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Two New Lego Games

It was recently announced that there is a new Lego Batman game on the horizon. The new game will see Batman and Robin team up with the Justice League, while the Joker forms an alliance with Lex Luther. While players can still enjoy the classic characters form the first Lego Batman game, they can also […]

New Facebook Page

Bone Fish Gamer now has its own page on Facebook for you to join and follow. You can find it here. We’ve had a Twitter feed for some time, and updates will still appear on there as and when they are needed. The Facebook page is there for you to follow if you aren’t a […]

Breaking News

Today we are launching a news category for the site. The purpose of this category is two-fold. First, when we learn about anything that we at Bone Fish find exciting in the games industry, and we feel it deserves a post, we while bring you the news right here. Secondly, we will use this category […]