hard game to make money on, but there is one easy way to get some fast. You’ll need an internet connection for your Xbox 360 to make the most of this cheat, but it’s a great way to make money… fast. First, you’ll need to buy some properties. I would […]

Sims 3 Perfect Money Tree

To grow a prefect Money Tree, you will first need to find the seed. A lot of the time you can find one lying around in the town. You will not know what you have at first because it will show in your inventory as a “special seed” of unknown origin. If you can’t find […]

Sims 3 Perfect Omni Plant

For each plant you can grow in the Sims, there are challenge points to be earned for growing a perfect one. One of the more tricky plants to grow is the Omni plant. Before you can even grow the plant, you must complete three skill challenges before you even get access to an Omni plant […]