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Lego Batman Cheats

As with any Lego game, there are many cheats that you can use throughout the game. To use the cheats, you will need to enter any of the codes below, into the computers in the Batcave, or in Arkham Asylum. You may also be able to enter the codes through the menu you get when […]

Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 Cheat Codes

So far, there are not many cheat codes available for this game. The ones I have found are all used to unlock the red bricks from the “extras” menu. There are two ways you can put these codes into the game. Inside Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley, there is a large jack-in-the-box, on the […]

Dead Island Diamond Farming

First off, SPOILER ALERT!!! With that out of the way, I have found a good way to acquire lots of diamonds in Dead Island. Read on to find out how…

Dead Island Duplicate Weapons Glitch

This is a little glitch I have found in Dead Island that makes this incredibly hard game just a little easier. Now, I have only done this on the Xbox 360, and I don’t know if it works on other platforms, but feel free to try it. Obviously substituting the relevant buttons for the corresponding buttons on your chosen platform.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Cheat Codes

It does not appear that there are any cheat codes for Pirates of the Caribbean, other than a few character codes. Also, there are only 20 characters to unlock using codes. For your benefit, the codes have been added here, in case you choose to use them. To use one of these codes, pause the […]

Lego Star Wars 3 Cheat Codes

With all lego games, you can input codes to unlock some extras. In Lego Star Wars 3 you can unlock the red bricks, vehicles, and all the characters, just by putting in some 6 digit codes. All these objects can be found in some way, and unlocked by playing the game. But, if you choose […]

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Cheat Codes

When playing through any Lego game you can input codes to unlock cheats to help you play. Lego Harry Potter is not exception, all red bricks can be unlocked before you find them or buy them in the game. If you feel inclined to, you can have all the extras turned on the moment you […]

Fable 2 Money Cheat

Fable can be a pretty hard game to make money on, but there is one easy way to get some fast. You’ll need an internet connection for your Xbox 360 to make the most of this cheat, but it’s a great way to make money… fast. First, you’ll need to buy some properties. I would […]