Lego The Hobbit Red Brick Guide

Ever The People's Champion Achievement IconAll collectible red bricks can be found by completing a fetch quest for someone in the HUB world. You must find a character that is willing to give you a red brick in exchange for a Mithril item. To get their requested item you will need to locate the Blacksmith Design and then craft the item at the Blacksmiths workshop in Bree. Once you have crafted the item you can return and exchange it for a brick. Once a brick has been bought you can then turn it on by accessing the Extras menu.  

Brick Location Quest Mithril Item Cost How to unlock
X2 Hobbiton (Day) A Flail Of A Time Mithril Flail 500,000 Automatically unlocked
X4 The High Pass (Night) Dual Weilding Mithril Shadow Blade 1,500,000 Automatically unlocked
X6 Moria (Night) Build Day Mithril Construction Hat 4,500,000 Automatically unlocked
X8 The Barrow-downs (Night) Bilbo And The Beanstalk Mithril Beanstalk 10,000,000 Complete Heirloom In The Making to unlock
X10 Elven Forest Candle With Care Mithril Candle Staff 20,0000,000 Complete Staff And Nonsense to unlock
Disguises Erebor World’s Strongest Dwarf Mithril War Hammer 50,000 Automatically unlocked
Boss Disguises Lake-town Booty From The Beasts Mithril Booty Blade 100,000 Complete Sunken Spirits to unlock
Minikit Detector Thranduil’s Kingdom Spoils Of War Mithril Bandit Gloves 150,000 Automatically unlocked
Miniature Characters Caradhras Snow And Fire Mithril Snowapult 300,000 Complete Make Mine A Minecart
Fast Build Bywater A Wish To Catch A Fish Mithril Fishing Pole 100,000 Complete Pie In Peril
Attract Studs Laketown (Night) No Harm In Armour Mithril Mirror Armour 175,000 Automatically unlocked
Regenerate Hearts Bywater Digger’s Delight Mithril Stud Spade 100,000 Complete Pie In Peril to unlock
Character Studs Bywater Two Left Feet Mithril Dance Boots 85,000 Complete Pie In Peril to unlock
Invincibility Rivendell Bird Of Pay Mithril Falcon 500,000 Automatically unlocked
Mithril Hearts Dol Guldur The Orc Within Mithril Skull Cap 75,000 Complete Back On The Menu to unlock
Poo Studs Weathertop Trader’s Turmoil Mithril Giddyup Staff 25,000 Automatically unlocked
8-Bit Music Dale Drama Bomb Mithril Bomb Blade 200,000 Complete Crown In The Dumps to unlock this quest
Middle-earth Carnival Radagast’s House Cranks Very Mush Mithril Skeleton Crank 50,000 Automatically unlocked
Snake Flails Thranduil’s Kingdom That’s No Slow Bow Mithril Multi Bow 25,000 Complete Spoils Of War to unlock
Super Slap Bree Heirloom In The Making Mithril Mushroom Crown 50,000 Automatically unlocked
Fall Rescue The High Fells The Goblin Who Lost Her Climb Mithril Clogs 25,000 Complete The Goblin’s Gauntlet to unlock this quest
Mithril Brick Detector The High Fells One-Orc Band Mithril Music Kit 175,000 Complete Wandering Wargs to unlock
Attract Loot Bree Weighting For A Stranger Mithril Megapult 100,000 Complete Heirloom In The Making to unlock
Double Loot Weathertop Express Delivery Mithril Horse Shoes 750,000 Complete Cart Departed to unlock this quest
Perfect Forging Elven Port Manic Mining Mithril Pick Axe 5,000,000 Complete Getting My Goat to unlock
Treasure Item Detector Rivendell Back-To-Roots Boots Mithril Slippers 250,000 Automatically unlocked
Always Loot Rubies Dol Guldur Other Worldly Ambition Mithril Wraith Armour 250,000 Complete Back On The Menu to unlock
Always Loot Diamonds Lake-town Helping Hands Mithril Hammer Hands 1,000,000 Complete Heavy Lifting to unlock this quest
Always Loot Gold The High Fells Bop Till You Drop Mithril Rhythm Stick 1,000,000 Complete Goblin Gatecrasher to unlock
Always Loot Emeralds Elven Forest Fireworks Of Art Mithril Firework Bow 500,000 Complete Feline Fishy to unlock this quest
Always Loot Sapphires Bywater Mouthy Mallet Mithril Catchphrase Mallet 600,000 Complete Two Left Feet to unlock
Always Loot Silver Erebor The Art Of Combat Mithril Tornado Axe 750,000 Complete World’s Strongest Dwarf to unlock
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