Lego Jurassic World Amber Brick Guide

The Legacy of John Hammond Achievement IconThroughout the four HUBs you can summon dinosaurs for you to play as. Before you can summon the dinosaurs you must first unlock them by finding an amber brick. There are twenty bricks to collect, one in each of the story levels. This guide will tell you what dinosaur you can unlock in each level, along with how to find the amber brick. If you’re still struggling though, you can unlock and purchase a red brick that you can use as an Amber Brick detector.

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. Please be patient while I update it with more accurate and detailed information. 

Level Section Donisaur Location
Prologue Dig Site Gallimimus During the dig site area you will need to build a radar imaging device (it looks like a red segway that you bounce on). To the left of this there is a dark cave. Have a character light it up so you can collect the amber form inside.
Welcome to Jurassic Park Triceratops Recovery Triceratops When you are searching for the crank to open the gate, next to where you find it you will find in a big pile of droppings and a cracked wall. Get the triceratops to ram it and collect the Amber brick.
Park Shutdown T. Rex Chase Dilophosaurus While the T. rex is chasing you stick to the left side of the screen (your left side), and you will pick up the brick at the top of a ramp along the way.
Restoring Power Maintenance Shed Velociraptor As soon as you enter the shed head down the stairs and turn to the right side of the screen. Here you can search a small pile of droppings for the brick.
Visitor Centre Control Room T.Rex Head to the left side of the main room and you will see a vending machine. Scream to break the glass and get the brick out.
Isla Sorna Stegosaurus Herd Stegosaurus While dealing with the Stegosaurus there are three cracked objects lying around. Either get the Stegosaurus to destroy them with its tail or turn into a dinosaur that can break them, such as a Triceratops.
InGen Arrival Mobile Lab Compsognathus While the lab is still hanging over the edge of the cliff, but after you have pulled the cab down onto the floor, use the small grab rails on the side of the lab to get up onto the roof and collect the brick.
The Hunted The Long Grass Parasauralophos You must rescue five people from velociraptors. The first guy will need you to help pull him out of the grass and can be found along the path, just after starting the level. The second guy you will save by taking a photo of a Raptor that is blocking your path. Two more guys are cornered by two Raptors. Search a pile of droppings to build an item that will distract them. You will need to take a photo to save the last guy, so you can continue through the level.
Communications Centre Compound Apatosaurus At the start of the level you will jump over some agility bricks. On the other side there is a Raptor trail that will lead you to some bricks. Build these into an electrical target, which will reveal a normal target when hit. Hit the normal target to get the amber brick.
San Diego San Diego Docks Brachiosaurus While on board the ship you will pass through the bridge and find yourself on the other side of the ship. Move down the ship until you come to the loading bay that is holding the T.rex. Next to the loading bay there is a shipping container that is dark inside. Light it up and head inside to collect the amber brick.
Landing Site The Landing Site Corythosaurus Just before reaching Amanda Kirby you will need to build a set of stairs and move them into place. Behind the stairs there is a tower with some wall jump agility bricks on the inside. Jump off these bricks to collect the amber brick.
The Spinosaurus The Crash Site Baryonyx Before walking through the large, hollowed out tree, look for a pile of droppings. Search it and build the bricks into a grab rail for a Raptor, who can jump up and collect the brick.
Breeding Facility InGen Facility Troodon When you first enter the building at the start of the level, get a female character to stand on the counter that has the monitors on it (on the right). From here you can jump onto a grab rail and pull yourself up into the rafters. Walk from beam to beam to the back of the room where you can climb a ladder onto the roof. From here head up the stairs to pick up the brick.
Eric Kirby The Coast Pteranodon When you reach the top of the cliff you can find a paragliding spot on the left, near the pile of droppings. When you clear the gap you will see an InGen shipping container behind a fence. Jump the fence and get a Raptor to open the container and reveal a brick. (You may need to move around to find a spot that the Raptor will target the bar from)
The Bird Cage Pteranodon Nests Spinosaurus Follow the level through until a Pteranodon jumps out on you. After dropping the crate on its head, water the plant nearby to grow a flower. You can then use the flower to jump up onto the top of the walkway you just walked through. Head left getting an adventurer to climb along the wall, and follow the path to the amber brick.
Welcome to Jurassic World Indominus Paddock Pachycephalosaurus While playing through the Indominus paddock in story mode you will need to do a WiFi scan to lower a cage, which has the brick in it. When the cage is down you can collect the brick.
Gyrosphere Valley Gyrosphere Escape Ankylosaurus While fleeing from Idnominus wait until the camera angle changes so you are moving from left to right on the screen. Stay at the back of the path and you will go over a couple of the ramps. Jump off the end of each ramp and you will pick up the amber brick as you go.
Out of Bounds Indominus Escape Idnominus Rex Look for three targets to shoot and destroy while trying to get away from the Indominus.

  • After using the over-sized chainsaw, the first target can be seen up, on the right side.
  • The next can be found on the left side, opposite the first target.
  • You will see the last target after walking across the bridge you make.
Under Attack Main Street Dimorphodon While moving along the boardwalk you will pass a small clothes store. Get a female character to slide under the door so you can get the amber brick form inside.
Main Street Down Innovation Centre Mosasaurus As soon as you start the level move to the back of the room where there is a pile of dirt. To the left of the dirt there is an access panel that will open a new area. In this new room become camouflaged so you can sneak past the camera, then use a security panel to release the brick.
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