Lego Jurassic World Vehicle Guide


While playing through the 20 story levels in this game, you will unlock 35 different vehicles that you can use throughout the 4 HUB worlds. All vehicles cost 50,000 studs to buy from the vehicle selection menu except the Jurassic Park Responder, which is free. This guide lists all the vehicles you can unlock and shows which level you must complete to unlock it.

Vehicle Level
Jurassic Park Responder Prologue
Fork Lift Prologue
Road Sweeper Prologue
Jurasic Tour Vehicle Guide Welcome to Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park Responder (Soft Top) Park Shutdown
Jurassic Park Responder (Reposonder Roll Cage) Visitor Centre
Isla Sorna Gatherer Isla Sorna
Isla Sorna Observer Isla Sorna
The Van Owen Isla Sorna
Hunter Scout InGen Arrival
Hunter Snare ATV InGen Arrival
Hunter Snagger The Hunted
Hunter Harasser The Hunted
Hunter Snare Communications Centre
Site B Transport Communications Centre
San Diego Speedster San Diego
Police Patrol Car San Diego
Site B Transport (Rusty) Landing Site
Pickup Truck Landing Site
Hunter Command The Spinosaurus
Site B Saloon Breeding Facility
Hunter Transport Eric Kirby
Hunter Trapper The Bird Cage
Jurassic Contructor Welcome to Jurassic World
Jurassic BUggy Welcome to Jurassic World
Jurasic World Transporter Welcome to Jurassic World
Jurassic World Observer Gyrosphere Valley
Gyrosphere Gyrosphere Valley
Jurassic Park Responder (Rusty) Out of Bounds
Jurassic Park Pursuer Out of Bounds
Jurassic ATV Under Attack
InGen Transport Under Attack
Mobile Veterinary Unit Under Attack
InGen Command Main Street Down
ACU Transport Main Street Down